Protein Brokers, LLC Women Owned & Managed Company named Master Broker for 5 C – Cattle Group featuring Chianina Beef

Chianina Beef Steaks

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Chianina Beef 5 C Cattle Group

Chianina Beef desired by many but in short supply in the USA is available through the 5 C Cattle Group giving restaurant guests a chance to enjoy this fine beef

Restaurants, Burger Bars and Upscale Stores in the USA now have the opportunity to offer their guests one of the most sought after delicious, tender, juicy Chianina Steaks and Chianina Beef Burgers”

— Barney Seward Vice President Protein Brokers, LLC

DENVER, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, November 9, 2018 / — Protein Brokers, LLC the Women owned and Managed Company Headquartered in Colorado has been named the Master Broker for the 5 C Cattle Group featuring Chianina Beef and Chianina Beef Burgers. Marlene Seward President/CEO of Protein Brokers, LLC continues to attract companies looking for a broker that can develop them NEW BUSINESS.

Chianina Beef (pronounced kee-a-nee-na) is desired by many here in the USA, but the supply of Chianina Cattle has been very limited. After years of planning the 5 C Cattle Group have developed a business and logistics plan to give the public a chance to enjoy this wonderful tasting beef in fine restaurants and upscale burger bars. The Chianina Cattle reared in the Valdichiana area of Italy are one of the oldest breeds of cattle in the world. They have been predominantly raised in the Italian regions of Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio for at least the last 2,200 years and now been introduced into North America giving all of the USA a chance to enjoy this fine beef without the long trip to Italy.

Marlene's team at Protein Brokers, LLC with the help of TEMPTEE SPECIALTY FOODS HAVE DEVELOPED THE ULTIMATE CHIANINA BEEF BURGER. This Chianina Gourmet Beef Burger topped with a Hickman's Family Farms Cage Free Egg or Hickman's Family Farms Grass Fed Egg makes this the ULTIMATE OUT OF THIS WORLD BURGER. Wade Lowe Managing Director of TEMPTEE SPECIALTY FOODS has been able to produce this CHIANINA BEEF BURGER with an amazing taste and tender lite texture into the perfect size and thickness demanded by restaurants and guests. The team consisting of the 5 C Cattle Group, Temptee Specialty Foods and Protein Brokers, LLC are now able to offer a select number of restaurants and burger bars Chianina Beef and Chianina Beef Burgers for their guests.

The UNIQUE ONE OF A KIND CHIANINA BEEF BURGER MARKETING PROGRAM developed by Marlene and her team gives restaurants FREE Eggs..That's right FREE EGGS. Restaurants that purchase CHIANINA BEEF BURGERS from the 5 C Cattle Group will receive free HICKMAN'S FAMILY FARMS CAGE FREE EGGS or HICKMAN'S GRASS FED CAGE FREE EGGS to top the burger GIVING THE BURGER AN ADDITIONAL HEALTHY PROTEIN BOOST. The 5 C Cattle Group and Protein Brokers, LLC will also help restaurants market the CHIANINA BEEF BURGERS with many UNIQUE promotions tailored to their individual restaurant.

Chianina Beef Porterhouse and T-bone Steaks are selling in restaurants for as much as $187.00 for a 35 OZ Steak as these select cuts of meat have the most incredible flavor and taste when slow cooked rare or medium rare. These Chianina Steaks are made for people to share and enjoy with friends, family and business associates. Everyone would like to say they shared and tasted one of the Best Chianina Steaks or Chianina Beef Burgers in the world with their friends and family and now they have the opportunity.

Protein Brokers, LLC will be selecting a select few High Quality Meat Processing and Distribution Companies over the next 90 days for the CHIANINA BEEF AND CHIANINA BEEF BURGERS.

Barney Seward
Protein Brokers, LLC
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Source: EIN Presswire