The 2018-2019 Caitlan Wallace Memorial Scholarship Awarded By Ipe Woods USA Closing Soon

Ipe Woods USA is offering you a chance to secure a $1000 scholarship awarded in the name of Caitlin Wallace.

We are proud to offer a scholarship that will also bring awareness to the exact demographic of individuals that are most affected by unsafe driving.”

— Steven Rossi

REDDING, CALIFORNIA, USA, August 5, 2018 / — Ipe Woods USA has decided to open up a memorial college scholarship program in the name of Caitlin Wallace who lost her life too early. Caitlin had just turned 18 and was excited to get her life started when she lost her life in a car accident. This bright and young hearted girl, who wanted to achieve the world was taken away too soon. Which is why to help remember her dreams Ipe Woods USA is offering a startup college scholarship. The program will initially award you $1000 to get started with college. This scholarship program is set in place to help young adults who have a hard time funding their college journey. The amount is set to help encourage them to get started with college life.

Caitlan Wallace was on her way to start college life and had recently turned 18. When all of her dreams came to an end, and she lost her life on September 29th, 2015. The horrible car accident cost Caitlan her life and left her family and friends in a shock. However, since that day she has been remembered as a witty, spirited, and intelligent young women, who was taken away too soon. In order to keep the memory alive, Ipe Woods USA has started a memorial scholarship in her name. This is the first Caitlan Wallace Memorial scholarship, and it will be awarded to the individual who offers the best essay with their application. Distracted driving is nothing new, but with the addition of cell phones, the statistics are staggering. Reviewing the Teen Safe website and their fact and statistics is very revealing of this epidemic. If considering applying for this application to educate yourself on distracted driving statistics.

Mr. Steven Rossi of Ipe Woods USA USA was a proud uncle. Who wishes to help other students in need. His only wish is to keep the memory of his niece alive by offering other deserving students a chance to make their dreams come to life. Caitlan meant the world to her family and friends and was a constant source of inspiration. Her brilliant mind, and personal charm could easily take over you. While she won't be able to fulfill her college dream, others will have a chance to keep her memory alive. Ipe Woods USA will help a new student get started with college life, and sending a deserving student off to college will help remind him and Caitlin's family of her dreams. And how her memorial scholarship will help make someone's future.

Ipe Woods USA is one of the most trusted lumber company in the USA, as they have been working towards creating a better life for others. Each and every individual looking at IPE understands the importance of quality and safety for them and their family members. Which is why they strive to offer each and every one of them with quality wood. Which is why the essay is based on the importance of following traffic rules, the increasing accidents, and the use of cell phone when driving. By setting the essay topic close to heart, they are able to educate kids about the dangers that are associated with using your phone while driving. When writing the essay for us they will realize how social media has boosted traffic accidents, and how they should all practice safe driving.

The company feels this will really help spread the message, and allow young adults a chance to see how life is precious. How someone who was on their way to fulfill their college dream was taken away in a car accident; and how they can learn from it. The deadline is 1st of November 2018. After which they will review each and every application and essay carefully, before announcing the winner on 15th November. Allowing them to receive the check by 20th November 2018.

You can find more information regarding the essay requirements and scholarship offered by Ipe Woods USA here. Remember never get into a car with anyone that may be under the influence and keep your eyes on the road.

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Source: EIN Presswire