Ipe Decking USA Prepares for 2019 Deck Season Bombardment

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Ipe decking popularity not dying anytime soon as no other real or synthetic material offers a better lifespan, resistance or durability.

Ipe decking grows in popularity every year. Unless you can find a better decking material that will not change anytime soon.”

— Samuel Jex

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, December 24, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Ipe decking prices rose in 2018 to an all-time high as demand for the exotic hardwood has skyrocketed. It is mainly popular due to its lifespan and natural resistance to elements like bugs, decay, and mold. When we talk about lifespan we are not talking about a couple of years. But compared to many other kinds of wood we are talking Ipe is lasting over 50 years longer than "competing" woods and synthetics. There is not much competition when you get down to the real numbers.

I recently read an article titled "WHY IPE HAS FALLEN OUT OF FAVOR WITH ENVIRONMENTALLY CONSCIOUS DESIGNERS". I am not sure where that declining in a market is supposed to be. Because we only see more and more interest in Ipe all the time. However, where they voice concern over the sustainability of Ipe logging. Saying that people that are "environmentally conscious" shouldn't use Ipe. While the sentiment is certainly heard, they never actually address the #1 reason for deforestation which is beef. They clearcut vast amounts of forest to be able and raise cows, for leather and beef primarily. In fact logging for in a study conducted over 5 years, they concluded that Logging (not just Ipe specifically) accounts for less than 3% of deforestation. While cattle ranching accounts for 65%-70% of deforestation. So if you want to be "environmentally conscious" you might think about trading in those leather shoes and jacket not buying an inferior deck.

Being environmentally conscious is important, especially in today's age. But let's talk about the environmental ramifications of using a plastic synthetic deck that can not be recycled. Did you think about the byproduct or natural resources of making that synthetic material? What if you stay with a real wood and logging lumber that has 1/10th the lifespan as Ipe. This means you would have to use the natural resources 10 times more for things like gas for logging, shipping, trucking and installing 10 times to one as opposed to Ipe. Or 10 times more forest for another species of wood to be cut down.

In closing this article, we will say that Ipe Decking USA is committed to the environment. However, we also are realistic and know that you have to make a deck out of something. Pretending you are doing the environment a favor by trading one potential problem with another doesn't do the environment any good. Ipe Decking USA plants 5 trees for every order in South America. While this is a small gesture, planting trees to replace trees is certainly a good start.

We do not anticipate any decline in the Ipe market anytime soon. Ipe is really a beautiful and special wood that lasts a lifetime.

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Source: EIN Presswire