A New Perspective on America’s Wild Horses for Our Habitats and Humanity

Rewilding with Wild Horses: A New Management Approach

In a critical time for America’s wild horses, why not foster a nonpartisan solution that allows them to stimulate biodiversity and socio-economic benefits?

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, May 17, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — With all of the controversy surrounding America’s wild horses, including management, sterilization, slaughter and more; the conversation is undoubtedly riddled with frustration from both The Bureau of Land Management, the agency that oversees the management of their population, and the advocates working to protect them. Because no matter where you stand, the fact is that over 60,000 wild horses currently stand warehoused in taxpayer funded holding facilities; costing over $100 million a year and rising. But what's not being discussed on either side of the aisle is a common sense solution that would allow wild horses to fulfill their ecological and spiritual niche, while saving millions of taxpayer dollars spent on up-keeping wild horses in captivity. One that could increase workforce opportunities and accrue socio-economic benefits to the local communities who welcome these wild horses. This solution is called rewilding.

Rewilding is the reintroduction of select plants and animals into an environment to help restore an ecological balance that benefits all inhabitants. Rewilding with wild horses is a popular strategy in Europe including the Netherlands, Switzerland, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Spain and more. There is a crucial thread of connection between America’s wild horses and habitats, as well as to our humanity; therefore highlighting rewilding as a sensible management strategy for these populations here in the States. Rewilding with America’s wild horses would begin by shifting our nation's current narrative of wild horses as a nuisance and instead as a valued and integral component to our American ecosystems. By understanding ​their​ ​value​ ​for​ ​our​ ​habitat​ ​and​ ​land​ ​conservation​ with ​the overall​ ​impact​ ​that​ ​has​ ​on​ ​our​ ​future, we can restore​ ​an​ ​ecological​ ​balance to​ ​our​ ​environment​ ​through​ ​their presence.​ ​ Thousands of case studies around the world prove wild horses have a unique ability to provide balance to our ecosystems and to our spirits. ​

Worldwide ecological studies show that wild horses have an adaptive instinct to harmoniously fit into a variety of ecosystems, which they enhance. As large herbivores, their grazing and digesting of foliage is beneficial, because their fecal matter holds seeds intact. Their walking patterns and tails disperse seeds from other plants while their flat hooves plant them; thus helping to sustain the surrounding ecosystem. As a keystone species to North America, when wild horses are allowed to fulfill their ancient ecological niche they restore balance to our precious, yet degrading ecosystems. This biodiversity and the habitats that support it, provides everything that humans depend on for our survival. Why not allow wild horses to naturally stimulate biodiversity and as a result, a greater resilience to environmental factors affecting survival and ecosystem stability, including climate change, here in America as others are doing globally?

“Rewilding can humanely manage and preserve America’s wild horse populations while ensuring they live with dignity in a protected habitat; free from the risk of slaughter and out of Bureau of Land Management facilities,” said Manda Kalimian, Founder of CANA Foundation, a rewilding organization. “In doing so, we can help to foster conservation and sustainability for the lands the horses live on; contributing to the preservation of our global biodiversity and the mitigation of wildfires and climate breakdown.”

Additionally, wild horses have a unique ability to heal and enrich the human spirit; which has been proven through their presence in various rehabilitation and therapy programs. Rewilding can incorporate wild horses as part of these and other social, environmental, economical and ecotourism projects that provide benefits to the communities who welcome them. And when done in on tribal nations, rewilding with wild horses empowers those with the knowledge and understanding of natural law and the original creation to become rightful stewards once again. Workforce opportunities go hand in hand with the presence of wild horses; from their humane management to veterinary and research opportunities, fence building and other site jobs.

Rewilding creates a solution to our nation’s current wild horse crisis, which has puts the lives of thousands of wild horses at risk if slaughter is legalized as a management tool. “The present-day mismanagement of our horses is old and antiquated and has created an environmental, fiscal, and potential health crisis for the American people. Rewilding is the way of the future; a multifaceted and nonpartisan solution that helps find a balance between wild horses, taxpayers and habitats,” said former Congressman Steve Israel.

Creating a synergistic approach to rewilding can no doubt be the safest, most efficient, cost-saving way to create sustainable horse herds; therefore creating sustainable communities through projects that provide revenues and benefits to their local economies. This approach would save millions to the American taxpayer by reducing the need to maintain wild horses in captivity. Rewilding will also reconnect humans with the natural world we are a part of and empower us to revive the important role as stewards of our land. For all human, plants and animals who call our America home, this rewilding, restoration and preservation is more important now, than ever.

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Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rosselló Nevares to Attend Ribbon Cutting Ceremony of Fusion Farms Facility

MAYAGUEZ , PUERTO RICO, USA, May 17, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — The husband-and-wife team behind Fusion Farms, a hurricane-protected aquaponics farming initiative, are finally celebrating a hard-earned success. This Tuesday, May 21st 2019, Kendell Lang and Lisa Jander together with the island of Puerto Rico will be celebrating the ribbon cutting ceremony at their pilot facility in Mayagüez, and Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rosselló Nevares will be attending.

Since their first visit to the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico several years ago, Kendell and Lisa dreamed about moving there to establish a sustainable agricultural initiative that would contribute to the island’s recovery from financial insolvency and hurricane damage.

In 2018, they made the move from San Diego, California and after more than a year of hard toil against the monumental tasks of fund-raising, interpreting government grants and incentives, and completing bank applications, they managed to secure the first Fusion Farms facility in Mayagüez, a municipality in western Puerto Rico. With the help of #PRIDCO, #USDA and the Department of Agriculture, to name a few, Fusion Farms is well on the way to pioneering a sustainable indoor agriculture model for the island.

The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

The ribbon cutting ceremony is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, May 21st 2019 at 1:30 PM where community members will be able to see the vision for the indoor farm.

“We are pleased to announce that Governor Ricardo Rosselló Nevares is scheduled to come to the Fusion Farms facility in Mayagüez,” says CEO and co-founder Kendell Lang. “He will be doing a site visit, tour of the building, presentation, and ribbon cutting ceremony to officially welcome Fusion Farms to Puerto Rico. Fusion Farms is proud to be at the forefront of what the Department of Economic Development is incentivizing for innovative agriculture solutions, specifically our hurricane-protected aquaponic vertical farm.”

Also in attendance will be the Secretary of the Department of Economic Development and Commerce, who will be discussing their delivery of $9 million USD to the Programa de Hidroponicos (Program of Hydroponics) and Pymes Innovadoras (Innovative Small to Medium Enterprises) in an effort to advance the agriculture sector of Puerto Rico.

“Fusion Farms is excited to create jobs and work with the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez, Department of Agriculture. By working together, we can address the needs of the community and begin to establish food security for the island. The current incentives offered to all farmers are making it possible for agriculture to thrive,” says Lisa Jander, co-founder and Director of Operations of Fusion Farms.

“We are incredibly grateful for this opportunity and look forward to welcoming everyone to our ribbon cutting ceremony!”

To attend, please visit the Facebook Event page, click “Number of Spots”, and then “Reserve” to secure a spot at this ground-breaking ceremony.

About Fusion Farms

Cultivando buena comida para buenas personas / Growing good food for good people

Fusion Farms is the first indoor aquaponic farm of its kind on the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico. The concept seeks to transform the unused Puerto Rico Industrial Development Company (PRIDCO) buildings that are scattered across the island into hurricane-protected, vertical #aquaponic farms. Within this contained and controlled environment, vegetables, micro-greens, and herbs can be grown and supplied to the island, greatly reducing its dependence on imported fresh produce. Furthermore, Fusion Farms will be able to supply a fresh, #sustainable source of fish protein, since Tilapia are an essential component of aquaculture.

For more information about Fusion Farms and to become an investor in this opportunity, go to http://www.fusionfarmspr.com

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Bioplastics Market 2019 Global Trends, Share, Growth, Analysis, Opportunities and Forecast To 2025

PUNE, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, May 17, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Summary:
A new market study, titled “Discover Global Bioplastics Market Upcoming Trends, Growth Drivers and Challenges” has been featured on WiseGuyReports.
The Global Bioplastics Market was valued at USD xx million in 2017 and is estimated to reach USD xx million by 2025, with a CAGR of xx% during the forecast period from 2018 to 2025.
A Bioplastic is a substance made from organic biomass sources, unlike conventional plastics which are made from petroleum. Microorganisms provide a source of bioplastics from renewable sources. Production of bio-plastics from microalgae and many plant sources is done these days. Bioplastics produce significantly fewer greenhouse gas emissions than traditional plastics over their lifetime. Bioplastics are produced using sugarcane, sugar beet, corn, etc.

Get Free Sample Report at https://www.wiseguyreports.com/sample-request/3791625-global-bioplastics-market-2018-2025

Market Dynamics:
Environmental and social impacts of petrochemical-based plastics including carbon footprint, sustainability, and pollution involved in end-of-life disposal and health concerns such as leaching of chemicals from plastic packaging into food products are mainly driving demand for bioplastics. Leading petrochemical companies are heavily investing in bioplastics to proclaim their commitment to the environment. The fluctuating cost of petroleum and the drive for independence from fossil fuels is also another reason for investment in bioplastics.
Bioplastics are increasingly being used in disposable items like packaging, containers, straws, bags, and bottles. Use of bioplastics provides Branding and product differentiation, therefore, manufacturers perceive a marketing advantage. Bioplastics do not contain additives that are harmful to health, such as phthalates or bisphenol A. These factors are increasing consumer demand for the use of bioplastics.
Regulatory factors such as waste minimization regulations also contribute to the growth of the bioplastics market.
Although, Bioplastics account for a very small share of the plastic industry. It represents massive untapped growth potential for bioplastics market.
Segment Analysis:
Global Bioplastics market is segmented by Type, by material type, and by the application. By Type, Global Bioplastics market is segmented into Bio-based non-biodegradable and Biodegradable Plastics. In 2017, Bio-based non-biodegradable segment accounted for 57% of the market in terms production weight. Bio-based PE (polyethylene) and bio-based PET (polyethylene terephthalate), as well as bio-based PA (polyamides), are the major Bio-based non-biodegradable plastics. In the biodegradable segment, Starch blend and PLA are the significant plastics.
By Material type, Global Bioplastics market is segmented into PET, PA, PE, PLA, Starch blends, and others such as PBS, PBAT. In terms of production capacity, PET accounted for the most significant share of the market followed by starch blends.
By application, the market is divided into rigid packaging, Flexible packaging, Textiles, Automotive & Transport, Consumer goods, and others such as Agriculture, Construction & electronics. Bioplastics are primarily used in packaging. Rigid packaging segment accounted for the major share of the market followed by flexible packaging. Rigid & flexible packaging combined accounted for 58% share of the market. PET bioplastic is commonly used for packaging.
Geographical Analysis:
By region, Global Bioplastics market is segmented into North America, South America, Europe, Asia-pacific, and rest of the world. Europe is the largest market due owing to regulatory measures by EU Institutions. The provisional agreements reached by the European Council and Parliament on the EU waste legislative package published by the Commission in 2015 encourages the use of bioplastics. This has contributed to the growth of the market in Europe. Europe ranks highest in the field of research and development in the bioplastics market. North America is the second largest market for bioplastics.
In terms of production capacity, Asia-pacific has the highest production capacity for bioplastics, but domestic consumption of bioplastics remains low in China, India. Japan has set the objective to reach 20 % bioplastics in the plastics market by 2020.
Key Players:
Some of the critical players in the global bioplastics market are Arkema, BASF, Braskem, Kuraray, NatureWorks, Novamont S.p.A., Evonik Industries, DowDuPont, Solvay S.A., and BioAmber. Bioplastics market is relatively concentrated due to proprietary technologies. Bioplastics market is expected to become more competitive due to the entry of new players in the market.
In October 2018, Novamont announced the opening of a revamped Mater–Biopolymer plant south of Rome, significantly boosting production capacity from 120,000 tons per year to 150,000. In the same month, ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions AG announced that the first commercial plant based on the company’s patented manufacturing process for the bioplastic polylactide (PLA) — the PLAneo technology. In October, Bio-on gave license for production of bioplastic in Russia to TAIF Group. In June 2018, Bio-On inaugurates its very own €20m bio-plastics production plant. In May 2018, ADM & DuPont Open jointly operated Bioplastics Plant in Illinois. In April 2018, BioLogiQ, Inc. launched three new grades of its plant-based plastic, NuPlastiQ® BioPolymers. In Feb 2018, SECI launched the construction of PHAs Bioplastic plant in Parma, Italy.

Get Detailed Report at https://www.wiseguyreports.com/reports/3791625-global-bioplastics-market-2018-2025

Why purchase the report?
• Visualize the composition of the Bioplastics Market across each indication, in terms of type, material type, application highlighting the key commercial assets and players.
• Identify commercial opportunities in the Bioplastics Market by analyzing trends and co-development deals.
• Excel data sheet with thousands of data points of the Bioplastics Market level 4/5 segmentation
• PDF report with the most relevant analysis cogently put together after exhaustive qualitative interviews and in-depth market study
• Product mapping in excel for the key Bioplastics Market products of all major market players
Target Audience
• Raw Material Suppliers/ Buyers
• Product Suppliers/ Buyers
• Industry Investors/Investment Bankers
• Education & Research Institutes
• Research Professionals
• Emerging Companies
• Manufacturers

Table of Contents
1. Global Bioplastics Market – Methodology and Scope
2. Global Bioplastics Market – Trends
3. Global Bioplastics Market – Industry Analysis
4. Global Bioplastics Market – By Type
5. Global Bioplastics Market – By Material Type
6. Global Bioplastics Market – By Application
7. Global Bioplastics Market – By Geography
8. Global Bioplastics Market – Competitive Landscape
9. Global Bioplastics Market – Company Profiles
10. Global Bioplastics Market – Appendix

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Agricultural Drone Market 2019 Global Trends, Share, Growth, Analysis, Opportunities and Forecast To 2026

PUNE, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, May 17, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Summary:
A new market study, titled “Discover Global Agricultural Drone Market Upcoming Trends, Growth Drivers and Challenges” has been featured on WiseGuyReports.
Agricultural Drone Market Overview
Agricultural drones are used in farming to monitor crop growth and to increase crop production with the help of innovative sensors. The information which is gathered from the equipment is useful in developing crop yields and farm efficiency.
Agricultural Drone Market was worth USD XX million in 2017 and is forecasted to reach USD XX million by 2026, growing at a CAGR of XX% during the forecast period (2018-2026).

Get Free Sample Report at https://www.wiseguyreports.com/sample-request/3791815-global-agricultural-drone-market-2019-2026

Agricultural Drone Market– Market Dynamics
Drones are remote-controlled aircraft with no human pilot onboard. These drones have a huge potential in agriculture in supporting evidence-based planning and in spatial data collection. Despite some inherent limitations, these tools and technologies can provide valuable data that can then be used to influence policies and decisions.
Practical applications for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) commonly referred to as drones, have progressed significantly in recent years with the fall in its cost.
Among the end-user industries, the agriculture sector is anticipated to transform as a major drone employed sector in order to encounter the harvesting challenges and to effectively deploy agricultural practices to enhance productivity and efficiency.
Interest from both consumers and business in drones is surging, with new applications being developed fastly for use across many industries especially in agriculture which is one of the primary sectors expected to see sharp uptake of drone technology in the near future.
With the range of flexibility and support comes from drones they are used in for various agricultural applications namely mapping/surveying, crop spraying, irrigation management, crop monitoring.
The features of a drone to easily adjust their altitudes and flight paths according to the surrounding topography and geography comes from the use of increasingly advanced equipment such as RADAR, LiDAR and more. This factor makes them well-suited for crop spraying. Moreover, drones can scan the ground and apply liquids quickly and with great precision.
Using drones crops are monitored accurately, frequently and affordably with precision. Drones equipped with special monitoring equipment can also be used to identify parts of a field experiencing hydric stress. Drones use infrared and thermal sensors to provide snapshots of entire fields, allowing targeted diagnosis of areas receiving less water than required.
Among the applications, mapping/surveying is the major segment. From agriculture to smart cities and construction to surveying, drone technology is increasingly being deployed to boost efficiency and productivity. Employing this drones for surveying is completed in few minutes instead of the typical days or weeks it used to take before.
Geographically the U.S is one of the leading countries in employing this technique for enhancing crop productivity. Lead by the rising trend of implementation of UAVs for enhanced productivity and increasing awareness of precision agriculture and field mapping is expected to drive the industry growth in this region.
Europe is the next major market for agricultural drones owing to the increasing need among countries to enhance the overall farm productivity. In addition, the European Union (EU) is also actively working in the direction of deploying drones for farming
Asia-Pacific agricultural drones market will benefit from growing adoption and technological advancements. Manufacturers from this region are investing in developing low cost and effective UAVs for numerous applications in the agricultural sector.
Agricultural Drone Market– Competitive Analysis
DJI, DroneDeploy, GoPro, AeroVironment, PrecisionHawk, and Trimble Navigation are some of the major companies operating in the agricultural drones market.
Anticipating bright prospects in the agricultural drone industry, Companies are pumping investments to bring in innovations and enhancements to the existing products range on this note corporate investors such as Syngenta, Monsanto, and Mitsui, backed emerging start-ups for improving harvesting, crop spraying, and irrigation.
For instance, in February 2016, US reported investments in UAVs and robotics with volumes up to USD 389 million in 2015 and approximately 40 companies raising funds. DJI, a well-established player in China, raised USD 75 million during its first drone launched especially for the agricultural space.

Get Detailed Report at https://www.wiseguyreports.com/reports/3791815-global-agricultural-drone-market-2019-2026

Why purchase the report?
• Visualize the composition of the Agricultural Drone Market products across each indication, in terms of application highlighting the critical commercial assets and players.
• Identify commercial opportunities in the nickel products market by analyzing trends and co-development deals.
• Excel data sheet with thousands of data points of the nickel products levels 4/5 segmentation.
• PDF report with the most relevant analysis cogently put together after exhaustive qualitative interviews and in-depth market study.
• Product mapping in excel for the essential nickel products of all major market players.
Target Audience
• Raw Material Suppliers/ Buyers
• Product Suppliers/ Buyers
• Industry Investors/Investment Bankers
• Education & Research Institutes
• Research Professionals
• Emerging Companies
• Manufacturers

Table of Contents
1. Agricultural Drone Market– Methodology and Scope
2. Agricultural Drone Market–Trends
3. Agricultural Drone Market– Industry Analysis
4. Agricultural Drone Market– By Drone type
5. Agricultural Drone Market– By Application
6. Global Metal Deactivator Market– By Geography
7. Agricultural Drone Market– Competitor Landscape
8. Agricultural Drone Market– Company Profiles
9. Agricultural Drone Market– Appendix

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Commercial Fishing Market Analysis 2019 (By Segment, Key Players and Applications) And Forecasts to 2022

Commercial Fishing market accounted for $239.8 billion in 2015 and is expected to reach $320 billion by 2022 growing at a CAGR of 4.2% between 2015 and 2022

PUNE , MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, May 17, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Global Commercial Fishing Industry

Global Commercial Fishing market accounted for $239.8 billion in 2015 and is expected to reach $320 billion by 2022 growing at a CAGR of 4.2% between 2015 and 2022. Ample presence of different kinds of fish such as tuna, cord, and salmon, the expanding demand for a variety of seafood, and increasing awareness about the health benefits of seafood are the major factors stimulating the commercial fishing market. On the other hand, there are a number of harmful effects caused by commercial fishing, such as the exhaustion of marine resources, which has had detrimental effects on the stocks. However, increased demand for aquaculture is a key market trend observed in the recent years.

Try Sample Report @ https://www.wiseguyreports.com/sample-request/918765-commercial-fishing-global-market-outlook-2016-2022

Several new regulations combined with international treaties and various fishing allocation schemes aim to generate efficiency and restrict the fishing activities. India, Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, and China are highly prominent in commercial fishing in Asia Pacific. Amongst those, China represented more than 30% of the global market for commercial fishing. The Asia Pacific dominates world fisheries market in terms of value, production, and employment. After Asia Pacific, North America constituted the biggest share, led by the U.S. All over the Asia pacific, captured and cultured marine fisheries persist to play a vital role in the food security, poverty mitigation and in the economies of many countries.

The key players in the Commercial Fishing market include K R M Marine Exports Limited, Liberty Frozen Foods Private Limited, Sri Siddhi Freezers & Exporters Private Limited, Andenesfisk As, Armana Limited, Atlantex Sp, High Liner Foods, Iglo Group, Sajo Industries and Marine Harvest.

Types Covered:
• Large nets
• Line and pole
• Trolling with single lines
Species Covered:
• Cephalopods
• Ground Fish
• Salmon
• Shrimp
• Tuna

Regions Covered:
• North America
o US
o Canada
o Mexico
• Europe
o Germany
o France
o Italy
o UK
o Spain
o Rest of Europe
• Asia Pacific
o Japan
o China
o India
o Australia
o New Zealand
o Rest of Asia Pacific
• Rest of the World
o Middle East
o Brazil
o Argentina
o South Africa
o Egypt

What our report offers:
– Market share assessments for the regional and country level segments
– Market share analysis of the top industry players
– Strategic recommendations for the new entrants
– Market forecasts for a minimum of 8 years of all the mentioned segments, sub segments and the regional markets
– Market Trends (Drivers, Constraints, Opportunities, Threats, Challenges, Investment Opportunities, and recommendations)
– Strategic recommendations in key business segments based on the market estimations
– Competitive landscaping mapping the key common trends
– Company profiling with detailed strategies, financials, and recent developments
– Supply chain trends mapping the latest technological advancements

For Detailed Reading Please visit WiseGuy Reports @ https://www.wiseguyreports.com/reports/918765-commercial-fishing-global-market-outlook-2016-2022

Some Major Points from Table of content:

1 Executive Summary

2 Preface
2.1 Abstract
2.2 Stake Holders
2.3 Research Scope
2.4 Research Methodology
2.4.1 Data Mining
2.4.2 Data Analysis
2.4.3 Data Validation
2.4.4 Research Approach
2.5 Research Sources
2.5.1 Primary Research Sources
2.5.2 Secondary Research Sources
2.5.3 Assumptions

3 Market Trend Analysis
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Drivers
3.3 Restraints
3.4 Opportunities
3.5 Threats
3.6 Emerging Markets
3.7 Futuristic Market Scenario


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Peregrine Energy Partners with Appalachian Operator in Royalty Carve-Out

DALLAS, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, May 16, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Dallas, TX – May 15th, 2019

Peregrine Energy Partners with Appalachian Operator in Royalty Carve-Out

Peregrine Energy Partners has agreed to acquire producing and non-producing oil and gas royalties across the Appalachian and Black Warrior Basins from Summit Natural Resources, a Houston based operator.

“We couldn’t be more excited about our latest acquisition as it features production from over 600 gas wells across fields known for generating steady and predictable cashflow,” commented C.J. Tibbs, Peregrine’s Managing Director. “With Summit Natural Resources operating these properties, we have the confidence in buying under an operator who not only understands the basin, but also has the technical expertise to maximize production through operational efficiency and re-works.”

Summit Natural Resources acquires existing oil and gas assets before focusing on their operational proficiency to enhance production and optimize recovery. Summit had recently acquired these particular assets, which had high net revenue interests, and was interested in carving out an override to raise debt-free capital and accelerate their capex, boosting existing production.

“We are happy to have partnered with Peregrine’s team on this transaction,” remarked Michael Munsey, CEO of Summit Natural Resources. “We appreciated their transparency and how easy they were to work with during the process.” “Working with Peregrine allowed us to fast-forward years of capital in a tax-efficient manner which we could then redeploy into our core area of the business where our returns are more favorable.”

Peregrine is currently looking for additional opportunities to work with operators in much the same fashion.

“The structure makes sense for any E&P company who has high net revenue interests on certain properties and is interested in accelerating production without taking on any additional debt,” said Josh Prier, Managing Director of Peregrine. “Many of the operators we’ve worked with prefer to control their growth through the drill bit,” Prier remarked. “Peregrine is able to add value to operators by freeing up future revenue today which allows them to invest more capital in the ground and move their 3P reserves to 1P that much quicker.”

Peregrine Energy Partners are private purchasers of oil and natural gas royalties with over 50 years of combined experience. Over the past 15 years, the company’s founders have enjoyed working with dozens of operators as well as hundreds of mineral owners in 30 states across millions of acres.

With its corporate headquarters in Dallas and acquisition offices in Denver, Peregrine is dedicated to providing value and optionality to both royalty owners and E&P firms to help maximize the value of their minerals and royalties.

To learn more about how a potential carve out might work with your operating company, contact Josh Prier at (303)-256-6275 or josh@peregrinelp.com.

Josh Prier
Peregrine Energy Partners
+1 3032566275
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Legacy Partners 5280 to Raise $20MM to Be Deployed into Minority Owned Cannabis Related Companies

Legacy Partners 5280 logo

Totum Advising Group Logo

C. E. Hutton Logo

TAMPA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, May 16, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — C. E. Hutton, LLC, a minority-focused business development and management firm located in Denver, CO recently partnered with Totum Advising Group, LLC, an LGBTQIA+ and woman-led cannabis consulting firm based in Tampa, FL. The companies have partnered in a joint effort to raise $20MM for Legacy Partners 5280; a cannabis focused venture capital fund. The goal is to direct raised capital into real estate, technology, and biotechnology, specifically focusing a portion of these funds toward the elevation of minority-owned businesses within the legal cannabis market.

“It is no secret that disadvantages exist for people of color who are trying to realize their business dreams and aspirations and the existing stigma and challenges to realize them can appear to be without end. The best way to attack those challenges is to build allies, business and community networks and seek supporters that provide access and insight,” said C. E. Hutton, President of C.E. Hutton, LLC.

United States drug policies have disproportionately affected minority communities who have seen high incarceration rates, in part, due to marijuana related crimes. What was once considered illegal and taboo has now broken into the mainstream, and it’s critical that an industry built on the backs of the marginalized population is able to tip the scales back in the other direction. The focus towards aiding minorities is a priority in entering what is expected to be a $50 billion dollar a year U.S. market. African-Americans make up approximately 5 percent of the legal industry’s total ownership, and minorities as a whole make up only 19 percent.

“It is clear by simply examining any cannabis executive team or investor forum in the industry that there is an inexcusable lack of diversity. Beyond the simple ask for diversity among women, people of color, and non-able-bodied individuals, is the need to hold out a hand or open a door for our most deeply impacted and marginalized communities who have borne the brunt of the failed War on Drugs,” said Heather Lawson-Bradfield, President and CEO of Totum Advising Group, LLC (TAG). TAG is dedicated to lowering the barriers of entry toward minority owned businesses in the legal cannabis space by utilizing their core skill-sets such as business development, marketing strategy, real estate, and capital raise services.

C. E. Hutton and Totum Advising Group will be officially launching their partnership at the Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo (CWCBE) taking place in New York City May 29 – June 1. This unveiling of collaboration is targeted toward finding the next wave of minority entrepreneurs ready to take on this industry, as well as meeting with investors interested in leveling the playing field in the burgeoning legal cannabis industry.

For media inquiries or investor relations please contact:
Totum Advising Group at 813-428-7526 or info@totumadvising.com

About Legacy Partners 5280 LP
Legacy Partners 5280 LP was founded by a diversified team of corporate professionals and investors seeking to make a significant socio-economic impact in the legalized marijuana industry, specifically as it relates to diversity and inclusion. For more information please visit legacypartners5280.com

About CE Hutton, LLC
C. E. Hutton, LLC, a minority-focused business development and management firm. Although not exclusive to Minorities, we are inclusive to all communities that understand and appreciate the true value that diversity brings to our global society. For more information please visit cehutton.com

About Totum Advising Group, LLC
Totum Advising Group, LLC, is an LGBTQIA+ woman-led cannabis consulting firm which specializes in business development and marketing growth strategies. Founded on the principles of integrity, diversity, and inclusion, TAG seeks to lower the barrier of entry for those without ready access to the resources required to succeed in the legal cannabis market. For more information please visit totumadvising.com

Media Inquiries or Investor Relations
Totum Advising Group, LLC
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Global Pesticide Market Largest Region, Drivers, Restraints, And Market Overview

The Business Research Company adds report on Pesticide Market to research store, the report says the market is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 8% by 2022.

The Herbicides Market Is Expected To Be The Fastest-Growing Segment in Pesticides Market Going Forward At A CAGR Of Around 4%.”

— Abdul Wasay

LONDON, GREATER LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, May 15, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Asia is the largest market for pesticides, accounting for about 39% of the global pesticide market. It was followed by North America, South America and then the other regions. Going forward, Asia and Western Europe will be the fastest growing regions in this market.

The global pesticide market, reached a value of nearly $37 billion in 2018, having grown at an annual rate of less than 0.5% in the historic period, and is expected to grow at an annual rate of around 8% till 2022.

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Growth in the pesticides market in the historic period resulted from growing population and development of low interest rate environment in emerging markets. Factors that negatively affected growth in the historic period were high R&D costs, alternative techniques and erratic climate change.

Pesticides are chemicals used to eliminate or control a variety of pests related to agriculture that can damage crops and livestock and reduce farm productivity. Agricultural chemicals (also known as agrochemicals) are chemical agents such as pesticides, fungicides, herbicides and insecticides that are used to control crop-harming organisms (e.g., fungi, nematodes, mites, insects and rodents) or viruses.

The pesticides market is concentrated with the top ten competitors making up more than about 35% of the total market in 2018. Players in the market include China National Agrochemical Corporation, Bayer AG, Dow DuPont, BASF SE, United Phosphorus Ltd., Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd.

Pesticides Market By Type (Herbicides, Fungicides And Insecticides), Opportunities And Strategies– Global Forecast To 2022 is one of a series of new reports from The Business Research Company that provides pesticide market overviews, analyzes and forecasts pesticide market size and growth for the global pesticide market, pesticide market share, pesticide market players, pesticide market size, pesticide market segments and geographies, pesticide market trends, pesticide market drivers and pesticide market restraints, pesticide market’s leading competitors’ revenues, profiles and market shares. The pesticide market report identifies top countries and segments for opportunities and strategies based on market trends and leading competitors’ approaches.

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Read Global Pesticides Market By Type (Herbicides, Fungicides And Insecticides), Opportunities And Strategies– Global Forecast To 2022 from The Business Research Company for information on the following:

Markets Covered: global pesticides market, (by type – herbicides, fungicides and insecticides); global chemical manufacturing market.

Data Segmentations: pesticides market size, global and by country; historic and forecast size, and growth rates for the world, 7 regions and 12 countries; (by type – herbicides, fungicides and insecticides) market size, historic and forecast size, and growth rates for the world, 7 regions and 12 countries; global chemical manufacturing market.

Pesticides Market Organizations Covered: China National Agrochemical Corporation, Bayer AG, DowDuPont, BASF SE, United Phosphorus Ltd.

Regions: Asia-Pacific, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, North America, South America, Middle East and Africa.

Time Series: Five years historic (2013-17) and forecast (2017-22).

Other Information And Analyses: global pesticides market comparison with macro-economic factors, pesticides market size, percentage of GDP, per capita average pesticides expenditure, global, and by country, PESTEL analysis, pesticides market customer information, pesticides market trends and strategies, drivers and restraints, key mergers and acquisitions, Oceania pesticide pesticides market.

Sourcing and Referencing: Data and analysis throughout the report are sourced using endnotes.

Strategies For Participants In The Pesticides Industry: The report explains over 15 strategies for companies in the pesticides market, based on industry trends and company analysis. These include large pesticides companies considering to ormulate strategies to produce biopesticides on a large scale to address the growing concerns of pesticides on the environment and, China National Agrochemical Corporation company's growth strategy that aims at expanding its market shares by acquiring companies in similar industries.

Opportunities For Companies In The Pesticides Sector: The report reveals where the global pesticides industry will put on most $ sales up to 2022.

Number of Pages: 228
Number of Figures: 102
Number of Tables: 111

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New Era for Solar Energy-Solar Stocks Gain Momentum in 2019

Investorideas.com releases snapshot featuring SinglePoint Inc (SING), Walmart, RGS Energy, Envision Solar & Northland Power discussing the rise of solar energy

SinglePoint Inc (OTCQB:SING)

POINT ROBERTS, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, May 15, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Point Roberts WA, Delta BC – May 15, 2019 – Investorideas.com, one of the first investor news resources covering solar stocks releases a sector snapshot featuring SinglePoint Inc. (OTCQB:SING), Walmart, RGS Energy, Envision Solar and Northland Power discussing the rise of solar energy as large-scale industries from cannabis to car manufacturers look to utilize cleantech to offset high energy costs.

This growing importance of solar was discussed in a recent article from Solar Industry Mag. C2 Energy Capital LLC has recently executed 46 power purchase agreements and leases with Walmart Inc. to provide solar power at the retailer’s operations in five states.

“These agreements represent a tangible commitment by Walmart to achieve a goal of having 50% of its operations powered by renewable energy by 2025. The solar installations will produce more than 65,000,000 kWh of renewable energy annually, enough to power nearly 5,500 homes. The projects are expected to supply approximately 10%-60% of each store’s overall electricity use.”

“Solar is a vital component of Walmart’s expanding renewable energy portfolio,” says Mark Vanderhelm, Walmart’s vice president of energy. “Walmart plans to tirelessly pursue renewable energy projects that are right for our customers, our business and the environment. These planned projects with C2 Energy Capital are moving us in the right direction toward our renewable energy goals.”

SinglePoint Inc. (OTCQB:SING) recently announced the successful completion of the Asset Purchase Agreement with Direct Solar and AI Live Transfers dated February 22, 2019. Direct Solar is the largest acquisition to date for SinglePoint and instantly puts the company squarely into the renewable energy market. According to Hexa Research the solar market is expected to reach 20.09 Billion USD by 2025. Direct Solar provides a Lendingtree/Rocket Mortgage way for customers to assess and purchase solar. This model allows for the company to scale quickly and efficiently throughout the United States and globally.

“This acquisition will securely place SinglePoint on a new path towards growth, revenue and overall profitability. We believe Direct Solar has the people and the ability to scale beyond initial projections and truly make an impact on SinglePoint’s goal of getting a NASDAQ or NYSE. We believe, in the following 12 months from the date of the acquisition, revenues will be in the multiple millions along with profitability. This acquisition is a new opportunity and puts SinglePoint on a whole new trajectory path,” states Greg Lambrecht, CEO of SinglePoint.

Video Introducing Direct Solar – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jl0u8eZpUrI&t=1s

Recently in an article posted by CleanTechnica, CEO Abigail Ross-Hopper went on to comment, “The rapid growth in the solar industry has completely reshaped the energy conversation in this country,” said Abigail Ross-Hopper, SEIA president and CEO. “This $17 billion industry is on track to double again in five years, and we believe that the 2020s will be the decade that solar becomes the dominant new form of energy generation.”

Direct Solar has seen tremendous growth over the past year which aligns well with the industry overall. In Q4 2018, the US solar market installed 4.2 GWdc of solar PV, a 139% increase from Q3 2018 and a 4% increase from Q4 2017. This is attributed to environmental awareness and the overall cost of solar becoming affordable for customers.

Solar is a massive opportunity both locally and globally. Locally, the concept of community solar panel systems is gaining popularity in the US and globally the market is expected to reach 100 gigawatts.

Above and beyond residential solar, SinglePoint has been in discussions and contact with companies that are interested in utilizing solar to increase power efficiencies for their cannabis cultivation. SinglePoint believe there is a major opportunity to marry cannabis and solar to help decrease costs and the overall energy intensive indoor cultivation of cannabis.

Cannabis, though an obvious partner with solar, looks to be the rule not the exception as a recent article in CBS discussed how as crude energy prices continue to rise, and the price of renewable energy sources like solar and wind become more efficient and cost effective, solar looks poised to have a strong year in 2019. As SinglePoint Inc. has positioned itself in both the cannabis and solar sectors through acquisitions, it is betting on the synergies to pay off.

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Pheromone treated nematodes performed better than untreated nematodes for controlling insect pests

Peer-reviewed Study Supports Pheronym’s Approach to
Nematode Bio-remediation as Economical and Effective for Commercial Deployment

The next step is to begin commercial production”

— said Dr. Fatma Kaplan

DAVIS, CA, UNITED STATES, May 15, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Pheronym, an ag-biotech pest control company, announced today the results of a study supporting the commercial efficacy of their breakthrough bio-remediation technology. In tests, commercially available beneficial nematodes exposed to their patented Nemastim™ pheromone extracts were 28% – 78% more effective controlling pecan weevils and black soldier flies than non-exposed nematodes. The research, led by Dr. David Shapiro-Ilan, an entomologist with the USDA-Agricultural Research Service, along with ARS research associate Dr. Oliveira-Hofman, and co-authored by Dr. Ed Lewis, head of the Department of Entomology, Plant Pathology and Nematology at the University of Idaho, is currently featured in “The Journal of Invertebrate Pathology, Volume 164” and can be accessed through “Science Direct” at https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jip.2019.04.008.

"In biological control approaches, it is usually the prey's natural pheromone that is used to lure the predators or parasitoids to kill the pest. To our knowledge, this is the first time a predator's or parasite’s own pheromone was used to improve its effectiveness in attacking its prey,” said Dr. Shapiro-Ilan.

“Not only was this approach extremely effective in boosting nematodes’ ability to control pests, the use of pheromones as created by Pheronym promises to be economically feasible, as only a small amount of concentrated pheromone extract solution activates the nematodes,” added Dr. Lewis.

“The next step is to begin commercial production,” said Dr. Fatma Kaplan, CEO of Pheronym. “The benefits of this approach including enhanced efficacy, reduced costs and increased sustainability, are exactly the things that our agricultural customers are asking for and consumers of produce are demanding.”

The publishing of this study caps off a year of milestones for Pheronym, having secured more than $1 million in grants from agencies, including the USDA-National Institute of Food and Agriculture’s Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase I and Agriculture and Food Research Initiative (AFRI) programs, and being selected to conduct the first ever agriculture bio-control experiment in space, in collaboration with USDA, aboard the International Space Station National Laboratory with a launch date scheduled for Dec. 4, 2019.

About Pheronym:
Award-winning Pheronym is an ag-biotech pest management company that enables sustainable farming through its novel platform of nematode pheromones. Based in Alachua, Florida and Davis, California, the company uses a new pheromone to control plant-parasitic nematodes (microscopic roundworms) in an eco-friendly way and enhances beneficial nematodes’ efficacy to eliminate pest insects. Learn more at http://www.pheronym.com.

Karl Cameron Schiller
Pheronym, Inc.
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email us here

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