PetzTrove Inc. Launches New Digital Platform for Pet Parents and the North American Pet Specialty Industry

PetzTrove® launches new app available for FREE now!

PetzTrove® launches new app available for FREE now!

PetzTrove® is a new app available for download now on Google Play or the App Store

PetzTrove® is a new app development company based in Toronto

New consumer app and brand management portals are part of the brand's strategy to connect pet parents with top-tier pet specialty brands and industry experts.

The opportunity to connect pet parents, top-tier specialty brands and pet experts has never been more important.”

— John Miziolek

TORONTO, CANADA, January 18, 2021 / — PetzTrove® Inc., a Canadian app development company, today announced the launch of its new app for iOS and Android mobile devices and online brand management and content development portals.

The pet industry has continued to grow at approximately 4 billion dollars USD per year since 2017 with almost 70% of North American households owning a pet according to the American Pet Products Association. There are now more pet-owning households than there are with children. In North America pet parents spent over 11.9 billion dollars USD in 2019 on food in pet specialty stores, according to Petfood Industry magazine, with the majority of that total devoted to retail sales.

“The opportunity to connect pet parents, top-tier specialty brands and pet experts has never been more important.” said John Miziolek, President of PetzTrove® Inc. “Millennials have overtaken baby boomers as the largest pet-owning generation which is indicative of the growth in the industry as they earn more income and spend more on their pets. Our new digital platform is the first of its kind that will allow brand owners and pet experts to engage directly with pet parents.”

The new mobile app makes it easy for pet parents to collect points for being physically active and learning from pet experts on how to improve the wellbeing of their pets. Activities like walks, play time and engaging with pet related content all lead to collecting points. Pet parents can then redeem their points for discounts at pet specialty retailers across North America. The new brand management and pet expert portals make it easy to connect directly with pet parents and provide rewards and advice.

Innovative features of the PetzTrove® Digital Platform include:

Digital Platform for Pet Parents-the consumer app is designed to promote an active lifestyle, help pet parents engage with pet experts and content creators, and reward them with discounts for caring for their pets.

Brand Management and Pet Expert Portal-the portal is designed to allow brand managers and pet experts to engage directly with pet parents. The online portal is simple, intuitive and provides an unprecedented level of connection to key target demographics, right inside the PetzTrove® app.

State-of-the-art technology-the PetzTrove® app includes options for both time-based and GPS-based tracking of your time with your pet. This allows pet parents to customize their experience with the app and how they accumulate rewards. The app also allows you to share it with friends and receive bonus points.

This best-in-class digital platform serves as the catalyst for the company’s focus – engaging with pet parents and rewarding them for caring for their pets while providing pet industry professionals the opportunity to connect directly with their target demographic.

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Source: EIN Presswire