New Product Will Improve Waste Diversion, Composting and Recycling Practices

Telescopic Rails and Legs allow unit to accept any size bag in the market

Collecting leaves and branches with the green bag or recyclables with the blue mesh bag

Great for drying your towels or holding your plates and glasses

Use the portable roll up table top and poly cloth bag for filleting your fish

Customize with your favourite Team Logo of Company Name

Excellent for collecting debris and recyclables

World Wide Launch of the Kwik Bagit Eco/System is sure to improve Waste Diversion, Compositing and Recycling Practices with this Patent Pending Portable Device.

“Proper Waste Diversion and Recycling Starts at the SOURCE – IN THE HOME.The Kwik Bagit Eco/System with the reusable poly/ cloth bags will help to save our Environment for a Greener Planet".”

— Harold Sokyrka

SASKATOON, SASKATCHEWAN, CANADA, November 1, 2018 / — President and Inventor Harold Sokyrka (President of Kwik Bagit Products International Inc.) launches the Kwik Bagit Eco/System on popular Crowd Funding Platform

After 2 years of R&D, this Patent Pending Utility Device is ready for the worldwide marketplace. The easy to use System encourages the use of machine washable Poly/Cloth Bags to reduce the amount of plastic bags entering municipal landfills and recycling depots. The reusable bags will save consumers from buying plastic bags that take over 100 years to decompose and it will also save the environment by reducing the amount of unnecessary single-use, oil-based plastic bags that are entering our landfills.

The “Kwik-Bag-It-Eco-System” is an Eco-Friendly Portable Utility Device that uses Telescopic Rails and Legs that can be reconfigured to fit any debris collecting bags in the marketplace. Primarily used for the collection of compostable organic waste and debris and for the storage of refundable recyclables.

The System also uses exclusive Retainer Clips that hold the bags to the rails of the unit which makes it so easy to fill and unload the bags. Sokyrka says "You no longer need a third arm or second person to hold the bag open while it is being filled. And once the bag is full – you simply release the clips and the bag falls to the ground and the full bag can then be unloaded into the compost or recycling depot. If it requires a cleaning, a simple spray with water will permit the bag to be used hundreds of times.

Another feature of the Kwik Bagit Eco/System is the portable roll-up tabletop, making it an excellent device to take camping, fishing or to a picnic or the beach where the unit not only collects your debris but it can be used to dry your towels and have a place to set your drinks on as well. This Unit is called the "Outback" and it can easily be strapped to a backpack or put into your camper or RV.

There is also a Commercial Pro Model that is used in the construction industry and is excellent for disaster relief clean up saving companies hundreds of dollars spent on single-use plastic bags. The bag on this unit can hold up to 50 lbs of debris, that has canvas straps and can be used dozens of times. Food Truck operators and Street Vending Carts will see a great benefit because the unit not only acts as a portable debris/recycling collector, but it also has a unique new advertising medium, to display their company logo or events. Tailgaters will love it because they can customize the bag with their favorite team logo. Community and School sports teams, choirs and bands will find this to be an excellent fundraising unit, as it will help to raise money for their organization and advertise their team logo at the same time.

The new sign medium will be another advantage to the homeowner as well as real estate companies because the unit can be secured to the ground to advertise signage for garage sales, house sale or rental suites, and for open house events.

During the launch of the Crowdfunding Campaign on IndieGoGo, the Kwik Bagit Eco/System will range in price from $19 US to $54 US, with volume discounts for multiple orders. Every pledge will receive a Complimentary Leak Proof Compost Bag that has a Zipper Seal that keeps odors in while compost from the kitchen is collected. This simple household bag will help to divert valuable compost material to the residence compost bin or from sending it to the landfill.

As municipalities all over the world struggle with trying to improve Waste Diversion, Compositing and Recycling Practices they are now burdened even more due to China's tough policy of now refusing any more recyclable material from offshore. As a result, Recycling Depots are scrambling to find alternative buyers and measures to deal with the stockpiling of recyclable materials, consequently now much of which is now ending up in the landfills because they have no place to sell it.

Sokyrka states that “Proper recycling starts AT THE SOURCE – in the HOME and by using cloth bags we will reduce the amount of unneeded and unwanted oil-based, oxo-degradable plastic bags from entering the municipal landfills.” He goes on to say, "Our USE ONCE – and DISCARD ATTITUDE needs to change". Sokyrka has also developed a Community Based Seminar called "DIVERT-RECYCLE and REUSE which is a 2-day seminar designed to educate the public about proper waste diversion techniques. This seminar can be purchased on the Indiegogo Crowd Funding Campaign as well.

He also goes on to say: "As more and more municipalities begin to realize that OIL BASED, OXO-DEGRADABLE PLASTICS BAGS are bad for our environment there will be more emphasis on discouraging residences and businesses from using plastic bags. Aside from having an outright ban on the use of plastic bags – the simple solution is to switch to using PolyCloth Bags that can be washed and used hundreds of times. This could be the beginning of a new approach to smarter waste diversion, and improved composting and recycling practices so that we can to strive for a “GREENER PLANET” and to help our Fragile Environment"!

Harold Sokyrka 306-717-3895
Organization: Kwik Bagit Products International. Inc.
Po Box 22123 – 3310 8th St.
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada S7H 5P1

For more information, please visit
International PCT Patent Pending # 62576843

+1 306-717-3895
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Kwik Bagit is the solution to problems we are having with Proper Waste Diversion, Composting and Recycling Practices. With So Many Uses, How will You Use it?

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Impact Investor S CAP Adds Three General Partners to Enhance New Food & Beverage Fund

NY-based venture capital firm to leverage extensive CPG experience and marketing expertise of new General Partners to bridge pioneer gap for F&B entrepreneurs

Our F&B fund is designed to address an investment opportunity to bridge the pioneer gap at just the point where the potential for scaling a brand exists. ”

— Kunal Sethi

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, October 31, 2018 / — S CAP today announced three new general partners to its F&B fund: CPG veterans Jim Cali and Andrew Towle, and WiT Media founder and president Clint White. All three partners are expected to bring extensive operational experience and capabilities to help entrepreneurs scale and grow their companies.

“Our F&B fund is designed to address an investment opportunity to bridge the pioneer gap at just the point where the potential for scaling a brand exists,” says Kunal Sethi, S CAP Managing Partner. “The addition of Jim, Clint, and Andrew to the team emphasizes our hands-on investment approach at S CAP. Jim and Andrew bring 65 years of deep operational experience in food & beverage with a particular focus on brand building, innovation, customer development, and product supply. Clint brings us best-in-class expertise in media strategy, performance marketing, consumer research, and data analytics. We expect a close collaboration with our entrepreneurs, developing trust, and nurturing authentic long-term investment relationships that reach beyond periodic ‘check & inspects.’”

Jim Cali joins S CAP after a 34-year record of success in general management, sales and marketing, innovation, and organization development in companies such as Warner- Lambert/Pfizer, Cadbury, Kraft/Mondelez and Kellogg’s. During this time, he led business turn-arounds, created new brands, and launched businesses into new markets. He has deep strategic and operational experience in snack categories, having led Cadbury’s $5B gum and candy category where he also served on the chief executive committee. Most recently he led the global category team for Kellogg’s $5.5 B snacking business. He has a proven track record in the innovation space as both practitioner and leader.

Andrew Towle has spent his professional life creating value for some of the world’s best-known CPG companies, including Procter & Gamble, Heinz, Georgia-Pacific, and Kellogg. As the Global Marketing Officer for Heinz, he rebuilt innovation, led the development of marketing capability, and pioneered strategies for global health and wellness and infant nutrition. As Managing Director for Kellogg’s in Australia/New Zealand, Towle led efforts to rebuild the business with a focus on nutrition, innovation, and cost control. Returning to the U.S. in 2016, Towle became the CEO of the private equity-owned Urnex Brands, where he relaunched the company's strategy and built core capabilities, including marketing, innovation, and supply chain. Urnex was successfully sold in June 2017.

Recognized as a Crain’s New York Business Top Entrepreneur, Clint White has over 25 years of experience maximizing audience reach and content impact for startups and established organizations across a variety of sectors. As Founder and President of WiT Media, he has led campaign strategy and execution teams for multiple dynamic brands and socially impactful non-profits, including HavenLife,, Rainforest Alliance, and Teladoc. Clint is also an advisor and angel investor in the culture, debt collection, fintech, marketplace, media, personal services, SaS, and travel sectors.

Core areas of interest for the S CAP F&B fund are disruptive Snacking, Functional Beverages, Technology-Enabled Food Experiences, and Nutritious Meal Enhancements. To learn more about S CAP, visit

About S CAP

S CAP is an impact investor, investing and partnering with disruptive Food & Beverage and Clean Tech companies. Our vision is to bridge the pioneer gap by investing that leads to sustainability for entrepreneurs and higher ROI for our limited partners. We accelerate businesses that are positively impacting our world.

Kunal Sethi
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New Hampshire Mesothelioma Victims Center Is Urging a US Navy Veteran or Skilled Tradesman with Mesothelioma in New Hampshire to Call to Ensure they have the Nation's Top Lawyers Working on Their Compensation Claim

"As we would like to explain to a victim/their family there is a direct connection between the mesothelioma compensation settlement, and the skill of the team of lawyers advancing the financial claim.”

— New Hampshire Mesothelioma Victims Center

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, October 31, 2018 / — The New Hampshire Mesothelioma Victims Center says, "Most diagnosed victims of mesothelioma who now live in New Hampshire probably were not exposed to asbestos there. In most instances the person with this rare cancer caused by asbestos exposure was probably exposed while serving in the US Navy or working at a shipyard in Maine. Veterans of the US Navy make up about one third of people who will be diagnosed with mesothelioma each year in the US.

"The last thing we want to see is a person with diagnosed mesothelioma in New Hampshire to get shortchanged when it comes to financial compensation for this rare cancer. We put a huge emphasis on making certain a person with mesothelioma in New Hampshire or nationwide has on the spot access to some of the nation's top mesothelioma compensation lawyers with one call to 800-714-0303.

"As we would like to explain anytime to person with mesothelioma in New Hampshire, or their family there is a direct connection between the best possible mesothelioma compensation settlement, and the skill of the team of lawyers advancing the financial claim for the person with this rare cancer caused by asbestos exposure."

Vital Compensation tips for a diagnosed US Navy Veteran, a manufacturing or skilled trades worker with mesothelioma in Iowa from the New Hampshire Mesothelioma Victims Center:

#1."Do not fall for a less than truthful Internet ad about 'no lawsuit needed, billions recovered,' or federal claims center,' because most of these advertisements are less than honest.

2."The nation's most skilled and experienced mesothelioma attorneys will want to represent a US Navy Veteran with mesothelioma because the compensation settlements can be so significant. Why hire a local inexperienced personal injury attorney when the nation's most elite mesothelioma attorneys will want to represent you-and get you a more significant financial compensation settlement result?

#3."Please do not impulsively hire a law firm to assist with a mesothelioma compensation claim as we would like to discuss anytime at 800-714-0303 once you retain a lawyer or law firm for a mesothelioma compensation claim it is virtually impossible to fire them."

The New Hampshire Mesothelioma Victims Center’s free services are available to a person with mesothelioma anywhere in New Hampshire including communities such as Manchester, Nashua, Concord, Dover, Rochester, Keene, Derry, or Portsmouth.

For the best possible treatment options in New Hampshire we strongly recommend the following heath care facility with the offer to help a diagnosed victim, or their family get to the right physicians at this hospital. Norris Cotton Cancer Center:

High risk occupations for asbestos exposure in New Hampshire include the US Navy, shipyard workers, manufacturing workers, electricians, welders, plumbers, machinists, mechanics, power plant workers, paper mill workers, auto/truck brake technicians and construction workers. http://NewHampshire.MesotheliomaVictimsCenter.Com

For more information about mesothelioma please refer to the National Institutes of Health’s web site related to this rare form of cancer:

Michael Thomas
New Hampshire Mesothelioma Victims Center
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TAIPEI, TAIWAN, October 30, 2018 / —





+886 2 2765 8008
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Green Tours Peru Launches Conservation Initiatives

Peru birding tours

Green Tours Conservation Initiative

Birding Peru - Peruvian plantcutter

Green Tours launches initiatives strengthening the link between wildlife tourism and habitat conservation, to preserve the incredibly diverse wildlife of Peru.

OAKHAM, RUTLAND, UNITED KINGDOM, October 29, 2018 / — Peru birding tour company Green Tours has launched a series of projects aimed at strengthening the link between wildlife tourism and habitat conservation. As one of Peru’s main wildlife tour companies, with more than a decade’s experience of running specialist, eco-friendly tours, they are ideally placed to work with local people to preserve the incredibly diverse wildlife of this varied and beautiful country.

Green Tours was established in 2006 as a birding Peru and wildlife tour operator, and in 2018 the founders and employees created “Asociación Green Tours, a non-profit organisation committed to the well-being of both the wildlife and people of Peru who live in the places where the company runs its bird and wildlife tours.

Peru is widely considered one of the best birding hotspots on the planet. With more than 1800 different species, including a host of endemics found here and nowhere else, it attracts birders from all over the world. From the coastal area around Lima to the high tops of the Andes Mountains, and the Pacific coastal forests to Manu National Park – arguably the best place to watch birds on Earth – Peru offers an unforgettable wealth of experiences.

However, many of the most important habitats and the species that live here are under threat, which is why Green Tours has decided to commit its resources to helping preserve these unique places.

The new initiatives include a conservation project based in the dry forests along the Pacific coast of northwest Peru, led by Peruvian-British conservationist Jeremy Flanagan, which aims to save the Peruvian plantcutter – one of the country’s rarest endemic birds. Green Tours has been helping Jeremy since 2017, by producing mesquite tree seedlings which are then used to replant degraded areas of the forest.

In northeast Peru, near the little town of Aguas Verdes, Norbil Becerra and his family have created one of the most extraordinary small-scale conservation projects in the whole of South America. Having habituated some of Peru’s most elusive species, the forest-dwelling tinamous, he then put out hummingbird feeders, which now attract up to 20 different species. Birders flock to his property to watch and enjoy the avian spectacles from a specially-built viewing platform. Now Green Tours is helping Norbil to improve the quality of service he can offer to his many satisfied customers.

Another family-owned patch of forest, El Rejo Conservation Area, comprises about 30 hectares of humid montane forest above the Rio Marañon Valley, northeast of the capital Lima. A team from Green Tours visited the area in 2017 and discovered important populations of a rare species – Jelski’s tit-tyrant – as well as a very rare race of the rufous antpitta. Green Tours will now help the owners turn the property into a formal nature reserve.

Nearby, the Loma de las Perdices Conservation Area is a patch of former agricultural land being turned back to nature, near San Marcos in the Cajamarca department of northern Peru. Green Tours has discovered four endemic birds here: buff-bridled Inca-finch, black-throated woodpecker, Marañon gnatcatcher and white-rumped black-tyrant. The company is now helping to improve the access road and buy more land to enlarge the protected area to conserve these special birds.

All these initiatives show that wildlife tourism and conservation can – and indeed must – go hand-in-hand, in order to preserve the unique avifauna of Peru.

Chris Larsen
BluSky Marketing Limited
+44 7793 498834
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Ontario Fire Bans Lead to Increase in Propane Firepit Sales

Woodbridge Fireplace Inc., an outdoor firepit manufacturer in Mississauga, ON., has noted an increase in propane and natural gas firepit sales due to fire bans.

MISSISSUAGA, ONTARIO, CANADA, October 29, 2018 / — Woodbridge Fireplace Inc., a manufacturer of outdoor propane fire pits, has been seeing large seasonal demand for their fire pits, mostly driven by the outdoor burning bans that have been in place across Ontario for most of the summer. Propane firepits are still allowed to be used, even when the fire ban is in effect, under strict rules.

“With fire bans being in place almost all across Ontario this summer, we’ve seen a large influx in propane and natural gas fire pit sales,” says Tony James, owner and founder of Woodbridge Fireplace Inc, “I think once people realized that the bans don’t apply to artificial firepits, they took that as an opportunity to still be able to enjoy camp fires without having to worry about the ban.”

In Ontario, government enforced fire bans only apply to natural fuel fires, this includes wood, grass, and burn barrels. Under certain circumstances, even wood burning stoves and charcoal barbeques are restricted as well. Under current law though, as long as the natural gas fire pit is a minimum distance of one meter away from any flammable substance, it can be used.

“This is a relief for a lot of campers,” adds James, “Knowing that they can still enjoy a campfire even with fire bans in place. As long as they follow the law and use their propane fire pit or fire bowl properly, they’ll be able to enjoy roasted marshmallows and s’mores without having to worry.”

About Woodbridge Fireplace Inc.: Woodbridge Fireplace Inc. manufactures, sells and services the top brand-name fireplaces in the GTA, including wood burning, propane and gas fireplaces, electric fireplaces, outdoor fireplaces and fire pits. For the home and commercial fireplace installation, custom fireplace design and manufacturing, Woodbridge Fireplace Inc. is a Canadian company that offers a lifetime limited warranty on everything they sell. From traditional to contemporary fireplace models with state of the art engineering, shop for the very latest in fireplace products and design ideas at Woodbridge Fireplace's new 5,000 SQ foot modern fireplace showroom located in Mississauga, Ontario. For more information, visit or call 905-564-3001.

Tony James
Woodbridge Fireplace Inc.
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TAIPEI, TAIWAN, October 29, 2018 / — 2018年10月28日、圓山花博公園で「台北風格日」をテーマとして、花を盛り込んだ創作とパフォーマンスアートを展開し、花そのものの美を活かした台北独自の風格を演出しました。当日、住民と招待された外国人旅行者、住民も共にイベントを楽しみ、花で創った台北の素晴らしい生活を体験しました。

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Magical Lighting Exhibition Illuminates JC Raulston Arboretum at NC State University

Moonlight in the Garden, JC Raulston Arboretum, North Carolina State University

Moonlight in the Garden, JC Raulston Arboretum, North Carolina State University

Moonlight in the Garden, JC Raulston Arboretum, North Carolina State University

Moonlight in the Garden | JC Raulston Arboretum | NC State University | November 6-17

RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA, USA, October 29, 2018 / — For seven-nights in November, the magical lighting exhibition Moonlight in the Garden will illuminate and showcase JC Raulston Arboretum at North Carolina State University.

Exhibition dates include a special Preview Night on Tuesday, Nov. 6, from 7 to 9 PM; plus, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights Nov. 8-10 and Nov. 15-17 from 6 to 9 PM. Ticket sales are brisk, with Saturday, Nov. 10, already sold out. Click here to order Moonlight in the Garden tickets.

Two additional Designer Preview Nights are exclusively for professional members in the community, including landscape architects, landscape contractors, lighting designers, engineers, and other related parties. The NC Board of Landscape Architects is providing two-hours of continuing education credits to participating landscape architects, and the NC Landscape Contractors' Licensing Board has approved two landscape (2L) continuing education credits to qualified landscape contractors. Click the above link and select Designer Preview Night.

“Moonlight in the Garden is an opportunity for us to light up the garden and share what a magical place the Arboretum can be at night,” said Mark Weathington, Director of JC Raulston Arboretum. “Children love being in the garden. One of the most rewarding aspects of the exhibition is the attraction of children, students, and people of all ages.”

“Along with the colorful and festive lighting exhibition, Moonlight in the Garden is a chance to bundle up, welcome the fall season to North Carolina, dine at the best food trucks, enjoy the live music, have some hot cider, and roast marshmallows over the fire pits,” said Weathington.

Founded in 1976 and featuring over 7,000 different types of plants, JC Raulston Arboretum is one of the most diverse botanical gardens in North America based on benchmarking by the American Public Gardens Association. Now ranked in the top 95-percentile in plant diversity, the Arboretum’s mission includes plant collection, research, distribution, and education.

Sponsored by the North Carolina Agricultural Foundation and presented by Southern Lights of Raleigh and more than a dozen suppliers, the exhibition is a once-per-year occasion to see the botanical gardens and Arboretum at night.

“Nature brings joy to life and illumination at night reveals new dimensions of nature,” said John Garner, volunteer project chair and President of Southern Lights of Raleigh. “Moonlight in the Garden is a huge lighting exhibition, using over five miles of cable powered by twenty transformers to showcase the Arboretum with the latest and best lighting technologies.”

“Children respond well to beauty and appreciate and enjoy something that just looks and feels magical,” said Weathington. “Anything you do that gets children out and looking at plants, gardens, and natural areas is an important thing. It’s a powerful way to instill an appreciation for the environment around them.”

Tickets are limited – advance reservations are recommended online.

Advance tickets are $10 for college students and members of the Arboretum, $20 for non-members, and $5 for children under 12. Prices are $5 higher at the gate, if available, except for children under 12.

JC Raulston Arboretum is at 4415 Beryl Road in Raleigh. Beryl Road is accessible from Hillsborough Street, across from Meredith College; Beryl Road is also accessible from Blue Ridge Road over the railroad tracks across from the State Fairgrounds.

Proceeds from Moonlight in the Garden will benefit daily operations of the JC Raulston Arboretum. Moonlight in the Garden is sponsored by and fund-raising efforts operate under the auspices of the NC Agricultural Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)3 nonprofit (tax ID 56-6049304).

Click here for media photos and archives

Click here to read interviews with Mark Weathington and John Garner


Mark Weathington, Director
JC Raulston Arboretum at NC State University

Arlene Calhoun, Assistant Director
JC Raulston Arboretum at NC State University

John Garner, Volunteer Chair
Moonlight in the Garden
Southern Lights of Raleigh

Robert B Butler

Permission granted for redistribution – photo credits required

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TAIPEI, TAIWAN, October 29, 2018 / — 2018城市風格日~花語·好食·舞幸福











六大公司為民眾帶來豐富的體驗活動,更邀請到眾多優秀音樂人歌手互動演出,打造一場最潮的午後派對!首先登台為白心羽的雙人組合,以一首台北的天空點燃現場氣氛,隨後登台的為將於11月9日發行首張唱作專輯歌壇小提琴學霸新人歌手廖柏雅,第一首演奏作品「S.O.S ( Slice of Spice )」,精湛琴藝震攝現場眾人目光,接續首次演唱新專輯曲目「Runnig in Place」,讓現場民眾留下深刻印樣。緊接登台為星光歌手張心傑,第一首「彩虹」引領現場一同演唱,隨後演唱「我們不一樣」、「繼續奔跑」、「剛好遇見你」等熱門歌曲。實力派歌手輪番演出,現場猶如一場小型演唱會,能歌能舞,亦邀請了國標舞女王劉真登場,透過現場教學與民眾互動,最後登場則為轉音歌手葉秉桓,帶來「你要的愛」、「愛一個人」、「月亮代表我的心」等歌曲,為整場活動畫下漂亮句點,而本活動在下午約五點半左右完美落幕,首屆城市風格日精彩節目及活動推廣,讓大眾享受浪漫悠閒的假日午茶時光,㩗花帶眷一起完成為台北城市美麗溫馨的風景。

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Australian economy set for $3b injection from medicinal cannabis

Elixinol Global CEO Paul Benhaim

Australian medicinal cannabis market is expected to be worth over $1.2 billion annually by 2024* according to research report released by Prohibition Partners.

Elixinol Global (ASX:EXL)

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, NSW, AUSTRALIA, October 29, 2018 / — Sydney, October 28, 2018 – The Australian medicinal cannabis market is expected to be worth over $1.2 billion annually by 2024*, quickly ramping up to $3b per year by 2028*, according to a new research report released last week by research firm, Prohibition Partners.
While the current number of Australian medicinal cannabis users is sitting around 1,000*, The Oceania Cannabis Report forecast that these numbers across the broader Oceania region could reach almost 400,000 by 2028*, painting the picture of a thriving industry.

“There is strong clinical evidence that medicinal cannabis can be used to treat a variety of conditions – from pain and inflammation through to anxiety and sleep,” said Paul Benhaim, CEO of recently listed Elixinol Global, who sponsored the report.

“Use of medicinal cannabis is currently being investigated across a raft of international clinical trials and the industry is growing at a rapid rate in Europe and the US. Based on the amount of research work that is being completed in the space, we would agree that there is opportunity for a multi-billion dollar Australian industry – one which will have the ability to help patients and contribute significantly to the nation’s economy.”

Through its initial public offering in January 2018, Elixinol Global raised $20m. $13m of that funding was allocated to a new subsidiary with plans to develop medical cannabis products to service Australian demand and to access export opportunities.

The company submitted its licensing applications for the cultivation of manufacture of medicinal cannabis with the Australian Office of Drug Control in early 2018 and is currently awaiting licence approvals. Advanced plans have been prepared for the build out of an integrated cultivation and manufacturing facility.

“We are extremely keen to apply the expertise we have gained from developing successful cannabis products in other countries to supporting our home market,” said Mr Benhaim. “It’s a natural extension of our business.”

Elixinol Global is listed under the code, EXL. It has a US-based subsidiary, called Elixinol, which sold $12.54m of cannabis based dietary supplements in the first half of 2018, and an Australian hemp-derived foods business, Hemp Foods Australia, which sold $2.34m of products in the same period.

For more information, visit:

* SOURCE data:

Cherie Hartley
IR Department
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