Hemp & Animal Feed: PanXchange Releases Analysis in First of Three Industry Reports

October 14, 2021 Denver, CO. PanXchange today announced the release of its white paper on the many applications of hemp in the animal feed market.

DENVER, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, October 14, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — PanXchange today announced the release of its white paper on the many applications of hemp in the animal feed market.

The report, whose primary sponsor is Barchart.com, Inc, is 46 pages in length and begins by explaining the utility of the plant in the feed market, leaving no aspect behind. Specifically, it discusses hemp grains (whole, hulls, dehulled, and meal/cake), True Hemp (baled, dehydrated, silage), and hempseed oil. The report covers hemp’s price and productivity (yield) competitiveness versus the incumbent feedstocks such as corn, soy alfalfa, and grass hay. Additionally, the report illustrates hemp’s exceptional nutritional properties with regard to protein, fiber, energy, and even Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. Finally, PanXchange addresses the opportunity for hemp not only in traditional livestock and poultry markets but also in markets ranging from aquaculture to equine feedstock. As an example of conclusions drawn, PanXchange illustrates with hard data how hemp can already compete with alfalfa and grass hay- both nutritionally and with regard to yield potential.

Seth Boone, PanXchange’s VP of Business Development and Director of Hemp markets explains, “Hemp has the yield potential and nutrients to compete with soy as a feed ingredient in the near future. In addition, there is already a wide array of growing sectors within the hemp industry that are producing by-products that are suitable for feed. Throw in the sustainability factor and hemp has too many advantages to be ignored by the feed industry.”

“I couldn’t be more proud of the PanXchange team or the results produced in this paper”, states Julie Lerner, the company’s CEO. “Seth and the team did an excellent job showing why hemp as a feed ingredient holds enormous and immediate growth potential for this crop, especially as it catches up to traditional grains with regard to growing and harvesting efficiencies.”

This paper is the first of a three-part series of white papers on the hemp industry. The second article, to be released in December, will focus on industrial uses: building materials, textiles, bioplastics, biochar, etc. The report will give an update on how those sectors are evolving, problems, opportunities, and how carbon credits fit in the picture as part of the ESG movement across the globe. The final report will be our third annual supply and demand report for the cannabinoid sector. PanXchange is known for producing actionable market intelligence such as focusing on total supply and demand based on acres and tons versus retail shelf prices. The report will be released early Q1 2022 and include ancillary topics such as a prediction on how FDA approval would improve the outlook, how Delta 8 is boosting demand, and regulatory issues.

Purchase report here: https://panxchange.com/2021-industry-report-animal-feed/

About PanXchange
PanXchange is a market structure solution for physical commodities that feed and fuel the world. Centered around its electronic negotiating and trading platform, it offers instant market access and price discovery, especially in relatively thin and/ or nascent physical commodity markets. With regard to its benchmark pricing services, PanXchange is a price discovery platform, not a price reporting agency (PRA) because it is backed by actual physical commodity trade activity, not just reported values which often include brokers and analysis. It is the leading benchmark price provider in industrial hemp markets and the defacto benchmark price for specialty sand used in US energy markets.

Julie Lerner
PanXchange, Inc.
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AOAC INTERNATIONAL and Land O’Lakes Venture37 Announce Collaborative Agreement


Land O' Lakes Venture37

The organizations will work together to strengthen agriculture-led economic growth and improve trade and animal health, plant health, and food safety outcomes.

ROCKVILLE, MD, USA, October 14, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — AOAC INTERNATIONAL and Land O’Lakes Venture37 announced today that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) establishing a strategic partnership to advance their shared goals and objectives.

Land O’Lakes Venture37 (Venture37) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization affiliated with Land O’Lakes Inc. Venture37 has 40 years of experience implementing more than 315 agricultural development projects in more than 80 countries around the world. Venture37’s work helps global communities through agriculture by delivering integrated solutions that foster more competitive markets, more resilient systems, more nutrition-secure and healthy communities, and more inclusive societies.

The MOU provides for broad-based collaboration between the two organizations and reflects their shared values. Their goal is to work together to strengthen agriculture-led economic growth and improve trade and animal health, plant health, and food safety outcomes for consumers around the world through alignment of standards and application of fit-for-purpose analytical methods.

AOAC and Venture37 plan to participate in a range of collaborative initiatives that may include analytical method alignment and adoption of AOAC Standard Method Performance Requirements (SMPRs); application of AOAC Official Methods of Analysis to meet regulatory and trade requirements; training and education on laboratory best practices; capacity building in the laboratory and research sector in developing nations or other areas of need; and laboratory accreditation to standard processes.

“Venture 37 is an ideal partner to help AOAC fulfill its vision,” said Tony Lupo, AOAC President. “This partnership will help build global confidence in analytical solutions in food safety and integrity and use our skills for consensus building to advance such a worthy mission that fosters agricultural innovation and food security throughout the world. This will be a very exciting collaboration.”

AOAC has previously established cooperative agreements with other organizations including the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and, earlier this year, the African Organization for Standardization (ARSO). Venture37 is a trusted implementer of Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) standard harmonization, capacity building programs, and trade facilitation programs funded by numerous donors including USDA and USAID. Leveraging these relationships, AOAC and Venture37 plan to work collaboratively in the design of new programs related to capacity building, national SPS system strengthening, and more.

“Food quality and safety is a critical dimension of Land O’Lakes Venture37’s approach to food security,” said John Ellenberger, Land O’Lakes Venture37’s executive director. “AOAC will be a valuable partner as we work toward common goals of ensuring that food is safe and accessible around the world.”


AOAC INTERNATIONAL is a globally recognized, 501(c)(3), independent, third party, not-for-profit association and voluntary consensus standards developing organization founded in 1884. When analytical needs arise within a community or industry, AOAC INTERNATIONAL is the forum for finding appropriate science-based solutions through the development of microbiological and chemical standards. The AOAC Official Methods of Analysis database is used by food scientists around the world to facilitate public health and safety and to promote trade.

About Land O’Lakes Venture37
Land O’Lakes Venture37 is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit committed to helping communities around the world thrive through agriculture. Venture37 strengthens economies by improving local agriculture, helping agribusinesses create jobs, and linking farmers to markets. It delivers integrated solutions that help build and improve food and agriculture systems through more competitive markets, more resilient systems, healthier and more nutrition-secure communities, and more inclusive societies.

Katie Bergmann
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Business Forum stand to introduce Investment Opportunities in Indonesia’s Environment and Forestry Sector

Ministry of Environment & Forestry of Republic of Indonesia held investor meeting at Expo 2020 Dubai

Local Investor from Dubai warmly welcomed by the ministry of environment and forestry

DUBAI, UAE, October 15, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK) participated in the Business Forum event at Expo 2020 Dubai. This activity is held in correspond to raise various business and investment opportunities in the environment and forestry sector on October 11, 2021, through a hybrid manner. This activity will be divided into two sessions; the first session will discuss the “Product Development and Business Opportunities in Conservation Areas,” and the second session will discuss “Potential Business Opportunities from Sustainable Forest Management.”

“The holding of business forum is a perfect place for KLHK to show the progressive progress of forest management in Indonesia to the world; in light of forest conservation is not only beneficial for the environment but can also be developed to advance the economy in the forestry and tourism sector. On the other hand, Indonesian forestry products also have a tremendous advantage in attracting new potential investors. We hope through this activity we can increase the market reach of Indonesian forestry products as well as enhance bilateral cooperation within the UAE and other participating countries of Expo 2020 Dubai,” said Wiratno, Director General of Natural Resources and Ecosystem Conservation.

During the very first session of the Business Forum, the Business Lounge will be filled with the sub-theme of Product Development and Business Opportunities in Conservation Areas and Protected Production Forests, as well as Indonesia's biodiversity. Indonesia is a place with the richest mega biodiversity in the world with various flora and fauna in need of specialized conservation areas to prevent their existence from extinction. Indonesia's forest conservation areas alone amounted to 512 units, covering an area of 27,108,486.54 hectares, and are spread throughout Indonesia. The overall total area is equivalent to approximately 21% of Indonesia's entire forest and marine conservation area.

These forest conservation areas can also be turned into a striking natural tourist destination and at the same attract many tourists who are profound to nature. The sites are divided into two: the in-situ areas where conservation is carried out in their natural habitats, such as Natural Reserves, Wildlife Sanctuaries, and Natural Conservation Areas such as National Parks, Grand Forest Parks, and Natural Tourism Parks; as well as ex-situ areas which are generally carried out in botanical gardens, arboretums, zoos, to safari parks where flora and fauna conservation is carried out outside their natural habitats
Meanwhile, in the second session, the sub-theme featured is the Potential Business Opportunities in Production Forest such as Legal Forestry Products, Paper Products, Plywood Products, Pulp and Paper Products, and its derivatives, to furniture and handicraft products. Recognized by the masses, Indonesia has a great concern in carrying out sustainable production from Forest Utilization and Management Areas in terms of social and ecological aspects. All of these aspects are proven by the owner of the SVLK certificate. This Business Forum will also feature a number of videos about Indonesian forest, as well as a demonstration on the timber supply chain and introduction of wood species which will be premiered in the Indonesia Pavilion Theatre.

Media Liaison Officer
Indonesia Pavilion
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Veterans Grow America join the NVBDC's Military & Veteran Organization Task Force.

NVBDC will collaborate and partner with strategic Military and Veteran organizations with equal goals to help Service-Disabled / Veteran Owned Businesses

Primary role of the MVO Task Force is to focus on pursuing and achieving tactical and strategic objectives by partnering with organizations having equal goals to help Veteran Businesses.

Kendrick Mobley, Founder, Veterans Grow America

Kendrick Mobley, Founder, Veterans Grow America



Lt Colonel (Ret) Kathy Poynton, Director, NVBDC MVO Task Force previously U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation National Director of Event Operations & Specialty Events, "Hiring Our Heroes."

Lieutenant Colonel (Ret) Kathryn Poynton, Director, NVBDC MVO Task Force

Keith King, Founder & CEO, NVBDC

Keith King, Founder & CEO, NVBDC

VGA showcases Veteran and Military Spouse small businesses at local Army & Air Force Exchange Services sites.

We look forward to our relationship with NVBDC and the MVO Task Force. NVBDC expertise brings value and new opportunities providing resources to the small businesses we work with at our expos.”

— Kendrick Mobley, Founder, Veterans Grow America

DETROIT, MI, UNITED STATES, October 14, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — National Veterans Business Development Council is excited to welcome Dallas, Texas-based Veterans Grow America to the Military and Veterans Organization Task Force. Veterans Grow America provides a forum for Veteran and Military Spouse owned businesses to showcase their products to increase brand awareness. They conduct local events and marketing programs on military installations across the United States to increase engagement with the veteran business community. A national movement that helps veteran businesses get the resources and support needed to succeed.

“Our relationship with the Army & Air Force Exchange Service allows us to provide a platform for Veteran and Military spouse small businesses owners at our Veteran Business Expos. The expos spotlight their product to the Veterans, military and civilian personnel who live, shop, or work at the installation.”

“We look forward to our relationship with the NVBDC, through the Task Force, to bring value and new opportunities to our members, and the NVBDC expertise to provide resources to the small businesses we work with at our expos,” stated Kendrick Mobley, founder of Veterans Grow America.

NVBDC’s Military and Veteran Organization Task Force enables the NVBDC to collaborate resources with task force partners to increase awareness and join together to establish a respected position in the industry supporting Veteran Business success.

“We work with Military and Veteran Service Organizations to identify Veteran business owner members and provide them with information about NVBDC and the importance of certification. At the same time, we are creating reciprocal business relationships that will enhance our values and directives as a Veteran business support agency—creating a win-win opportunity,” commented U.S. Army Lt. Col. (retired) Kathy Poynton, Military & Veteran Organization Task Force Director.

“National Veteran Business Development Council is the leading Veteran Owned Business Certification organization developed by Veterans for Veterans. The purpose is to provide a credible and reliable certifying authority for all size businesses, ensuring that valid documentation exists of a Veterans status, ownership, and operational control,” said Keith King, Founder & CEO.

To learn more about the certification process, visit www.nvbdc.org or call 888-CERTIFIED.

To learn more about Veterans Grow America, visit their website at www.veteransgrowamerica.com.

To learn more about the Military & Veteran Organization Task Force, visit the website, and contact retired Lt. Col. Kathy Poynton at kpoynton@nvbdc.org, or call (703) 282-6862.

Keith King, Founder & CEO
National Veteran Business Development Council
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BWR Innovations partners with Grand Farms to provide the nations first demonstration of a clean energy hydrogen fuel cell enabled micro-grid in North America.

FARGO, NORTH DAKOTA, USA, October 14, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The North Dakota Industrial Commission, recently awarded a Renewable Energy
Council Grant for $332,159 to BWR Innovations for their “SOL Source” Energy Project. This
project will provide the Emerging Prairie’s Grand Farm with a “green”, self-sustaining electrical
energy supply for their operation. BWR-Innovations has partnered with Intelligent Energy to
bring their hydrogen fuel cell technology to this project.

BWR Innovations CEO, Joel Jorgenson states, “We are very pleased that the Industrial
Commission and Renewable Energy Council saw the potential of this proposal.” Jorgenson
continues, “The “SOL Source” energy project is a full-scale farm project that will use solar and
wind power to produce electricity and “green” hydrogen. The hydrogen will be used by a fuel
cell to produce electricity when solar and wind cannot produce enough needed electricity. This
is the first project of this size in North America, and we believe it will be a prototype for North
Dakota farm site energy production and a potential revenue source as electricity or hydrogen
sales. All of the energy produced is carbon free and has a $0 variable cost.”
“This builds and expands on the SOL Source project we have with Southern California Gas
(SoCalGas)”, added Jorgenson. “The opportunity to power North Dakota family farms and small
businesses is exciting.”

David Fields, Head of Product Line, IE-Lift™ at Intelligent Energy, said: “We have been working
alongside BWR for a number of years looking at providing hydrogen powered solutions across a
number of applications. Our IE-Lift fuel cell modules offer an output range of 1.2-4kW which can
be scaled to achieve a higher power. They are ideal for applications such as this project as they
are easy to integrate, offer low maintenance and can be configured to work in a hybridised
system with other renewable energy solutions.

We at Intelligent Energy are proud to be working with BWR and Grand Farm on a key project
such as the ‘SOL Source Energy Project’ which will provide a blueprint for hydrogen powered
energy solutions in the future. We hope this is the first of many such systems deployed in the
State of North Dakota and across the United States.”

About BWR Innovation and What We Do

BWR Innovations, LLC is a Fargo, North Dakota-based private company with a team of
seasoned, accomplished professionals that are creating innovative temperature monitoring,
telemetry, and hydrogen/fuel cell-based products. Their products include the iNsite ioT product
line of wireless temperature monitoring products and the Sol Source fuel cell energy
systems. To learn more visit: www.bwr-innovations.com

About Intelligent Energy

Intelligent Energy is focused on the development and manufacture of its Proton Exchange
Membrane (PEM) fuel cell products for customers in the automotive, aerospace, generator,
telecoms, materials handling and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) sectors. Intelligent Energy is
built on 30 years of PEM fuel cell development.

Following acquisition by Meditor Energy, part of the Meditor Group, in October 2017 Meditor has
accelerated investment to facilitate further development and commercialisation of the
technology and expansion of the product offering. The company is headquartered and
manufactures in Loughborough in the UK, with additional offices and representation in the US,
Japan, China and South Korea.

For more information about our products, please visit our product page. https://www.intelligentenergy.com/our-products/

About the North Dakota Renewable Energy Program/Renewable Energy Council

North Dakota's Renewable Energy Program (REP) was established by the Legislature in 2007
under the control of the North Dakota Industrial Commission and consult with the Renewable
Energy Council (REC). The Program's responsibilities include providing financial assistance as
appropriate (grants) to foster the development of renewable energy and related industrial and
commercial use of the technologies involved. The mission of the Renewable Energy Council is
to promote the growth of North Dakota's renewable energy industries through research,
development, marketing, and education.

Joel Jorgenson
+1 7012053103
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Decimation of Sea Star Species Leads to Howe Sound Urchin Barrens

Sunflower Sea Star with Sea Star Wasting Disease

Sunflower star showing signs of Sea Star Wasting Disease, with the body turning gelatinous and disappearing

Ocean Watch report details the cascading impacts of sea star wasting disease

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, October 14, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — In 2013, multiple outbreaks of Sea Star Wasting Disease (SSWD) decimated sea star species along the coast of the Pacific Northwest. Hit hard by SSWD the sunflower sea star (Pycnopodia helianthoides) saw losses of 99-100% in some populations. As a key predator in the area, the sunflower sea star’s decline coincided with an almost four-fold increase in green sea urchins in Atl’ḵa7tsem/Howe Sound in British Columbia. Now, nearly a decade later, with the species listed as critically endangered globally by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, Canadian experts believe restoration of kelp forests through seaforestation and the listing of the sunflower sea star for protection under the federal Species at Risk Act is needed.

A new Ocean Watch spotlight report from Ocean Wise entitled Marine Biodiversity Loss: Epidemic Wipes out Majority of Sunflower Sea Star takes a closer look at the cascading impacts of SSWD on sunflower sea stars and the potential for recovery and conservation.

Sunflower sea star population declines by nearly 90% in British Columbian waters
Multiple outbreaks of SSWD since 2013 have resulted in significant global and local declines of sunflower sea star populations. Supported by the input of researchers from 60 institutions spanning the Pacific Northwest coast, including Ocean Wise, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) declared the sunflower sea star critically endangered globally in 2020. Ocean Wise scientists contributed the longest temporal dataset, with over 50 years of data on sunflower sea stars collected along the coast of British Columbia.

In January researchers at Cornell University identified warming ocean temperatures as a key factor contributing to SSWD. The study found that as ocean temperatures increase due to climate change organic material and bacteria, which suck up oxygen, also increased. As a result, sea stars in this low-oxygen environment have difficulty breathing.

While not yet listed for protection in Canada experts across the country are currently working to better understand how we might protect and restore sunflower sea stars. Once completed this research will be submitted to Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC) and the Species at Risk Act (SARA) in the hopes that sunflower seas stars will see greater protection.

Rise of green sea urchins leads to the destruction of kelp forest
Seemingly docile, sunflower sea stars are voracious carnivores insatiably eating sea urchins, fish, bivalves (e.g., clams, oysters and mussels), crustaceans (e.g., crabs, lobsters and shrimp) and gastropods (snails and slugs). Before dying off from SSWD sunflower sea stars played an important role in keeping urchin populations in check along the Pacific coast. Without this balance sea urchins can graze away kelp forests completely, leaving behind a vast rocky wasteland.

Kelp forests are important breeding grounds and nurseries for many fish and invertebrate species, such as rockfish, herring, crabs and prawns, as well as sea otters. They also play a role in countering the impacts of climate change by sequestering carbon and acting as an ocean acidification buffer.

Restoring kelp forests through seaforestation
With kelp forests vanishing across the Pacific Northwest, we are seeing decreases in biodiversity and changes to community structure throughout the surrounding ecosystem. Ocean Wise is looking to restore kelp forests at scale through in-water conservation efforts including urchin harvesting (removal of green sea urchins) and seaforestation (planting of kelp fronds).

Ocean Wise is exploring how diver-caught urchin fisheries in British Columbia might help to restore the ecosystem balance. By harvesting green sea urchins from areas previously well-populated by sunflower sea stars the expectation is that newly planted kelp fronds might flourish.

Working with experts in Barkley Sound, Ocean Wise and Canadian Kelp Resources, Ltd., a company that initiated kelp farming in North America in the 1980’s, is now using ‘green gravel’ to seed the ocean floor with giant kelp seedlings as part of the effort to create scalable solutions to kelp forest restoration.

What you can do:
Some things that individuals, organizations and governments can do to protect sunflower sea stars and restore kelp forests:
❏ Individuals can mitigate climate change through their personal actions to reduce their carbon footprint. This can help promote sunflower star recovery and decrease the probability of other wildlife disease outbreaks in the future.
❏ Governments should support ongoing research projects on SSWD, sea star conservation and kelp forest ecology and assess the need for additional studies.
❏ Governments and philanthropists should support and fund researchers and conservationists in Canada and the USA to continue to work on a sunflower star recovery and monitoring strategy.
❏ Governments and philanthropists should support and fund researchers and conservationists to restore important kelp forests around the globe.
To learn more, check out the full report

Media contacts:
Nic Schulz
Director, Communications and Engagement

About Ocean Wise® Conservation Association
Ocean Wise is a globally focused conservation organization on a mission to protect and restore the world’s oceans. Through research, education, direct-action conservation and field projects, we empower communities to act for ocean health. We are focused on tackling three major ocean challenges: overfishing, ocean pollution and climate change. Ocean Wise is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia with initiatives across the world. Ocean.org

About Ocean Watch
Ocean Watch is an Ocean Wise Conservation Association program that examines many aspects of coastal ocean health. Keeping our coasts, oceans, and the species that dwell within them healthy, starts with understanding what is happening. Ocean Watch delves into what is happening in our coastal ocean environments, whether it be a topical ocean health issue happening right now, or a legacy ocean health issue that needs to be re-examined. Our aim is to produce independent, credible, and engaging information, and to recommend actions that can be taken to make our oceans healthier. We aim to inspire everyone to make positive decisions for healthy oceans.

Nic Schulz
Ocean Wise

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Can blockchain deliver radical transparency, finally?

The Transparency Project - by Gina Lab & PaperTale, XV Production and Science Park Borås

MALMO, SKANE, SVERIGE, October 14, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Sustainability related investments are becoming an increasing part of business for many companies. This is partly due to more legal requirements but also because the social and environmental impacts of production make up a large portion of society’s most pressing issues.

Many clothing brands find it difficult to be transparent with their production due to supply chain complexities and a fear of how consumers will react. However, taking responsibility for a supply chain in full is the first step towards sustainability.

PaperTale’s solution help the brands to prove their sustainability actions through full transparency and traceability of their supply chains.

Gina Tricot makes traceability a design feature through PaperTale

PaperTale was invited by Science Park Borås to showcase their technology in a limited edition collection created by Gina Tricot.

The range features PaperTale’s blockchain-based technology, making it possible to track each garment individually back to the cotton farms in Australia. The CO2 emissions and amount of water used to produce that particular product are automatically calculated and shown to the consumers through a mobile app and NFC tag. The technology also connects each product with the craftsmen & farmers involved in its manufacture, bringing a new level of human connection.

It takes zooming in to stand out

PaperTale’s solution is based on Blockchain, so each process is automatically given a unique ID in their network as it occurs. Scanning the garment with PaperTale’s app, consumers can access the verified supply chain, unique to that item. Other features include calculating exact CO2 and water impacts on an individual garment level, meaning this solution has become even more relevant regarding the onset of carbon tax laws.

Today, clothing brands invest incredible sums in sustainability and the importance of this market is still growing. Brands tend to communicate this to their consumers by certificates, but the problem is that the trust in these labels is diminishing over time.
Consumers do not want to pay for an investment which they neither easily comprehend, nor fully trust. This is where PaperTale makes the difference.

“By zooming in on the production stages connected to each individual product and verifying each transaction, the consumers have all the evidence they need to be assured that the item has been made corruption and slavery free” – Bilal Bhatti, Founder and CEO

Get in touch:

Scandinavia office :
Johan Öljemark, Head of marketing
Email : johan.oljemark@papertale.org

UK office :
Izzy Spinley, UK representative
Email : izzy.spinley@papertale.org

Website : www.papertale.org
PaperTale is also represented on LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook

About PaperTale

Headquartered in Malmö, Sweden, PaperTale AB (publ) is building a public blockchain based technology solution; while this platform is currently just being offered to fashion brands, it will be available to other consumer goods industries as it develops. The aim of the technology is to bring radical transparency to the consumer and develop incentive based innovative solutions for brands and factories. Since its inception in 2019, PaperTale’s concept has received widespread recognition from the academics, media and the industry. Today it is en route to fixing a fractured supply chain model, (once thought to be impossible) and building a more honest future.

Johan Öljemark
PaperTale AB (publ)

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CGS INTERNATIONAL Inc Acquires Rights to Organic Plant Enhancers

CGS International Inc (OTCMKTS:CGSI)

QUEZON CITY, PHILIPPINES, October 14, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — CGS International, Inc. (the “Company” or “CGSI”) (OTC Markets: CGSI), a publicly traded, fully reporting emerging growth company, is pleased to that it has acquired the rights to certain organic plant enhancers.

World Agri Minerals (“WAM”), a sole proprietorship formerly owned and operated by Ramon Mabanta, was acquired by the Company via Asset Purchase Agreement that closed on October 11, 2021. Now part of CGSI, WAM manufactures, markets, sells, and distributes completely organic plant enhancers under the brand name GENESIS 89 and GENESIS 89 GOLD. The GENESIS 89 brand of products is a unique blend of 89+ minerals, which when applied assist the plant in rebuilding its original immune structure, further eliminating the need for additional applications of fertilizers and pesticides. Moving forward, the Company will be doing business under the name WORLD AGRI MINERALS.

For additional information regarding the Company’s acquisition of WAM, please see our Current Report on Form 8-K filed with the Securities & Exchange Commission on October 12, 2021.

CGS International, Inc. (d.b.a. World Agri Minerals) manufactures, markets, and sells a premiere proprietary commercial Agri-product known world-wide as GENESIS 89™. After years of research and development, GENESIS 89™ has been formulated to contain over 80 different trace minerals and contains a unique proprietary blend of these organic trace minerals. World Agri Minerals GENESIS 89™ product line boasts the highest concentration of seawater-harvested minerals available on the commercial and even the retail market. The proprietary extraction of these minerals provides the GENESIS 89™ product a unique blend of organic trace minerals and boasts the highest concentration of seawater-harvested minerals available on the market. All World Agri Mineral products consist of organic plant nutrients that hope to change the way the agriculture industry grow and fertilize products. Our GENESIS 89™ premium organic growth supplement can be applied as a soil amendment and/or foliar spray. We are confidently pressing forward as the premier ocean-based mineral plant food on the market.


This release contains "forward-looking" statements. All forward-looking statements are subject to uncertainty and changes in circumstances. Forward-looking statements are not guarantees of future results or performance and involve risks, assumptions and uncertainties that could cause actual events or results to differ materially from the events or results described in, or anticipated by, the forward-looking statements. Factors that could materially affect such forward-looking statements include certain economic, business and regulatory risks and factors identified in the Company's periodic reports filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. All forward-looking statements are made only as of the date of this release and the Company assumes no obligation to update forward-looking statements to reflect subsequent events or circumstances. Readers should not place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements.

For more information:
Contact us via:
Phone: +63284412083

Ramon Mabanta
CGS International Inc.
email us here

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The Future Is African: Ten startups prove their place on the world stage

ASIP Demo Day Finalists

DAKAR, SENEGAL, October 14, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The inaugural Telecel Group Africa Startup Initiative Program (ASIP) Demo Day, powered by Startupbootcamp (SBC) AfriTech, showcased the innovativeness of the top ten startups selected from a pool of over 2,200 applications in the first accelerator event of this scale to be held on West African soil.

The event took place at the Dhub in Dakar, Senegal – a space commissioned by the General Delegation for the Rapid Entrepreneurship of Women and Youth (DER/FJ) and established by the President of the Republic of Senegal, Macky Sall.

The ASIP has entered into a partnership with DER/FJ, making the Dhub the Program’s main campus for the next three years. This arrangement is part of a national effort to drive entrepreneurial activity in Senegal, which will also see the introduction of several new innovation hubs across the country, to decentralise entrepreneur development.

DER/FJ Minister, Papa Amadou Sarr, said: “Having the Telecel Group ASIP Accelerator Program hosted here in Dakar marks the next phase of our strategy to develop a top tier ecosystem. We are therefore heartened to be associated with this great initiative and highly value the opportunity to witness the resourcefulness and powerful creativity of young Africans from all over the continent whose ideas and commitment are the driving force of our social and economic development and prosperity. This is the beginning of a strong and fruitful partnership, aligned with our vision to position Senegal amongst the top ten African startup ecosystems in the world.”

In his opening comments, SBC AfriTech CEO and Co-Founder, Philip Kiracofe said: “The accelerated disruption caused by Covid has impacted every aspect of life and has created fertile ground for startups to step in with radically new solutions.”

“These are the future businesses that will build and lead economies on the African continent,” added Telecel Group Executive Board Deputy and ASIP Director Eleanor Azar. “These businesses find solutions to their everyday challenges, because they understand the context in which they live and the needs thereof better than anyone. All we have to do is support and nurture them to become the leading businesses of the future.”

The Demo Day served as an opportunity for each startup to reflect on how the past three months had impacted their businesses.

Samuel Njugana, CEO of Kenyan startup Weza Ventures, said that over the last three months he had secured a new partnership to provide services in Ethiopia and is now looking for similar partnerships in other countries as a route for organic market expansion.
Thanks to the program, the future looks equally bright for Zambian digital health platform Dawa Health. Having signed a partnership with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), Care International, Oxford University and the Zambia Information Communication and Technology Authority, COO Progress Mahureva hopes Dawa Health will become the go-to health provider in Zambia by the end of the year.

Dare Odumade, CEO of Nigerian-based Chekkit Technologies, was grateful for the visibility the program offered his company. Not only has the startup since been accepted onto the SAP global Foundries program, affording them the opportunity to integrate into SAP and launch a pilot with SAP customers, it also completed a pre-seed round of $500k and has garnered additional interest from almost a dozen VCs and investors. The startup will be launching a POC with Telecel Group to operate in multiple African countries.

For Zimbabwean online platform Thumeza, which provides access to working capital loans for small-scale transporters, the tutelage from the ASIP Accelerator program enabled the company to grow much faster than it would have alone. CEO Gugulethu Siso said that one key lesson she learnt was the importance of ongoing experimentation.

As a result of the program, Ghanian buy-now-pay-later platform Motito obtained a license to use financial data from mobile phones to improve credit scoring capabilities by as much as 50%. CEO Tobi Martins says that a highlight of the program was joining the FINTECH100 community which includes some of the world’s most promising startups.

Nigerian health insurance application NucleusIS benefitted from the program’s masterclasses on customer discovery, lean startups and investments. As a result, CEO Olukayode Odeyinde is looking to deepen the company’s expansion into Ghana as well as to test the Kenyan market over the next six months.

Since launching in August, Cameroonian agricultural advisory service Agrix Tech has grown substantially and acquired over 500 new clients. Founder Adamou Nchange Kouotou said a highlight of the program was the formation of a new partnership with micro finance institution LaMEC, which will be able to provide micro loans to Agric Tech’s client farmers.

For Nigerian pay-when-you-can platform WorldBay Technologies, the networking between startups enabled them to identify many synergies for their businesses. CEO Lanre Smith says he has a clearer direction on the company’s route to scaling and is looking to close the current round of funding in order to execute its growth plans.
Herconomy CEO Ife Durosinmi-Etti said that in the ASIP Accelerator Program she has gained a partner that truly believes in the Herconomy vision, one that has given her a global stamp of approval which has fuelled the company’s growth. The Nigerian startup has since signed its first global partnership with Amazon, becoming Amazon’s first recruitment partner in Nigeria for the EU region of its Engineering Services division.

Teslim Sulaiman, Co-founder of Nigerian online stack-learning platform Ustacky, felt confident that with the training and experience gained from ASIP, the company is set to become a large player in the African Edtech space in the next two to five years.

Kiracofe concluded the event by saying: “We are incredibly proud of this cohort and how their work in their chosen industries will improve our lives. These founders are delivering solutions that are impacting Africa and may someday be available in your community.”

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Andrews, Kobylecky, Pasillas and Stanford Elected to Executive Board, National CACFP Sponsors Association

The NCA Executive Board will serve through 2023.

Executive Board Elected, National CACFP Sponsors Association

ROUND ROCK, TX, USA, October 14, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Denise Andrews of Vici, Oklahoma, Rhonda Kobylecky of Las Vegas, Nevada, Alix Pasillas of Reno, Nevada and Blake Stanford of Austin, Texas have been elected to serve a two-year term on the National CACFP Sponsors Association Executive Board of Directors. All bring a great depth of experience of the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) and are involved in the management of a sponsoring organization for family child care homes and/or child care centers that participate in the USDA child nutrition program. Since 1986, the National CACFP Sponsor Association (NCA) has been the leading national organization for sponsors who administer the USDA Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP).

Denise Andrews has served on the National CACFP Sponsors Association (NCA) Board of Directors since September 2017, where she has represented small sponsor membership and participated in the development of programs, activities and policy positions. Through 2023, she will serve as the NCA Treasurer. She is the co-founder and Executive Director of For the Children CACFP (FTC) in Oklahoma, which was established in 2000. FTC is a nonprofit CACFP Sponsor for licensed child care homes. Denise started her career as a young child care provider over 30 years ago and now in her position at FTC, strives to develop cooperative working relationships with other sponsors and child care providers.

Rhonda Kobylecky is the Director of Food Services for Acelero, a multi-state Head Start organization serving over 5,000 children. There, she oversees all CACFP and Head Start Food Service compliance for all 44 sites, as well as monitoring and training in four states. Rhonda notes, “Nutritious food is so important to the growth of children’s minds and bodies and we get to advocate for this very important part of their lives.” Rhonda looks forward to serving as NCA Vice President, while also representing the voice of Head Start programs in the CACFP.

Alix Pasillas joined Food For Kids 23 years ago as a field monitor and has served as Executive Director for the last nine years. She has provided guidance that has resulted in the growth of the program throughout Nevada, expanding the program to sponsor child care centers and adult day care centers in addition to family day care homes. Alix continues to reinforce the sponsorship’s success with passion and determination for bringing healthy, nutritious meals to children and adults in programs that are a part of CACFP. She was elected to the NCA Board in 2020 and has served on the Policy, Certification, Conference, and Board Nomination committees. Alix will serve as NCA Secretary through 2023.

Blake Stanford is the Founder and President of Southwest Human Development Services, Inc., a private, nonprofit agency and sponsor of the USDA Child and Adult Care Food Program since 1985. The organization serves 900 family child care providers in Texas, feeding 6,500 children in child care daily. He is currently on the Board of the Texas CACFP Sponsors' Association. Stanford also serves on the Board of Trustees of Southwestern University. He previously served on the NCA Board as President, Treasurer, and Partnerships Chair.

The experience, talent, passion and commitment these professionals share for the CACFP is inspiring. They are excited to serve in leadership roles for the entire membership and participate in development of programs, activities and policy positions.

As a National Platform for the Child and Adult Care Food Program Community, the mission of NCA is to bring members information on legislation, regulation and advocacy issues, share resources among the entire CACFP community, and provide an engaging, informative annual conference offering the largest CACFP networking and training opportunities in the nation. CACFP is an indicator of quality care. When children and adults are cared for by providers who participate in the CACFP, they are receiving the best nutrition available.

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