Turn-Key Grand Prix Equestrian Estate Atop 19 Acres to Auction via Concierge Auctions in Cooperation with The Agency

I’m confident that our local market expertise paired with their unparalleled global reach and marketing will make this sale a seamless one.”

— Kristine Semrau, Listing Agent

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, July 29, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Minutes from Calgary and world-famous Spruce Meadows and tucked in picturesque Foothills County is Zeidler Farm, which will auction in September via Concierge Auctions in cooperation with Kristine Semrau of The Agency. Previously listed for $5.8M CAD, the property will sell with No Reserve to the highest bidder. Bidding is scheduled to be held on September 3–7 via Concierge Auctions’ online marketplace, ConciergeAuctions.com, allowing buyers to bid digitally from anywhere in the world.

“I speak for both myself and The Agency when I say that we are extremely excited to be working with Concierge Auctions,” stated Semrau. “I’m confident that our local market expertise paired with their unparalleled global reach and marketing will make this sale a seamless one—and result in a competitive auction come auction day.”

A state-of-the-art equine facility that presents a turn-key opportunity for seamless acquisition of the 19-acre parcel and the incredible facilities within. Start your day in the office of the main stable before heading out to the international level grass grand prix field that is any horseman’s dream, filled with natural jumps. Two spacious outdoor all-weather rings provide the perfect complement, with the addition of numerous turnout fields, grass and all-weather paddocks to choose from. The thoughtfully planned structures include three beautiful barns with every amenity and an oversized indoor arena that exhibits elegance and boasts many environmentally innovative features from the white French footing by renowned footing specialists NARS to wide windows that bathe the space in natural light. Sheltered in a grove of mature trees is the 2,052-square-foot main home, ideal for overnight guests, staff, or everyday living. Additional features include: a comfortable entrance lounge in the barn; 11 horse stalls; two grooming stalls; a wash bay; a full bathroom with shower; an upstairs office with a viewing lounge; a laundry room; a full kitchen; and a large tack room—all just 15 minutes from Calgary, or, for the adventurous: 90 minutes from Banff National Park.

Alberta’s Foothills sit just minutes south of Calgary and form a gateway to the iconic Rocky Mountains. The forested hills, rolling grasslands, and broad river valleys of the region give way to towns teeming with vibrant arts and world-class restaurants. Nature lovers will be instantly at home here, amongst rocky outcrops cloaked with lush trees and the most diverse flora and fauna in Alberta. Calgary, home to the famous Calgary Stampede, has all the thrill of a truly vibrant city plus the stunning Rockies providing a perfect natural backdrop. Just minutes from the stable are three top golf courses: Cottonwood, Carmoney and Heritage Pointe. Music, culture, and phenomenal restaurants await. You’ll find Spruce Meadows, one of the world’s premier show jumping and equestrian facilities, only ten minutes away. Two provincial primary highways (Highway 2 and Highway 22) provide easy access to Calgary to the north and the US border to the south.

Zeidler Farm is available for showings daily 1-4PM and by appointment, and for private virtual showings.

As part of Concierge Auctions' Key for Key® giving program in partnership with Giveback Homes, the closing will result in a new home built for a family in need.

Concierge Auctions offers a commission to the buyers' representing real estate agents. See Auction Terms and Conditions for full details. For more information, including property details, exclusive virtual tour, diligence documents, and more, visit ConciergeAuctions.com or call +

About Concierge Auctions
Concierge Auctions is the world’s largest luxury real estate auction firm with a state-of-the-art digital marketing, property preview, and bidding platform. The firm matches sellers of one-of-a-kind properties with the most high-net-worth property connoisseurs on the planet. Sellers gain unmatched reach, speed, and certainty. Buyers get incredible deals. Agents earn their commission in 30 days. Since its inception in 2008, Concierge Auctions has generated billions of dollars in sales, broken world records for the highest-priced homes ever achieved at auction, and grown its activity in 44 U.S. states/territories and 30 countries. The firm owns the most comprehensive and intelligent database of high-net-worth real estate buyers and sellers in the industry, and has contributed more than 300 homes to-date as part of its Key for Key® giving program in partnership with Giveback Homes™, which guarantees that for every property the company sells, a new home is funded for a family in need. For more information visit ConciergeAuctions.com.

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Disney’s ‘Black Beauty’ Director Ashley Avis Working Hard to Save America's Wild Horses

A mighty mountain stallion, greets Naturalist William E. SImpson II

Author – Naturalist William E. Simpson II is greeted by a wild mountain stallion in the Soda Mountain Wilderness area

Ashley Avis and Naturalist Ashley Avis

Ashley Avis and Naturalist William E. Simpson II on location in the Soda Mountain wilderness area

On Camera Interview conducted by Ashley Avis with William E. Simpson II

On location in the Soda Mountain Wilderness area; Ashley Avis and crew interview naturalist William E. Simpson II. Photo: M. Gough

An amazing Appaloosa colt

One of the amazing wild horses at Wild Horse Ranch

Wild Beauty - Spirit of the Mustang West

Wild Beauty – Spirit of the Mustang West

‘Wild Beauty – Mustang Spirit of the West’ by Director-Screenwriter Ashley Avis, explores the plight of America’s wild horses and possible solutions

YREKA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 29, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — “I was outside my cabin in the serenity of the mountains visiting with a few of the local wild horses when a text popped up on my phone saying; ‘Hello William! This is Ashley Avis…’

At first, I did a double-take trying to figure-out which one of my friends might be trying to prank me.

Then, when I received an email from Ashley's company, Winterstone Pictures, I wondered why the Director of ‘Black Beauty’ was trying to contact me.”, said naturalist William E. Simpson II

Ashley Avis is an American director, screenwriter, and producer of four feature films and over 100 commercials and branded content spots to date.
She recently wrote, directed, and edited the modern-day adaptation of Anna Sewell's classic BLACK BEAUTY starring Kate Winslet, Mackenzie Foy, and Iain Glen in the fall of 2019 for Constantin Film, which aired on Disney+ on November 27th, 2020.

She is also currently writing and show running a television series based on the iconic Breyer toy brand for Ron Howard, Brian Grazer, and Stephanie Sperber of Imagine Entertainment.

Ashley’s work has been called "timelessly romantic" (White Lies Magazine), "innocent, blending innocence with seduction" (Red Hot Society), and “elegantly sensual” (Elite Daily).

Naturalist and wild horse expert, William E. Simpson II, detailed the day;

“As I learned later, Ashley and her film crew had been on the road for thousands of miles across several western states filming on a month-long expedition. And they happened to be passing near the Soda Mountain wilderness area and Wild Horse Ranch where I live.

As soon as I met Ashley, I knew her passion for wild horses was honest and pure. I was very pleased to hear that Ashley wanted an on-camera interview about my perspectives regarding how wild horses might be saved?

Having spent the last 7-years living among, and studying free-roaming native species American wild horses, I have developed a personal perspective and a plan that I hope can help to save native species American wild horses.

The plan involves re-wilding and relocating wild horses, and is called; 'Wild Horse Fire Brigade'.

Since Ashley, her production team and her documentary effort are currently collecting facts and perspectives from many sources, no particular wild horse management paradigm or opinion is currently being endorsed.

And as I learned, her goal was to have my interview as a part of her new documentary ‘Wild Beauty – Mustang Spirit of the West’."

We started the morning with an on-location interview in the mountains at Wild Horse Ranch with wild horses nearby, and finished the day filming some of the natural wonders of the Klamath River Canyon”; continued Mr. Simpson

An excerpt from Ms. Avis’s website below discusses the start of her odyssey and critical mission to help save America's wild horses during what might be described as the darkest hour for native species American wild horses, even as the Bureau of Land Management is engaged in the largest roundup of wild horses in recent history:

“Last year (2019), we began filming a new project in the wilds of Utah, Nevada, and Wyoming… driving out to some faraway places searching for wild horses. This documentary initially began as a much simpler envisioned trip to capture real, authentic footage of wild horses that we could infuse into our narrative feature Black Beauty, to root Beauty in the American West given we were filming most of the movie in South Africa (which doubles extremely well for much of the United States).

There has been such extraordinary serendipity with these projects, and instead of just capturing a few days of b-roll, we ended up having the opportunity to film two weeks of spectacular footage – both the ghostly beauty of these wild ones free with their families at sunrise and sunset, as well as witnessing the tragedy of several cruel helicopter roundups. Concurrently, as I became more versed about the issues wild horses are facing in our country, I realized we could craft something much bigger, a documentary that could be released after Black Beauty for those who wish to learn more about the cause.”

About Ashley Avis: http://www.ashleyavis.com/about.html

About Winterstone Productions: http://www.winterstonepictures.com/

About William E. Simpson II: http://www.whfb.us/

#WildHorses, #AshleyAvis, #WilliamESimpsonII, #WHFB, #WinterstonePictures,

William E Simpson
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Wild Beauty – Spirit of the Mustang West

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International Hemp Will Produce Over 500,000 Pounds of AOSCA Certified Industrial Hemp Seed with American Farmers

AOSCA Certified Industrial Hemp Seed Field for Grain and Fiber Hemp

CEO, Derek Montgomery, and Lead Agronomist, Terry Moran, in an AOSCA certified hemp seed production field

Fiber and Grain AOSCA Certified Industrial Hemp Seed

Lead Agronomist, Terry Moran walking through a seed propagation field

Fiber Industrial AOSCA Certified Hemp Seed

CEO, Derek Montgomery, in a Bialobrzeskie AOSCA certified seed production field.

International Hemp is producing more than half a million pounds of AOSCA certified seed on two grain and fiber Polish hemp varieties, Henola and Białobrzeskie.

It is our intent to bring the best hemp genetics from our European partners here to the United States and merge them with the highest-quality, North American AOSCA seed production standards.”

— Derek Montgomery

DENVER, CO, UNITED STATES, July 29, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — International Hemp, a U.S.-based agricultural company, is currently in domestic production of over half a million pounds of Association of Official Seed Certifying Agencies (“AOSCA”) certified hemp seed of two monoecious grain and fiber varieties, Henola and Białobrzeskie. With its ability to domestically produce and import large volumes of hemp seed, International Hemp is positioned to be the largest producer and distributor of certified industrial hemp seed in the United States.

In the next several years, the demand for industrial hemp acreage in the United States is expected to increase dramatically as regional processing and end markets for hemp-based products develop. Previously, International Hemp worked with European seed producers to import OECD-certified seed. But shipping costs from Europe have increased dramatically during the pandemic. Increased shipping costs, coupled with the negative effects long transportation can have on seed quality and American farmers' preference for AOSCA certification, all helped expedite International Hemp’s switch to domestic AOSCA seed production.

“By establishing partnerships with American certified seed producers with many generations of seed production experience, it is our intent to bring the best genetics from our European partners here to the United States and merge them with the highest quality North American AOSCA seed production standards,” says Derek Montgomery, President and CEO of International Hemp. He adds, “In 2022, our domestic seed production combined with our remaining European certified seed imports will position us to have enough certified hemp seed in the United States to more than double the total United States industrial hemp acreage planted in 2020. By 2022, 100% of our current varieties will be domestically produced and AOSCA certified.”

As additional investments are made to develop hemp grain and fiber processing in North America, reliable, high-quality genetics and a stable seed supply will be critical. Mr. Montgomery adds, “Groups are investing millions in seed processing, and they cannot simply hope their seed gets here from Europe on time and in good condition. Future hemp grain and fiber processors will demand the quality and reliability that can only be obtained from domestically sourced AOSCA certified seed.”

While International Hemp has several new varieties in early-stage production, Bialobrezskie and Henola, which were bred in Poland by the Institute of Natural Fibres and Medicinal Plants for their fiber quality and high grain yields, are the varieties currently being produced this summer in the United States. Bialobrezskie and Henola first received certification in Europe under the OECD Seed Schemes, and were successfully trialed and certified in 2018 by the Colorado Seed Growers Association.

AOSCA certification helps guarantee variety purity and seed quality. AOSCA certification of a monoecious hemp variety imposes strict field isolation requirements as well as limits on the presence of male plants. During AOSCA’s two formal inspections, 20,000 plants are typically counted, and AOSCA allows only 1 out of every 100 (1%) to be all-male if the field is to be approved for certified seed, and 2 out of every 10,000 (.02%) to receive registered class certification.

The strict standards require the all-male and genetically different “off type” plants to be physically removed to prevent unwanted pollination. While this added labor increases costs, it also helps ensure consistent yields, uniform maturity, and THC compliance. “We want to let the market know that a reliable supply of domestically sourced AOSCA hemp seed is here and ready to be scaled upwards to meet growing demand. Consistent and reliable seed helps produce a reliable crop, which ultimately is what processors want to see,” says Mr. Montgomery.

In Europe and Canada, farmers are only allowed to plant certified hemp seed, but certified hemp seed is not a requirement under USDA's Interim Final Rule for Domestic Hemp Production, and states are allowed to set their own rules. This has allowed some farmers to take the risk of buying non-certified seed. Non-certified seed has no minimum quality requirements, can have low germination, poor vigor, and may be nothing more than another hemp farmer’s grain crop. The lack of quality control(s) can produce a poor stand, poor yields, and there is the risk of little to no genetic consistency in subsequent years.

Most importantly, non-certified hemp seed may test above the 0.3% THC threshold, or worse yet, above 1%, (the USDA threshold for imputing grower negligence). Non-THC compliant crops must be destroyed, which can cause legal troubles for the grower as well as the suspension of the grower’s license for future hemp production. As a resource for hemp growers, International Hemp has published a list of questions that can be used to vet hemp seed providers.

About International Hemp

International Hemp is a Colorado-based provider of certified industrial hemp seed. International Hemp has focused on building the domestic infrastructure for “industrial hemp,” i.e. fiber and grain.

International Hemp has allowed American farmers to grow thousands of acres of certified industrial hemp. In 2021, International Hemp sold certified hemp seed to farmers in more than 45 states, Canada, Latin America, as well as non-profit researchers and land grant universities.

Forward-Looking Statements

By 2022, all of International Hemp’s commercial inventory in the United States and Canada will be domestically produced and AOSCA certified. International Hemp intends to continue licensing and developing the highest quality, highest yielding hemp genetics in North America.
International Hemp is partnering with food and industrial manufacturers to spur continued expansion of hemp processing and is on a mission to plant 1,000,000 acres of industrial hemp by 2025.

International Hemp is always looking for strategic partnerships to help develop protein, fiber, and carbon credit markets.

Please direct all inquiries to:

Eric Singular
International Hemp
email us here
Visit us on social media:

AOSCA Certified Hemp Seed

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Maryland Vegan Restaurant Week Returns in August with Expanding Participation

Maryland Vegan Restaurant Week Flyer



Maryland Vegan Eats celebrates its ninth semi-annual campaign by expanding Maryland Vegan Restaurant Week for the month of August.

US Vegan Climate ETF (NASDAQ:VEGN)

We’re excited to continue to promote plant-based options in every and all restaurants throughout Maryland, and are excited to continue promoting the trend across the nation!”

— Samantha Claassen & Naijha Wright-Brown

BALTIMORE, MD, UNITED STATES, July 29, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — We’re excited to continue to promote plant-based options in every and all restaurants throughout Maryland, and are excited to continue promoting the trend across the nation!” — Samantha Claassen & Naijha Wright-Brown

This summer, Maryland Vegan Eats continues its ever-expanding Maryland Vegan Restaurant Week in the month of August, from 8/6 – 8/29. The month-long celebration of plant-based eating provides the opportunity for vegan as well as omnivorous eaters to try plant-based dishes from eateries across the Baltimore/DC Metro area from a wide array of new and past participating restaurants. While satisfying the growing demand for more plant-based options in restaurants, it also creates a testing ground for omnivorous eateries that may not have otherwise been considered veg-friendly to introduce new plant-based offerings into their menus. As the public looks forward to Maryland Vegan Restaurant Week, the organizers, Samantha Claassen of Golden West Café and Naijha Wright-Brown of The Land of Kush, are also excited about continuing their expansion of the Vegan Restaurant Week concept, not only throughout Maryland but also throughout the country.

Begun in 2017, Maryland Vegan Restaurant Week was a brand new idea, not only in the DMV, but also in the country. Since starting the concept, cities like Philadelphia, Colorado Springs, and others have reached out to Claassen and Wright-Brown to help replicate the concept in their own communities. “We’re just excited to promote plant-based eating however we can,” the two restaurant owners comment, “We started it because we wanted a way to highlight all of the veg-friendly restaurants in our area and it’s since grown to incorporate omni restaurants, who are now seeing that there’s a huge demand for plant-based dishes on their menu. The more we can influence restaurants to have a good variety of vegan dishes, beyond just a salad, the better.” And due to that demand, the organizers have since extended the Vegan Restaurant Week to span the time frame of a whole month to allow participants to get to an ever-expanding number of restaurants participating.

Unlike a traditional restaurant week that provides a prix fixe menu, participating restaurants are encouraged to create a selection of plant-based items to be offered throughout the vegan weeks – with the understanding that inclusivity also means affordability. Maryland Vegan Restaurant Week allows for restaurants to be more creative with their cuisines using plant-based and vegan ingredients while at the same time expanding their reach into the plant-based market. Part of their success is the liberty that vegan, plant-based, and even veg-curious patrons have in choosing these options over meat-centric dishes because of increased availability at more restaurant locations. Additionally, vegan customers no longer have to ask for a meal catered to their dietary restrictions which can leave some feeling embarrassed and awkward.

During the week, restaurant chefs are given the opportunity to show off their true culinary skills by creating their best and most appealing plant-based cuisine with the hope that people will vote for their dish as the best. Restaurants wishing to sign up for this month-long celebration of plant-based eating can go to www.mdveganeats.com for more information on how to register and participate. The list of current participating restaurants and eateries currently include:
Golden West Cafe, The Land of Kush (voted TripAdvisor's Top 10 Best of the Best Vegan Restaurants in the US), Suspended Brewing, Sapwood Cellars, Main Street Pearl, Char'd City, Chihuahua Brothers, Friends and Family, Treehouse Café and Juice Bar, Miss Shirley's, Harmony Bakery, Larder, Hue Café & Apothecary, Liora, and Double Zero, The Charmery, Green House Juice Cafe, Great Sage, Gangster Vegan, Red Emma’s, Wicked Sisters, Alexander’s Tavern, Papi’s Tacos, Refocused Vegan, STEM Farm + Kitchen, Charm School Chocolates, The Verandah, Johnny Rad’s, Baby’s On Fire, My Mama’s Vegan, Heritage Kitchen and more to come!

Maryland Vegan Restaurant Week is sponsored by the Black Veg Society, Womxn Funders in Animal Rights, A Well-Fed World, VegFund, Eat The Change, Mercy for Animals, Suspended Brewing, Sapwood Cellars, Fleet Street Write-Up, Blue Fork Marketing, Midday Maryland, Straydog Institute, 2021 Baltimore Business Journal Enterprising Women.

Since its inception by Land of Kush and the Golden West Cafe in Baltimore, the mission of Vegan Restaurant Week continues to be to bridge the omnivorous gap by increasing the awareness, benefits, and accessibility of a plant-based diet through a fun, innovative, and community-based experience.
At Maryland Vegan Restaurant Week, everyone is welcome at the table. Join in. Visit www.mdveganeats.com for links to menus, locations, and more info.

Naijha Wright-Brown
Black Veg Society
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email us here

Maryland Vegan Restaurant Week Coming This August

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'Kill Zone' Established At Klamath River Dams Shoreline Ecosystem?

A 1911 drawing by famous engineer-dam builder J.C. Boyle clearly depicts that a natural 31-foot-tall dam holding back 'Clammittee Lake' was present at the time construction was begun on Copco 1 dam. This dam had barred fish migration for thousands of year

A 1911 drawing by famous engineer-dam builder J.C. Boyle clearly depicts that a natural 31-foot-tall dam holding back ‘Clammittee Lake’ was present at the time construction was begun on Copco 1 dam. This dam had barred fish migration for thousands of year

Trucks with 'RES' logo parked at Iron Gate Lake during a May 2021 defoliation project

Trucks with ‘RES’ logo parked at Iron Gate Lake during a May 2021 defoliation project

Native plants, gasses and assumably, some animals were decimated with weed-eaters by workers from the trucks bearing the 'RES' logo

Native plants, gasses and assumably, some animals were decimated with weed-eaters by workers from the trucks bearing the ‘RES’ logo

The ground was laid-bare by the workers from trucks bearing the 'RES' logo

The ground was laid-bare by the workers from trucks bearing the ‘RES’ logo

Western Pond Turtles are just one of many rare, threatened and endangered species living in, and around, Copco and Iron Gate Lakes. Baby turtles that require the shoreline for cover and some food, found neither after this reckless defoliation operation

Western Pond Turtles are just one of many rare, threatened and endangered species living-in and around, Copco and Iron Gate Lakes. Baby turtles require the shoreline for cover and some food; they found neither after this reckless defoliation operation

Defoliating native plants at Iron Gate Lake's shoreline ecosystem during the peak period of biological tempo subjected flora and fauna to unreasonable damage

The key premise of 'restoring salmon migration' argued for removing the Klamath River dams by fishing-zealots, is a falsehood and debunked by geology and engineering drawings by J.C. Boyle in 1911”

— William E. Simpson II – Naturalist

YREKA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 29, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — One of several critical and compelling arguments for keeping the Klamath River Dams in place, and therefore the freshwater lakes (Copco Lake and Iron Gate Lake), involves protecting the critical habitats for the local threatened and endangered species at the lakes.

Is it possible that there are people who would intentionally impact the species of flora and fauna so as to reduce or eliminate fauna in an area prior to anticipated NEPA compliance via environmental impact report and environmental impact statement?

And if so, what method might be used to reduce species living in and around the freshwater shoreline ecosystem of a lake?

Before we can explore these questions, some background information is required.

Iron Gate and Copco lakes are formed behind two of the four Klamath River dams that some poorly informed people want to remove.

Together, Iron Gate and Copco lakes hold a reserve of 45-Billion gallons of freshwater.

And quite importantly, if these two lakes are drained, the habitats for hundreds of species will be lost, which will result in a major collapse of the web of life, the foundation of which comes from organisms in the lake (including plants and animals), at the water's interface with the land, and shoreline ecosystems.

The interface boundary at water's edge contains a diverse and robust micro-biome that is critical to numerous other lifeforms.

A little known fact is that a large natural lake called 'Clammittee Lake' existed at the current location of Copco Lake for thousands of years.

And over that time, rare and unique flora and fauna co-evolved in and around this natural freshwater lake.

Clammittee Lake as seen in 1911, was formed by a natural 31-foot-tall lava dam about 10,000 years ago, and was holding back the Klamath River in 1911 when the famous engineer and dam builder, J.C. Boyle arrived to build Copco 1 dam.

In fact, the geology of this area (Ward Canyon) shows that over a period of many millions of years, several different lava dams had blocked the Klamath River at one time or another.

One of these naturally-formed lava dams stood 130-feet-tall, holding back the Klamath River into a massive lake that was 1-mile wide and 5-miles long. Over thousands of years, that 130-foot-tall dam eroded, giving control of the river to a smaller, 31-foot-tall lava dam.

Geology and engineering diagrams drawn by J.C. Boyle in 1911, prove that this most recent 31-foot-tall lava dam was effectively holding the waters of the Klamath River into a pristine lake even as construction of Copco 1 dam began.

Nature, not man, had ordained that fish migrations did not pass this 31-foot-tall lava dams, as well as the older larger lava dams.

It's important to note that detailed scientific studies prove that salmon cannot jump higher than 12-feet. Therefore, any dam or barrier higher than about 12-feet-tall would be a significant barrier fish migration.

The Copco 1 dam project began in 1911 and was completed in 1918 under the oversight of the famous engineer and dam builder, J.C. Boyle.

And when the waters from the Klamath River filled-in behind this new 132-foot-tall man-made dam, Clammittee Lake and its smaller dam were covered with water. However, this modern dam was indeed of the same height as the 130-foot-tall prehistoric lava dam, as mentioned.

The important point here is that; millions of years ago, mother Nature built the first dams on the Klamath River, which stood blocking fish passage for time immemorial. Arguably, this barrier (the lava dams) allowed for the allopatric speciation of salmonoids, and the evolutionary rise of the Redband salmonoid, commonly called Redband trout.

The lakes behind the dams, especially Iron Gate Lake and Copco Lake provide habitat for numerous endangered and threatened species of flora and fauna, which arguably have not been properly or objectively assessed beyond out-dated assessments made by contractors hired by same people who benefit the most by dam removal. Such assessments are arguably biased and prejudiced.

The habitat used by the resident rare species of flora and fauna is integral to the shoreline ecosystems of the lakes behind the Klamath River Dams that are being threatened by dam removal.

The 'Kill Zone'

Using weed eaters, people from vehicles marked with the logo of the company called Resource Environmental Solutions, LLC ('RES') defoliated the flora, native and invasive, from large areas of the waterline of Iron Gate Lake.

It has been reported that RES is one of the companies working in cooperation with the shell company, Klamath River Renewal Corporation (KRRC), whose sole mission is to remove the dams, which suggests a predetermined outcome, even before the required NEPA compliance. That is truly concerning!

This defoliation and destruction of habitat began in May of 2021 and continued through June. The defoliation went from the waterline of the lake, back 20 yards onto the lake shore, or more in some areas (See Images).

The flora that was removed has co-evolved fauna, that depend upon these grasses and plants, which were taken down to the dirt.

The question arises; if these people were in fact from RES, did they have a permit, based upon NEPA, to conduct the disturbance of the landscape and arguably the intentional taking of flora and some fauna?

What many people may not realize is the Klamath River Renewal Corporation (KRRC) is paying close attention to the huge flaws in their plan to remove the Klamath River Dams.

More info here: https://www.einpresswire.com/article/546308904/klamath-river-dams-removal-project-defies-logic-and-common-sense-major-flaws-and-misrepresentations-in-plan-revealed

And one of the most glaring flaws in the KRRC plan to remove the Klamath River Dams is the fact that; the existing numerous threatened and endangered species of flora and fauna that require the lakes and shoreline ecosystem will be wiped-out if these lakes are drained to remove the dams.

By removing the shoreline cover native plants and grasses down to the dirt from the water's edge out 20-yards, as it seems that RES has recently done, they have removed the cover that rare species (amphibians, reptiles, birds, small mammals, etc.) require for protection from the sun and predators when they haul-out of the water, or when small terrestrial animals go to the shoreline for a drink.

Without the natural vegetative cover that nature timely provides during springtime, rare species of animals that require the vegetative cover as security for their offspring as well as sources of food, are deprived of that key habitat, and are made exceptionally and unnaturally vulnerable to the host of species of birds and raptors that patrol the lakes and shorelines in search of prey.

Arguably, this defoliation project has led to unnatural depredation of sensitive animal species, some of which are threatened and endangered.

This open area, or what might be called a 'kill zone', has rendering the resident rare and endangered species to rapid and unnatural depredation by predators. And when the birds (and raptors) haul away these rare creatures that have been made vulnerable, there is no evidence left.

The result of creating what can be called a 'kill zone' will inhibit any honest species assessment or verification of the existing threatened and endangered species going forward.

A question arises: Was this by design?

In other words; if the populations of the already rare species of animals suddenly collapse as a result of this defoliation project, which was reckless at the very least, any future objective effort to catalogue and document the presence of existing rare species of fauna during NEPA compliance will be severely hindered, since many of the few remaining rare animals will have been virtually erased for the ecosystem.

When the worker from the truck marked with the 'RES' logo was interviewed, he claimed it was being done to prevent invasive species weeds from being introduced into the lake once it is drained. However, that reply made no sense in light of the millions of seeds from the plants just beyond the 20-yard cut along the shore, and the other 5,000 acres just outside this so called weed boundary?

When the worker was further queried, who via his lexicon surely had some science training, "wasn't this defoliation exposing the threatened and endangered species to abnormal excessive depredation"? The worker replied; "that's a fair assessment".

Navigable waterways in the United States, including the Klamath River and the water and shorelines behind the dams are owned by the public and subject to all of the regulations that require compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act ('NEPA').

Isn't an Environmental Assessment ('EA') and an Environmental Impact Study ('EIS') required for this particular defoliation project, before such a radical disturbance of the habitat required by threatened and endangered species?

What about the Endangered Species Act?

A species is considered endangered if it is in danger of extinction throughout all or a significant portion of its range.

A species is considered threatened if it is likely to become an endangered species within the foreseeable future.

Through federal action and by encouraging the establishment of state programs, the 1973 Endangered Species Act provided for the conservation of ecosystems upon which threatened and endangered species of fish, wildlife, and plants depend.

The Act:

*authorizes the determination and listing of species as endangered and threatened;

*prohibits unauthorized taking, possession, sale, and transport of endangered species;

*provides authority to acquire land for the conservation of listed species, using land and water conservation funds;

*authorizes establishment of cooperative agreements and grants-in-aid to States that establish and maintain active and adequate programs for endangered and threatened wildlife and plants;

*authorizes the assessment of civil and criminal penalties for violating the Act or regulations; and

*authorizes the payment of rewards to anyone furnishing information leading to arrest and conviction for any violation of the Act or any regulation issued thereunder.

William E Simpson
Wild Horse Ranch Productions
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Western Pond Turtles are endangered….

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Bidding Set to Close on Three Orange County Virginia Country Properties Announces Nicholls Auction Marketing Group

3 BR/2 BA ranch style home on 4.38 +/- acres -- Detached 2 bay garage -- Detached 45'x68' shop building -- Great opportunity for a home based business

8166 Burr Hill Road, Rhoadesville, VA 22542

4 BR/4 BA home w/walk-out basement on 29.1± acres -- Several outbuildings w/great storage – Pond

29080 Horner Drive, Rhoadesville, VA 22542

3 BR/3 BA ranch style brick home w/finished walk-out basement on 2.7± acres -- 24'x60' shop/garage w/attached covered carport -- 40'x52' equipment/storage building -- Great opportunity for a home based business

15598 Mountain Track Road, Orange, VA 22960

Take advantage of this rare opportunity to own or invest in property that will be a great present and future investment.”

— John Nicholls

FREDERICKSBURG, VA, UNITED STATES, July 29, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Nicholls Auction Marketing Group, Inc., (www.nichollsauction.com) announces the auctions of a 3 bedroom home on 4.38± acres, a 4 bedroom home on 29.1± acres and a 3 bedroom on 2.7± acres in Orange County VA on Wednesday, August 4 according to John Nicholls, president of the company.

“We have been contracted to market and sell these properties,” said Nicholls. “Take advantage of this rare opportunity to own or invest in property that will be a great present and future investment and they will be sold at the price you bid.”

Auction dates and times, locations, addresses and property highlights follow below.

Wednesday, August 4 at 2:30 PM – 8166 Burr Hill Road, Rhoadesville, VA 22542
3 BR/2 BA ranch style home on 4.38 +/- acres — Detached 2 bay garage — Detached 45'x68' shop building — Great opportunity for a home based business
• Features an eat-in kitchen; living room w/fireplace; dining room & attic; rear deck (width of the entire home); asphalt driveway
• Detached 45'x68' shop building (15' sidewall height); detached 2 bay garage w/rear shed off
• Located only .4 mile from Rt. 20; 8.5 miles to Rt. 3; 20 miles to Woodberry Forest; short drive to Culpeper and the Town of Orange!

Wednesday, August 4 at 2:35 PM – 29080 Horner Drive, Rhoadesville, VA 22542
NOTE: Auction will be conducted off site at 8166 Burr Hill Rd., Rhoadesville, VA 22542
4 BR/4 BA home w/walk-out basement on 29.1± acres — Several outbuildings w/great storage – Pond
• Features an eat-in kitchen; living room; dining room; family room w/fireplace (stove insert); walk-out basement; attic; pond; gravel driveway
• Several outbuildings for storage
• Located only .4 mile from Rt. 20; 8.5 miles to Rt. 3; 20 miles to Woodberry Forest; short drive to Culpeper and the Town of Orange!

Wednesday, August 4 at 5:00 PM – 15598 Mountain Track Road, Orange, VA 22960
3 BR/3 BA ranch style brick home w/finished walk-out basement on 2.7± acres — 24'x60' shop/garage w/attached covered carport — 40'x52' equipment/storage building — Great opportunity for a home based business
• Features a kitchen; living room w/fireplace; large 3 season room; enclosed rear porch w/cabinets & great storage; finished walk-out basement w/fireplace; attic w/pull down stairs; 1 bay attached carport
• Large covered rear patio; covered front entrance; gravel driveway; fish pond; mature landscaping & garden area
• Detached 24'x60' shop/garage w/attached 24'x20' covered carport/work area; 40'x52' equipment/storage building w/enclosed loft area for storage
• Located only 2.5 miles from Rt. 15, 3 miles from Rt. 20 & Town of Orange, and a short drive to Charlottesville & Fredericksburg!!

The real estate auctions are open to the public. Brokers are reminded that pre-registration is required for compensation.

For more information, contact Tony Wilson (540-748-1359) or visit www.nichollsauction.com.

Nicholls Auction Marketing Group, Inc., with over 50 years of auction superiority and over 200 years of combined experience, has been synonymous with excellence and successfully marketing and selling thousands of properties.

# # #

About Nicholls Auction Marketing Group, Inc.

Nicholls Auction Marketing Group, Inc., is a professional accelerated marketing firm specializing in the promotion and sale of real estate via the auction method of marketing. Headquartered in Fredericksburg, VA, NAMG has been serving the needs of the Mid-Atlantic region since 1968. The Nicholls team comprises world and state champion auctioneers, an award winning marketing staff, and sales percentages unmatched in the industry. For more information about Nicholls Auction Marketing Group, Inc., visit www.nichollsauction.com or call 540-898-0971.

Tony Wilson
Nicholls Auction Marketing Group
+1 540-748-1359

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Chaela Cares: 13-Year-Old Environmentalist/Agriculturist Wants To Create Grant For School-Aged Students

13 year old Chaela Dupuch, SCUBA diver, environmentalist and farmer.

Teen on quest to raise $20K for education so that she and others can preserve the environment

ELEUTHERA, BAHAMAS, USA, July 28, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — By Arthia Nixon, The Ambassador Agency

Having graduated this summer from a unique school which allowed her to learn hands-on marine biology basics and earn a junior SCUBA certification, Chaela Dupuch is on a mission to save the planet by teaching others to respect the sea and soil.

At just 13-years-old, the Deep Creek Middle School graduate knows about lionfish, turtles, and conchs in depth, and has tons of videos and photos showing her and her classmates learning while in the sea. She also has a mentor in Casuarina McKinney-Lambert, the Executive Director of the Bahamas Reef Environment Educational Foundation (BREEF) and fellow Eleutheran who was featured in Forbes Magazine in January 2021 as one of the 50 explorers who are changing the world honored by the iconic Explorers Club.

Chaela says she wants more young people in the Caribbean to consider the natural resources they have which could sustain their island nations if another global crisis hits and cripples the tourism industry the way COVID 19 did.

“I am passionate about this and I even maintain a farm in my parents’ backyard,” Chaela says. “It’s better to grow your own food than to continue to consume foods that have a lot of chemicals in them plus it's cheaper than importing so much. The environmental side, I am passionate about that because I attended the Bahamas Plastic Movement camp for the past five years and we learned about how plastic is destroying our world and our marine life. We need better waste awareness and consistent recycling and we need to find a way to grow enough for ourselves so we don’t have to import all the time."

The Bahamas Plastic Movement was founded in 2013 by 2020 Goldman Environmental Prize winner Kristal 'Ocean' Ambrose. Kristal is currently studying for her PhD in Marine Management at The World Maritime University in Malmo, Sweden.

Chaela has garnered the attention of a few boarding schools in North America and has been accepted into one in Oregon. While classes are set to begin in just a few weeks, she is still short a significant amount. She also has to wait for her mother Markera to get a renewed passport, which has proven a little difficult.

“With all that has been going on in my life in the past few years including relocating from Nassau to Eleuthera and then having another baby, traveling overseas was not a priority,” said Markera. “The thing is my children do have their passports but I’ve been back and forth with the office for quite some time trying to give them all they are asking of me to prove who I am even though I was issued a passport before and I am a citizen. I have to travel with Chaela in order to get her in school and I am hopeful that everything will fall in place.”
Markera said that in their quest to raise funds for Chaela’s schooling, she learned that there are numerous opportunities for college level scholarships and grants, but discovered there was nothing catering to younger students who may be accepted into boarding schools.

“The One Eleuthera Foundation offered a grant to her and we are just so grateful to them for believing in her as a young Eleutheran,” said Markera. “They are on the ground so they see first hand what she does and what the other students do and I can’t express how much it means to know that they are backing her.”

Because of this, Chaela is forming a board to help middle and high school students with educational opportunities abroad so that others can have at least one resource.

“The goal is to learn as much as we can abroad and come back home with what we have learned,” Chaela explained. “Alot of people decide to stay but I want to make sure that we have things in place for future generations.”
To assist Chaela and others in their endeavors, please visit www.gogetfunding.com/chaela-goes-to-school..

Arthia Nixon
The Ambassador Agency
email us here

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New Research Uses Group AI to Refine Climate Change Solutions

Group AI allows the power of the Crowd to make better Decisons

Group AI allows the power of the Crowd to make better Decisons

Neural Networks have improved in ability to predict results

Neural Networks have improved in ability to predict results

Uses power of the Crowd to amplify Results

CAMBRIDGE, CAMBRIDGESHIRE, UK, July 28, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ —

In mid-August, researchers and students from Cambridge, Princeton, Arizona State, and Stanford will introduce a new interactive daily online challenge on Zoom, open to all, to evaluate new solutions for Climate Change. Called the UN 17 Goal Challenge, according to CTO Christina Amberson, participants will use Group AI to evaluate current cutting-edge approaches to C02 emission reduction, as well as Direct Carbon Capture.

Members use their computer mouse, trackpad, or finger to move a pointer around a computer, tablet or phone screen to choose their preferred answer. Research has shown that harnessing the power of a group in this way gives more accurate results than polling or voting.

Anyone can join as an observer, and can vote on the best solution. The group will hold two sesssions daily, one at 10am EST and one at 10pm EST, each lasting 5 minutes. Participants can join from anywhere in the world, as long as they can access Zoom. Those who correctly predict the answer, or who innovate a new solution or refine an existing one, are eligible to win the Piplantri prize, awarded weekly. Because each session is a new look at a problem from a Group AI perspective which has never been utilized before, each session is a unique intellectual property asset, which will be sold as an NFT on the Xooa marketplace (Xooa allows the use of fiat currency,thus unlike traditional NFT platforms, no extravagant amount of energy is used.)

The group was inspired to create this project because they noticed that it's hard to find ways for average people to work against Climate Change every day in a way that is measurable, improvable, social, and just takes a few minutes. " We can no longer depend on 'leaders' to abate the worst effects of Global Warming, says CTO Robert Stimson.

"We can vote for candidates, buy 'green', reduce our carbon footprint, but until now there hasn't been an internationally available platform where participants from anywhere can not only learn about the latest Climate issues, but have input into solving them. "Many today have 'morning routines' for self-care, but some of us would also like to devote a few minutes a day to PLANET care".

For more information contact
Bob Stimson info@intelligentnfts.net
Media Inquiries: christinaamberson@gmail.com

Christina Amberson
UN 17 Goals Challenge
+1 6262308862

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Duperon Corporation expands executive leadership team

David Herald (left) and Ben Jolley (right) are newly promoted to Duperon Corporation’s executive leadership.

People are at the heart of every successful organization, and in three short years, we’ve witnessed David and Ben bring a great deal of positive change to Duperon.”

— Mark Turpin, president of Duperon Corporation

SAGINAW, MI, USA, July 28, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Duperon Corporation, leader in innovative preliminary liquid/solids separation systems, is pleased to announce the promotions of David Herald and Ben Jolley. Effective earlier this month, the promotions will elevate both employees to the executive leadership team, reflecting Duperon’s ongoing commitment to delivering premier services to its customers and their communities.

“For the last 35 years, Duperon has made it a priority to find the most skilled and qualified individuals who are passionate about making a difference on every project,” said Mark Turpin, president of Duperon Corporation. “People are at the heart of every successful organization, and in three short years, we’ve witnessed David and Ben bring a great deal of positive change to Duperon. We look forward to what the future holds for them here, as well as the water industry as a whole.”

Herald, the new Product Engineering Manager, began his career with Duperon in August of 2019 as a sales project manager and was quickly promoted to SPM Leader. During this time, the department expanded its responsibilities and reworked front end processes. He was previously a program manager at Merrill Aviation and Defense where he led the development of the Merrill Torrent UAS unmanned drone, obtaining the first FAA Experimental Airworthiness Certificate in the Great Lakes Bay Region. He also helped new products enter the water and wastewater market at Kapex Manufacturing and was the Product Manager for wastewater thickening, dewatering, and industrial technologies at B&P Process Equipment.

Jolley will now serve as Systems Engineering Manager, overseeing the mechanical CAD designers, controls engineering and application engineering teams. Since joining Duperon in 2019, his leadership has been instrumental in the implementation of new operating systems that resulted in enhanced efficiencies and quality for the overall business. Prior to Duperon, Jolley held titles ranging from project engineer to continuous improvement coordinator, demonstrating expertise in developing new product lines, establishing design requirements, creating full detailing packages for production, managing projects and orders, and performing Finite Element Analysis on high stress parts.

Beyond the workplace, both employees are active members of their communities. Herald worked on the Cardinal Formula Racing Program from 1999 – 2005 and enjoys radio-controlled aircrafts and restoring antique cars. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Saginaw Valley State University. Jolley was an assistant scoutmaster for five years, president of the Young Men’s organization at his church, and Deputy Commander for Cadets for his Civil Air Patrol squadron. He earned a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering from the University of Michigan-Flint.

About Duperon Corporation
Duperon Corporation is the leader in innovative preliminary liquid/solids separation systems. For more than 35 years, Duperon has provided simple yet innovative solutions for a variety of screening and solids handling applications in the water and wastewater industry. Duperon technologies are designed and manufactured in Saginaw, Michigan. www.duperon.com

Beth Boeh
BB Communications Group
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AOAC INTERNATIONAL Announces Five Winners of Joint Student Award with the Eurofins Foundation


Eurofins logo

“Testing for Life” Student Award recognizes up and coming scientists for their innovative work in life science testing

Now in its second year, the ‘Testing for Life’ Student Awards continue to reward a remarkable level of scholarship and scientific rigor in students’ work.”

— Dr. Gilles Martin, CEO of Eurofins Scientific

ROCKVILLE, MD, USA, July 28, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — AOAC INTERNATIONAL today announced the five winners of the 2021 AOAC INTERNATIONAL/Eurofins Foundation “Testing for Life” Student Award. The award, supported by the Eurofins Foundation, supports student researchers who are advancing basic or applied science in analytical or molecular testing for food safety, food security, food defense, food authenticity, or health and environmental protection.

The students submitted abstracts and supporting material to be judged by an international panel of analytical science experts from industry, government, academia, and nonprofit sectors. The panel selected Maryam Abdur-Rahman, Tengfei Li, Xingchen Liu, Raviraj Shinde, and Leos Uttl as this year’s winners.

“Now in its second year, the ‘Testing for Life’ Student Awards continue to reward a remarkable level of scholarship and scientific rigor in students’ work,” said Dr. Gilles Martin, CEO of Eurofins Scientific.

Maryam Abdur-Rahman is an aspiring biotechnologist with the goal of furthering research on women’s health. She studies Translational Life Science Technology at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

“I am grateful to have been recognized for the research I did alongside my mentor,” said Maryam. “This award has afforded me a smooth transition from community college to university and motivates me to continue pursuing a career in research. I am looking forward to the opportunity to network and collaborate with other student members at the AOAC Annual Meeting.”

Tengfei Li, a native of China, is a PhD candidate majoring in food science and technology at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. She received her master’s degree in nutrition and food science at Florida State University. Her research work focuses on the development of an immunoassay for the detection of fish residue from a range of commonly consumed fish species.

“I am honored to be awarded the AOAC INTERNATIONAL/Eurofins Foundation ‘Testing for Life’ Student Award,” said Tengfei. “Receiving this reward means my research as well as my academic performance have been recognized. This gives me more encouragement and motivation to continue learning and exploring more in the field of food allergens to make positive contributions to global health and food safety.”

Xingchen Liu is a PhD candidate from the Department of Plant Science and Landscape Architecture at the University of Maryland, College Park. Her research focuses on the mechanisms of interaction between Salmonella and leafy greens grown under abiotic stresses. She is adopting cutting-edge approaches in metabolomics and exometabolomics to better understand human pathogen-plant interactions.

“Winning this award means recognition of my research from academic and industry experts and will motivate me to become a better researcher,” said Xingchen. “I look forward to presenting my research and communicating with researchers, scientists, industry representatives, and students worldwide. Attending the AOAC Annual Meeting can help me keep up with scientific findings, broaden my professional network, and prepare me for my future career.”

Raviraj Chandrakant Shinde, a PhD student from Shivaji University, Kolhapur, India, works under the supervision of Dr Kaushik Banerjee. His doctoral dissertation focuses on developing fit-for-purpose methods for the residue analysis of difficult-to-analyze pesticides in cereals, pulses, and processed food products. He earned his Master of Science in Agrochemicals and Pest Management and Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Shivaji University.

“The ‘Testing for Life’ Award came to me as a surprise, so I am overwhelmed and elated,” said Raviraj. “I am grateful to AOAC INTERNATIONAL for this recognition. It will be a great honor to present my research at the global level. I am feeling inspired to do more exciting research in the future.”

Leos Uttl is a PhD candidate majoring in food analysis and nutrition. His main research areas are metabolomics and targeted analysis of pesticide residues employing ultra-high performance liquid chromatography coupled to different types of mass spectrometry analyzers.

“Being awarded the AOAC INTERNATIONAL/Eurofins Foundation ‘Testing for Life’ Student Award is a great honour and pleasure,” said Leos. “I am very excited about the unique opportunity to present my research at the AOAC Student Symposium and to meet and network with leading experts in my research area.”

The winners receive a cash prize, AOAC student membership, and financial support to attend an AOAC Annual Meeting, where they will be recognized and present their work to hundreds of leading analytical scientists. They will also be featured in AOAC’s highly respected Inside Laboratory Management (ILM) magazine and provided with a two-day external mentorship experience.

“AOAC is immensely proud of this initiative with the Eurofins Foundation to provide this unique opportunity for scientists new to the industry,” said Erin Crowley, AOAC President. “We have implemented a purposeful and impassioned strategic focus throughout the association to mentor young scientists to enhance and expand our partnerships with academia at a global level. The awardees this year exemplify the important work of AOAC INTERNATIONAL to achieve analytical excellence and support public health in all areas of the world.”

Learn more about the AOAC INTERNATIONAL/Eurofins Foundation “Testing for Life” Student Award at www.aoac.org/membership/awards/eurofins-foundation-aoac-testing-for-life-student-award/.


AOAC INTERNATIONAL is a globally recognized, 501(c)(3), independent, third party, not-for-profit association and voluntary consensus standards developing organization founded in 1884. When analytical needs arise within a community or industry, AOAC INTERNATIONAL is the forum for finding appropriate science-based solutions through the development of microbiological and chemical standards. The AOAC Official Methods of Analysis database is used by food scientists around the world to facilitate public health and safety and to promote trade. For more information, visit www.aoac.org.

About Eurofins – the global leader in bio-analysis
Eurofins is Testing for Life. Eurofins is the global leader in food, environment, and pharmaceutical product testing. It is also one of the market leaders in testing and laboratory services for genomics, discovery pharmacology, forensics, advanced material sciences and has a rapidly developing presence in highly specialised and molecular clinical diagnostic testing.

With over 50,000 staff across a network of more than 800 laboratories in over 50 countries, Eurofins’ companies offer a portfolio of over 200,000 analytical methods.

Eurofins Shares are listed on Euronext Paris Stock Exchange.

Katie Bergmann
+1 240-801-8657
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