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MEFORD, OR, U.S.A., April 16, 2019 / — Let’s start with, what is it Marijuana or Hemp? well the current USA laws would like you to believe that Hemp is NOT a type of Marijuana plant but instead an industrial, medical farm plant that before this year was as federally illegal as a THC based Marijuana plant which is still a federally illegal narcotic, Class 1. Now the federal government has decided that a Hemp plant is a legal Farm Crop and is no longer part of any type of drug laws and is now equal to farming a potato, managed by the FDA NOT the DEA.

The reality is that Hemp is Marijuana with a lot less THC originally produced in the plant were” Marijuana” has normally a lot more natural THC which to this date is the only cannabinoid illegal in Marijuana, and also the only one presently known that can give psycho-active results, like eating the wrong type of mushroom were psilocybin is the psycho active ingredient in some but not others.

There are at least 40-70 protentional medical cannabinoids in a marijuana plant and around 140 cannabinoids all together in one plant, so which plant will come out as the leader, I believe neither. They are both the same DNA structure and even the DEA cannot come up with a filed test to tell the difference between a Marijuana plant and a Hemp plant, so the logical conclusion will be that both will become seen as one (for many different reasons) so laws can become consistent throughout the USA at some point.

Benefits of both plants:

Hemp Plants is a marijuana plant that naturally produces a very small amount of THC, since the plant creates its own balance of cannabinoids, if you have a higher CBD content then you will have a lower THC content in the plant, so for CBD product producers and manufactures starting with a plant that has very little THC is a big + Since most states currently require less than 1% THC in any CBD products currently produced. The seeds from the plant are crushed along with any tri-cones that can be harvested from the plant and the oils used for everything form medicines to hand creams with a lot more in between.

The Hemp plant was grown by the US government for years to produce clothing but mostly for making large ropes that ships used to tie down to harbor docks and was grown until the early 60’s when polyester rope was created and replaced all the commercial rope products. Currently the CBD medicines are proving to be real health aids.

We at TLC Lab Supply have been selling TLC testing kits and supplies for over 10 years and the feedback from the CBD and THC products that are tested with our kits has been consistent and always show very positive results for the clients and producers we hear from. The amount of CBD in a product varies there are no standards for any CBD products other than no THC (in them which is in my opinion in some medicines is needed in conjunction with the CBD but that is another topic). But testing your products to determine potency and consistent results will be the bases for many products, we supply those testing products with our kits if you have less than 1% THC you will get a blank spot were the THC marker would be seen.

Marijuana Plants

To start with, this plant cannot make up its mind if it is a girl or a boy until over ½ way through its growing period ( how many plants do you know that work like that) that is one of the reasons that clones ( from a female cannabis plant) were created to insure that you get an already started female plant rather than start with a seed, which with a normal seed, you would have to wait weeks to determine if it was a female which is what people that want high THC will need. Normally you will also know what type of plant you are going to have (Indica or Sativa) and that it will be a girl.


All states and most legal countries require testing to determine either the high THC content for consistent results of THC based products or for legal CBD products you must have less the 1% THC to be a legal CBD product so you must test to make sure you have less the 1% and you must also test for the potency of THC and CBD in all cannabis products. There are labs, all with Gas Chromatography (GC), Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) (which have no legal testing standards because the federal government has not created any yet) and Thin Layer Chromatography, (TLC). These are the 3 most common used testing methods for cannabis (go here for independent study of all 3 types of testing)-

Current California testing laws suggest using TLC testing for most of their products.

TLC Lab Supply has been selling Certified THC, CBD, CBG and CBN testing kits and supplies for testing cannabis plant material and products made from plant material from Marijuana and Hemp worldwide. They give consistent results and accuracy, are very easy to use and extremely affordable. For a ton of information, an instructional video and our online store go to:

Hemp based products are currently on retail shelfs in Hawaii and are advertised to be in CVS and Walgreens Pharmacy, soon they will be everywhere, if you are a product producer or in the cannabis industry you will need to be ready for a great opportunity to get your products on the retail shelves of many different types of outlets in the next year. So be ready, test your products for accuracy in potency and consistency for your product production.

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