The BioCube™ Corporation Website Launch

AUSTRALIA, October 16, 2020 / — 2020 has been a difficult year for the entire world. Lives and livelihoods have been lost, communities have been devastated and economies have crumbled. All the while, we continue our struggle to tackle the damage caused by decades of environmental neglect and the dominance of “big oil.”

It is often during times of trauma and trouble, however, that one can stop and reassess. Out of the ashes can come something brilliant. In 2020, with this attitude we decided to hit the refresh button at The BioCube™ Corporation.

Over the course of the last few months, we took pause to re-evaluate where the BioCube Corporation fits in to the energy ecosystem. We looked and saw how fragile global supply chains are. We saw how communities that are beholden to these supply chains for their energy needs suffer when disruption occurs. We saw businesses collapse and
unemployment rise. More than ever we saw the need for the BioCube™.

The BioCube™ is simple. It is a self-contained, transportable, mini biodiesel refinery that converts a variety of raw and used oils into biodiesel. It is a means to democratise diesel production and empower communities to become self-sufficient. It provides a clean, profitable way to support local economies and create employment. The BioCube™ is an innovative solution to securing energy independence and move towards a greener future.

Today, we reintroduce the BioCube™ – rejuvenated, reinvigorated and reenergised (complete with a brand-new website).

The BioCube™: fuelling energy independence.

Laurence Baum
The BioCube™ Corporation
+61 400 681 283

Source: EIN Presswire