WFB CEO Richard Lackey speaks at TedXWilmington on the Zero Hunger Formula

Richard Lackey speaks at TedXWilmington

Watch our CEO’s recent Ted Talk on the Zero Hunger Formula, a collaborative,
algorithmic initiative to end world hunger

LITTLETON, CO, UNITED STATES, October 25, 2018 / — Recently, The World Food Bank’s CEO Richard Lackey spoke at the annual TedXWilmington event on the topic of the Zero Hunger Formula, the World Food Bank’s latest initiative to develop a linear algorithm that can be used to solve hunger on our planet.

In 2016, Lackey founded The World Food Bank in an effort to end world hunger by revolutionizing global food systems and the finance and market systems that govern them. The World Food Bank does this by addressing 12 key sectors in the agricultural value chain and then working to integrate and unite public and private industries around the goal of reform.

Through this work, Lackey plans to launch the Zero Hunger Formula, a nonprofit data-driven initiative that seeks to develop an algorithm for solving hunger on the planet. The algorithm will take into account the current and future food needs of the world’s population and project a path forward for food production and distribution that will feed each person in the most efficient way possible.

Stakeholders across the agricultural value chain will be able to collaborate and use the Zero Hunger Formula and its resources to guide their own work toward meeting this collective goal.

TedXWilmington took place on September 27, 2018 in Wilmington, DE, and featured several innovative leaders addressing the event theme of, “Now What?” This theme tasked speakers with providing the audience with concrete ways to move forward on some of the world’s biggest challenges during this time of great access to information and innovation.

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