COVID-19 Sandstorm announces a complete and affordable Turnkey Thermal camera Temperature screening solution.

Thermal Tempurature scanning

People being temperature scanned one after another

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AI thermal proximity temperature screening solution. Takes temperature readings of people as they walk by the camera. Up to 12 people at a time.

Thermal Technology is a must-have tool when temperature screening 100's if not thousands of people. The main symptom of COVID-19 is a temperature. No other method works.”

— Walter Caon

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, June 29, 2020 / — COVID-19 has taken a toll on society, businesses, and governments across the world. A major symptom of COVID-19 is a temperature. Without a temperature reading approach, you must choose an employee to conduct face to face temperature readings of people who may have COVID-19.

What if that employee contracts the virus from reading temperature and then infects their co-workers and family? What if they came to work with COVID-19 and take temperatures all day?

Our complete affordable and available, turnkey Thermal temperature screening solution is a connect it and forget it solution. Compared to manual temperature screening our solution is non-intrusive and allows Employees and customers to be discretely scanned. It's as simple as walking by a camera. The entire system can be set up in 10 minutes and instantaneously scans 12 people at a time from a distance of 8-12 feet.

We recognized the need for Thermal Proximity Temperature Screening Solutions back in January when our employees in Asia were getting screened at every facility they were entering. Quite quickly, every single place was doing this and today this is in place at almost 100% of facilities in Asia including schools, clinics, Airports, Train Stations, Subways, Manufacturing Facilities, Office Buildings, Malls, Apartments, condo complexes, Grocery/Retail Stores, Convenience Stores, Government Service Facilities, Libraries, etc.

Sure, you can't screen for asymptomatic cases but you can screen for the majority of cases and if that was being done over the past month in the US and Canada, it may have prevented a lot of virus spread, saved lives, and kept many facilities and production facilities from closing. Just recently Amazon and Apple Foxconn both announced that they have started temperature screening all of their employees globally with proximity-based thermal temperature screening solutions and you can bet if Amazon and Apple are doing this, it's probably the right approach.

Our moderate to high traffic thermal camera packages will allow businesses and schools to open faster and provide a safer environment for everyone. Employees and customers will feel safer about entering your premises.

Currently, 99% of thermal cameras are now back-ordered for months from all of the major manufactures so we secured our supply with a number of overseas Thermal manufacturers that still have availability. Pricing for the complete solution starts at $2249 which includes the complete package, a thermal camera, laptop, monitoring software, and cables all preconfigured to work as soon as you receive it. The Sandstorm solution is what is needed in the fight against COVID-19 and it is available and affordable to any business who needs it. Full one year warranty and technical support included.

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Source: EIN Presswire