Eco-Friendly Germicide able to eliminate viruses and other violent pathogens found in Agriculture and Nature

Proprietary formula for the elimination of pathogens in Agriculture & Nature.

Proprietary formula for the elimination of pathogens in Agriculture & Nature.

OXYBOM™ International announces their proven technology that oxidizes Viruses, Bacteria, Funguses and Nematodes found in Soil, Plants and Livestock.

There is now a solution to the most violent germs in the world and it also happens to be eco-friendly & 100% biodegradable.”

— Gary Richardson

COLLEGE STATION, TEXAS, USA, September 23, 2021 / — OXYBOM™ International president, Gary Richardson, announced today the launching of its proprietary formula to eliminate pathogens found in Agriculture soil, plants and livestock. By mixing OXYBOM's eco-friendly germicide with water – farmers, growers and ranchers will be able to boost the water feeding their soil, plants and livestock. This revolutionary germicide will then use its ROS (reactive oxygen species) capability to "bursts" any pathogens in its path for successful disinfection. There are also applications in Nature such as Invasive Species Pathogens and Diseases that OXYBOM™ can solve.

"This technology, known as AOP (Advanced Oxidation Processes), was discovered in the 1980s. It has evolved into what we have today as the safest and most powerful chemical for all pathogens in the spectrum. Some refer to our eco-friendly germicide as "liquid ozone". When mixing our OXYBOM concentrate with water, this solution turns into a powerful germicide that is 10x more powerful than any other toxic chemical option of the past." says Richardson. It's important to note that no known microorganism can survive AOP.

OXYBOM™ began the R&D in 2011 and obtained success in field trials and industry certifications. This ROS chemical mimics Nature by using multiple functions to eliminate germs, biofilm, metals and turbidity. Similar to ozone, it is safer and more powerful than any other option available today. Different from ozone however, OXYBOM™ has a shelf-life of 6+ months and a residual longer than Chlorine while treating water. It has been certified for organic applications.

In addition, OXYBOM™ has been tested at Agriculture universities such as Universities of Florida, Georgia, Texas A&M and UC Davis. OXYBOM™ International is engaged with European countries as well as U.S. states in projects that have no solution for their crop diseases. Crops such as olives, grapes and citrus. When treating infected crops, results are seen within a few weeks using steady treatment. Sometimes as soon as two weeks.

OXYBOM™ is a division of MINLOX Chemical Co. They are based in College Station, Texas, near the Texas A&M campus and research centers. OXYBOM™ has blending locations in 6 of our 7 continents with the ability to ship anywhere within one week. Their blending capabilities surpass one million gallons per month.

Bart Ramage, VP Sales & Distribution
OXYBOM™ International
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Source: EIN Presswire