Road Warrior Tires proudly announces their new production facility in Vietnam

6.00-16 Tractor Farm Tires

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WATERTOWN, MA, UNITED STATES, March 11, 2019 / — Road Warrior Tires proudly announces their new production facility in Viet Nam. The same excellence and reliability that you know and count on, is now available on our loader and large truck tires manufactured in Vietnam exclusively for Road Warrior Tires. Due to growing customer demand and the desire to deliver the highest quality product while maintaining our best value pricing, Road Warrior Tires now offers three global sources for manufacturing. Our Vietnam Facility is a state of the art factory with an experienced production engineering and manufacturing team committed to outstanding product quality control standards. With the ability to produce and deliver our entire family of Road Warrior products such as TBR, Bobcat tires, Loader Tires and agriculture tires, we will continue to grow our business and meet our customers demand for product.

Although China continues to be the largest exporter of truck tires to the United States, imports from Vietnam will continue to increase in an effort to avoid exceedingly heavy tariffs and to keep our prices low. In addition to tariffs, projected increases in prices for raw materials will force a rise in most major brands. Road Warrior Tires is working globally to maintain the best possible prices for our entire range of heavy truck tires.

When you demand high performance, high abrasion resistance, durability, and maximum value for your dollar, Road Warrior offers a full range of high performance tires for the agricultural, construction, hauling, and large truck industries. We work 24/7 to maintain our brand quality, value pricing, and stellar customer service that our customers expect.

What to expect in 2019

Anti dumping and countervailing taxes on Chinese Imports have both increased to what most manufacturers consider to be unsustainable. The US Department of Commerce has imposed duties ranging from approximately 20-60% for countervailing and approximately 9-23% anti dumping tax.
–Countervailing taxes (CVD) are meant to level the playing field when the exporting country offers tax incentives and subsidies to their countries manufacturers.

–Antidumping duty (ADD) is a tariff our government imposes on imports that are believed to be exported (dumped) at a much lower prices that it charges for the product in its domestic market.

Politically, stateside manufacturers continue to urge congress to OPPOSE a bill that would limit the president ability to levy taxes against foreign goods.
Great for the big tire and truck manufacturers but could undermine the ability of smaller manufacturers and importers to continue to bite into their market share.

Meanwhile, Thailand and other natural rubber exporters are expected to cut back on exports by several thousand tons in an effort to increase the currently depressed price for natural rubber.

Road Warrior Market Position
Road Warrior will continue to focus on large truck, loader, farm, and construction tires. We have opened three warehouses nationally, (Los Angeles, Houston, and Boston) in order to maintain fast ship practices and exceptional customer service. We have diversified internationally, to minimize price fluctuations in response to increases in raw material prices and tariffs. We work 24/7 to continue to bring you the best product at the best price with the best customer service.

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