Croply: Promoting Sustainable Solutions with their Pandemic-Proof Online Farmers Market

Croply - Sustainable Farm Systems

Croply – Developing sustainable farm systems is at the center of our fight for sustainability.

Croply - Sustainable Lemon Farming

Sharing of Knowledge and Developing Public Understanding of the Impact our Food Choices Have, is at the Core of the Croply System.

Croply - The Global Farmers Market

Croply promotes sustainable, local food systems. Designed by farmers, for farmers.

18 Months in development, the farmers market, network & educational platform invests in answers for current environmental, nutritional & socio-economic issues.

We have invested in the global farming community because without our local farmers we simply can't survive. There's no hope for sustainability.”

— Adam Eunson, Founder of Croply.

ALTENDORF, SCHWEIZ, SWITZERLAND, October 26, 2020 / — As our reality is continuing to be flipped upside down, more and more people are turning to online e-commerce to answer the demand for safe access to their grocery needs. Accessing our local farmers market is no longer a guarantee, and farmers have been hit the worst, with the disruption in distribution channels resulting in revenue loss, and previously unrecorded waste produce, as well as the loss of access to wholesome foods within our local communities, through-out the world.

The team at Croply are addressing this, and more with their online marketplace and network, that has been in development for the past 18 months.

“There’s such a huge disconnect between the public and the farmers who produce our food. We’re rebuilding these bridges. Putting farmers out there, so the public can find them and buy from them direct.” Adam Eunson, founder of Croply. “With a huge shift in public food access, over 50% of us have bought our groceries online this year, but only 12% of farms have their produce online for people to purchase. We’re bringing communities together. Putting farmers in one place, so the public can access local, farm fresh produce from the safety of their own home.”

Adam together with Haider Ali, a digital development specialist, have put together a dedicate team of international designers, developers and experts, with a solid goal to provide an open access web platform, that not only offers possible solutions to the food access and distribution challenges faced by farmers and their local communities, but also addresses the sustainability and knowledge gaps within the agricultural and public sectors.

Croply at its core is built upon a custom designed online marketplace, that connects sustainable farmers with their local communities. Providing transparency and traceability for the public, whilst offering the opportunity to search for local produce and to connect direct with our local farmers.

“It’s as simple as searching for organic tomatoes and you can see every single farmer on the map, in any area, who have organic tomatoes for sale. We’ve integrated powerful geolocation tools, so everything is visual and easy to use.” Adam says.

Alongside the marketplace, educational systems have been included. To provide open access resources, books, and online courses, that can offer an insight into more sustainable practices that can help farms to work towards more environmentally friendly food production. As well as offering the public the benefit of learning about the processes involved in the production of the food they eat.

“Knowledge and understanding are the key to sustainability. Without realizing the impact our food choices are having on the environment, health, and the socio-economic system, we will continue to be ignorant of the damage caused by the food we eat.” Adam says, discussing the educational functionality of the site. “Transparency is something that has slowly disappeared of late, but the demand is returning, and the public want to know more and more where their food is coming from. We’re trying to address this with resources and traceability tools that can inform the public, not only where their food was produced, but also how it was farmed, and the scientific nutritional content it provides.”

The additional social network also demonstrates the importance the team put on community and connectivity within the Croply design. Integrated live chat and mailing systems connect not only farmers direct with their customers, but also farmers with other farmers. Providing a global network that offers the ability for users to help and learn from each other, and more importantly ask for help from others.

“Farming can be a very lonely and stressful business, and mental health issues are on the rise within the agricultural industry. Living on a farm ourselves, we have seen this first-hand. By connecting the global farming community, we can openly support one another. There’s a world of experienced farmers and specialists, with a wealth of knowledge out there. It’s important that other farmers know they are not alone.”

Currently working on the development of partnerships with larger companies looking to connect their brand with more sustainable projects, Croply is entering its final development stage, with a scheduled beta launch set for the new year, and early access signups for farmers underway on their web page

The passion behind the project and its founder Adam Eunson are clearly evident, and Croply could be the beacon that demonstrates a hope in developing stronger local farming communities, and a more sustainable future for the global farming community as a whole.

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Croply – Our food choices should be the tool that addresses the issues.

Source: EIN Presswire