Results Driven Marketing, LLC Wins Top Award recognizes Results Driven Marketing for Top Award

Digital Marketing Agency Philadelphia

Janeene High, Results Driven Marketing Founder & CEO

Results Driven Marketing, LLC was recognized by for a Top Award

This award confirms our winning strategy of ‘Turning Clicks Into Clients®’ for our customers.”

— Janeene High, RDM Founder & CEO


Results Driven Marketing, LLC was recognized by as a top Digital Marketing Agency in Philadelphia. RDM was ranked and compared to 344 Digital Agencies in Philadelphia, cracking the top 10 according to Expertise’s comprehensive analysis.

The goal of Seattle, Washington-based is to connect people with the best local experts.

RDM was scored against other internet marketing industry leaders, comparing 25 variables across five categories, resulting in a hand-picked list of the best digital marketing agencies in Philadelphia, PA.

RDM was selected using these 5 criteria:

REPUTATION – A history of Delighted customers and outstanding service.
CREDIBILITY – Building customer confidence with licensing, accreditations, and awards.
EXPERIENCE – Masters of their craft, based on years of practical experience and education.
AVAILABILITY – Consistently approachable and responsive, so customers never feel ignored.
PROFESSIONALISM – Providing service with honesty, reliability, and respect.

Janeene High, the RDM CEO, stated that she was, “extremely pleased to know that the Results Driven Marketing, LLC team is being rewarded. It even makes it sweeter to know that is an unbiased, impartial company that doesn’t solicit or accept payments from their award recipients.”

High went on to add, “this award confirms our winning strategy of ‘Turning Clicks Into Clients®’ for our customers.”

Results Driven Marketing, LLC is headquartered in West Chester, PA with modern Google-type offices in Center City, Philadelphia. The company bills itself a solutions-oriented services provider.

Most of RDM’s staff are local young professionals with years of digital marketing experience including consulting services, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Digital Marketing Technologies and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

RDM employs state-of-the-art software that is integrated with its own algorithmic formula, allowing RDM to find the most economical and cost-effective path for their clients to acquire new clients and customers for their businesses.

Additionally, Results Driven Marketing, LLC has exclusive technology employed for their clients that allow the RDM staff to monitor, score and track all leads generated from the internet that are turned into phone calls. The phone calls using positive confirmations of names, addresses etc., allow RDM to prove to their clients where their business is generated.

High stated she, “knows of no other agency in the nation that provides this type of service.”

RDM provides “Tru-ROI™” to their clients. RDM also tracks the standard metrics as they can be useful, but the key component for RDM is the proprietary formula and tools allowing the true ROI figures, which use actual client or customer acquisitions.

When asked about the firm’s success, Mike Bannan, Managing Partner stated, “we need to thank Temple University and in particular the Fox School of Business for helping us achieve our goals and rewards.”

The RDM Paid Intern program allows RDM to see and work with the brightest business-minded students in the area; kids that are eager and want an advantage when they leave the academic arena.

Bringing these students on as paid interns “lets us train them in our way of doing business and in turn, we learn how the millennials really do things,” added Bannan. “This gives us a real advantage when hiring. When they leave here they have skills and certifications making them valuable to business owners. The relationship with Temple/Fox made this award possible.”

About Results Driven Marketing, LLC.:
Results Driven Marketing, LLC is located at 2040 Market Street, Suite 518, Philadelphia, PA 19103 and can be reached by phone at 215-393-8700. Founded by Janeene High in 2013. Ms. High is a twelve year veteran of the industry and has been a leader in the Greater Philadelphia Area in retention of clients and forecasting new opportunities for her client using highly advanced digital marketing strategies for her firm's clientele. For a complimentary review of your website, SEO or marketing strategy book a 45-minute review session with Janeene.

This release was drafted by Results Driven Marketing, LLC: a full-service digital marketing, public relations, advertising and content marketing firm located at 2040 Market Street Philadelphia, PA

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Mike Bannan
Results Driven Marketing, LLC
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California Verdict Sets Significant Precedent for RoundUp Lawsuits

A California court verdict has set a massive precedent for the cases brought against Monsanto. Lerner and Rowe Injury Attorneys is currently accepting cases.

Mega corporations like Monsanto are notoriously intimidating to go against on your own. We want to make sure that you don’t get bullied into submission. They have to be held accountable.”

— Kevin Rowe

PHOENIX, ARIZONA, US, August 16, 2018 / — At the end of last week, a California court reached a verdict that many believe has set a massive precedent of expectations for the continued wave of cases brought against Monsanto and it’s weed-killing product RoundUp. After deliberating for three days, a jury concluded that Dewayne Johnson’s use of RoundUp as a regular part of his former job as a school groundskeeper was responsible for the terminal cancer he developed. The court ordered Monsanto, the company that manufactures and distributes RoundUp, to pay Johnson $39 million for his suffering and a further $250 million in punitive damages. Our team at Lerner and Rowe Injury Attorneys is currently accepting and reviewing cases to represent you if you or a loved one was injured at the hands of Monsanto and RoundUp.

Links to Cancer

RoundUp has been thought to cause cancer, specifically non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, in a number of its users for years. Despite these claims, Monsanto has stood by and defended RoundUp’s safety for continued use. The company frequently cites studies that claim that glyphosate, the main weed-killing ingredient in RoundUp, isn’t immediately carcinogenic to humans. Yet, lawsuits against the product appear to focus more on the negative effects of the entire chemical solution, as opposed to the single ingredient.

Dewayne Johnson’s case was the first to reach trial, expedited by the terminal nature of his disease, and has set the tone for the remaining cases against the company. According to CNN, more than 800 patients are currently in the process of bringing cases against Monsanto that claim Roundup led to their developing cancer.

Monsanto is Standing by Their Product

Even after this monumental verdict, Monsanto continues to defend the safety of RoundUp and plans to continue to fight against these allegations. Following the decision, Monsanto’s Vice President Scott Partridge released a statement saying, “We will appeal this decision and continue to vigorously defend this product, which has a 40-year history of safe use and continues to be a vital, effective and safe tool for farmers and others."

If you, or someone you care about, were a user of RoundUp and developed non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, or other cancers, as a result, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Lerner and Rowe Injury Attorneys. We will work together with you to form a plan of action to fight for your justly due compensation. Let us do the heavy lifting for you. “Mega corporations like Monsanto are notoriously intimidating to go against on your own. We want to make sure that you don’t get bullied into submission by a company that is trying to cover up their gross negligence. They have to be held accountable,” says personal injury attorney Kevin Rowe.

More about Lerner and Rowe

For additional information about Lerner and Rowe’s Phoenix personal injury attorneys call (602) 977-1900. To learn more about the criminal defense and bankruptcy legal services offered by their partner law firm Lerner and Rowe Law Group, visit or call (602) 667-7777. Need help filing an application or appeal for Social Security benefits? Contact the law firms other legal partners at Social Security Disability Advocates by calling (602) 952-3200 or online at

To connect with the law firm socially, follow Lerner and Rowe on Twitter, or become a fan of their Facebook page. Also visit to learn more about the community services that the lawyers and legal support team of Lerner and Rowe actively support.

Jim Rolshouse
Lerner & Rowe Injury Attorneys
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Scubanauts Dive Into Their Next Regional Meeting at the Clearwater Community Volunteers Center

The Scubanauts International will have their regional meeting in the Clearwater Community Volunteers Center. (Above) The young divers installing anchors for a coral transplant “tree” in the waters off the coast of Florida.

The Clearwater Community Volunteers Center opens facility to newest nonprofit Scubanauts, a group that teaches kids diving skills for improving the environment

There are many things one can do to help take care of the planet. … It is, after all, what we’re standing on.”

— L. Ron Hubbard

CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, USA, August 16, 2018 / — On Saturday August 18, the Clearwater Community Volunteers Center, supported by the Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization will host the regional meeting of Scubanauts International, a non-profit organization that teaches scuba diving and marine science to local youth to develop the community leaders of tomorrow. The regional meeting will bring several chapters of Scubanauts into the Clearwater Community Volunteers Center, and will have over 40 members in attendance.

The Tampa, Tarpon Springs, Sarasota, and Saint Petersburg Chapters will be at the regional meeting to coordinate on their diving activities throughout the year.

Scubanauts International was founded over 10 years ago, and its activities span all over Florida, around the Gulf of Mexico and in Hawaii. They specialize in using their diving skills for coral transplants to help maintain marine life ecosystems.

Michael Soltero, Manager for the Clearwater Community Volunteers center said, “Scubanauts teaches kids practical diving skills so that they can create an improved environment for people to live in. Scubanauts’ efforts to help people by giving them a better environment exemplifies what humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard once said, ‘There are many things one can do to help take care of the planet. … It is, after all, what we’re standing on.’”

To support activities such as these, the Clearwater Community Volunteers Center provides the meeting space and refreshments to non-profit organizations, like Scubanauts, at no cost.

For more information about the Clearwater Community Volunteers Center or to hold an event or meeting for your own charitable organization, please call Michael at (727) 316-5309 or email

About the Clearwater Community Volunteers:

The Clearwater Community Volunteers (CCV) have over 25 years of community service under their belt with over 150,000 families and children helped since their founding in 1992. CCV stays true to their reputation of helping others with their new center – located on the corner of Fort Harrison Ave and Drew St in downtown Clearwater – which facilitates the growth of nonprofits by serving as a free event venue & meeting space. CCV and the CCV Center are both sponsored by the Church of Scientology.

Pat Harney
Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization
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PetVivo Holdings, Inc. Moves Manufacturing Facility, Creates Research and Development Laboratory.

(All Press Releases Will Be Available for Viewing on Facebook or the Web at )


(OTCMARKETS: PETV), PetVivo Holdings, Inc. ( an emerging biomedical device company, is pleased to announce the moving of its manufacturing facility and the creation of a research and development lab.

In an effort to expand manufacturing and create a research and development facility, Petvivo, Inc. moved from Elite Solutions in Rochester, Minnesota to the home of CytoMedical Design Group LLC (cmdg) in St. Paul, Minnesota. The location has far better access for Petvivo employees and eliminates the costs of hotels and mileage which the company has been absorbing sending and supporting staff from Minneapolis for weeks at a time to work in Rochester.

“We estimate that our cost of manufacturing will be reduced substantially. It is also time to address our plan to continue improving our product and initiate our research and development plans. Assistance for both manufacturing and research will be available from staff members of the cmdg group. Cmdg has additional clean rooms and square footage for our use “commented Wes Hayne, CEO of Petvivo Holdings, Inc.

The move was performed in one week, coordinated with three different moving companies. Each company specializing in specific equipment, with different degrees of sensitivity. The move is now complete, and production is expected to resume within the next three weeks. The new surroundings and extra space will help in building the efficiencies of the manufacturing process.

About PetVivo Holdings, Inc.
PetVivo Holdings Inc. (OTCPINK: PETV) is an emerging biomedical device company focused on the licensing and commercialization of innovative medical devices for pets and pet therapeutics. PetVivo is leveraging investments made in the human medical device industry to commercialize therapeutics for pets in a capital and time efficient way. A key component of this strategy is the accelerated timeline to revenues for veterinary medical devices, which enter the market much earlier than the more stringently regulated pharmaceuticals.
PetVivo's strategy is to commercialize proprietary products from human medical device companies specifically for the companion animal market. The company’s product pipeline includes seventeen animal and human therapeutics. A portfolio of twenty patents protects the company’s products, production processes and biomaterials. PetVivo’s lead product, a veterinarian-administered joint injection for the treatment of osteoarthritis in dogs, is scheduled for launch later this year.
Forward-Looking commercial Statements:
The foregoing material may contain forward-looking statements. We caution that such statements may be subject to uncertainties and that actual results could differ materially from the forward-looking statements. Readers accordingly should not place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements, which do not reflect unknown or unanticipated events or circumstances occurring after the date of these forward-looking statements.

Wes Hayne
Petvivo Holdings Inc
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The Global Drip Irrigation Systems Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of more than 9 % during 2018 to 2023

Drip Irrigation Systems Market is expected to grow in full force because of the limited supply of water and the efficient use of drip irrigation

HYDERABAD, TELANGANA, INDIA, August 16, 2018 / — According to the new market research report by IndustryARC titled “Drip Irrigation Systems Market: By Type (Porous Soaker Hose Systems, Emitter Drip System, Watermatic Drip System and Micro Misting Sprinklers); By Crop Type (Cereals & Grains, Fruits, Nuts & Vegetables, Turf & Ornamentals, Landscape, Others); By Components (Emitters, Pressure Gauge, Drip Tubes, Valves, Filters and Others); By Application (Farming, Greenhouse, Landscape and Gardens); By End-User (Commercial & Corporate, Government); By Geography – Forecast(2018 – 2023),”the market will be driven by the technological advancements for better crop yield.

Asia Pacific Will Dominate the Drip Irrigation Systems Market during the Forecast Period

Asia Pacific will dominate the Drip Irrigation Systems Market in the coming years. This is due to the industrial development in the region. The growth of the agriculture industry will also influence the growth of the drip irrigation system in the coming years. China will have the fastest growth due to its growing adoption of advanced agricultural practices and technologies. This is followed by Europe, North America and rest of the world.

Selected Regulatory Analysis Done in the Full Report:

The agricultural irrigation segment will have the largest share in the Drip Irrigation Systems Market during the forecast period. This is followed by greenhouse irrigation due to increasing water scarcity, high production requirement and increasing adoption of irrigation tools in the agricultural sector.

To access / purchase the full report browse the link below

Selected Driving Factors Mentioned in the Full Report:

Growing need for agricultural yield drives the growth of drip irrigation in the coming years.
Growth of agricultural activities in countries such as India and Brazil will drive the demand for the automatic drip irrigation system during the forecast period.
Increasing adoption of irrigation tools in the agricultural sector enhances the growth of the irrigation controller in the coming years.

Talk to one of our sales representative about the full report by providing your details in the link below:

Key players of the Drip Irrigation Systems Market

Netafim Limited, Lindsay Corporation, The Toro Company, and Eurodrip S.A are the key players of the Drip Irrigation Systems Market. Netafim Limited provides solutions for agriculture, greenhouses, landscaping and mining. Lindsay Corporation provides repair and replacement parts for irrigation systems. It even provides water management. The Toro Company manufactures turf irrigation systems, lighting and agricultural systems. Eurodrip provides drip system design solutions to meet agricultural and landscaping needs.

The Drip Irrigation Systems Market is Segmented as Below:

The Drip Irrigation Systems Market is driven by growing technological advancements for crop yield.

A. Drip Irrigation Systems Market By Type

1. Porous Soaker Hose Systems
2. Emitter Drip System
3. Watermatic Drip System
4. Micro Misting Sprinklers
5. Others

B. Drip Irrigation Systems Market By Components

1. Emitters
2. Pressure Gauge
3. Drip tube
4. Valves
5. Others

C. Drip Irrigation Systems Market By Crop Type

1. Cereals & Grains Fruits & Vegetables
2. Oilseeds & Pulses
3. Turf & Ornamentals
4. Other Crops

D. Drip Irrigation Systems Market By Application

1. Agriculture
2. Greenhouse
3. Landscape
4. Others

E. Drip Irrigation Systems Market By Geography (covers 16+ countries)

F. Drip Irrigation Systems Market By Entropy

G. Company Profiles
1. NetaFirm limited
2. Jain Irrigation Systems limited
3. Lindsay Corporation
4. The Toro Company
5. Eurodrip S.A
6. Driptech Incorporated
7. EPC Industries limited
8. Hunters Industries incorporated
9. Microjet Irrigation Systems
10. Nelson Irrigation Corporation
11. Rain Bird Corporation
12. Rivulus Irrigation
13. Company 15+

Related Reports:

A. Farm Equipment Market

B. Vertical Farming Market

What can you expect from the report?

The Drip Irrigation Systems Market Report is prepared with the main agenda to cover the following 20 points:

1. Market Size by Product Categories
2. Market trends
3. Manufacturer Landscape
4. Distributor Landscape
5. Pricing Analysis
6. Top 10 End user Analysis
7. Product Benchmarking
8. Product Developments
9. Mergers & Acquisition Analysis
10. Patent Analysis
11. Demand Analysis (By Revenue & Volume)
12. Country level Analysis (15+)
13. Competitor Analysis
14. Market Shares Analysis
15. Value Chain Analysis
16. Supply Chain Analysis
17. Strategic Analysis
18. Current & Future Market Landscape Analysis
19. Opportunity Analysis
20. Revenue and Volume Analysis

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Does IndustryARC publish country, geography or application based reports in Drip Irrigation Systems Market?
Response: Yes, we do have separate reports and database as mentioned below:

1. Drip Irrigation Systems Market (2018-2023)
2. North America Drip Irrigation Systems Market 2018-2023)
3. Asia Pacific Drip Irrigation Systems Market (2018-2023)
4. Europe Drip Irrigation Systems Market (2018-2023)
5. Agriculture Drip Irrigation Systems Market (2018-2023)
6. Green house Drip Irrigation Systems Market (2018-2023)
7. Landscape Drip Irrigation Systems Market (2018-2023)

Q. Does IndustryARC provide customized reports and charge additionally for limited customization?
Response: Yes, we can customize the report by extracting data from our database of reports and annual subscription databases. We can provide the following free customization:

1. Increase the level of data in application or end user industry.
2. Increase the number of countries in geography or product chapter.
3. Find out market shares for other smaller companies or companies which are of interest to you
4. Company profiles can be requested based on your interest.
5. Patent analysis, pricing, product analysis, product benchmarking, value and supply chain analysis can be requested for a country or end use segment.

Any other custom requirements can be discussed with our team, drop an e-mail to to discuss more about our consulting services.

To request for a proposal, provide your details in the below link:

Media Contact:

Mr. Venkat Reddy
Sales Manager
Contact Sales: +1-614-588-8538 (Ext-101)

About IndustryARC:

IndustryARC is a Research and Consulting Firm that publishes more than 500 reports annually, in various industries such as Agriculture, Automotive, Automation & Instrumentation, Chemicals and Materials, Energy and Power, Electronics, Food & Beverages, Information Technology, Life sciences &Healthcare.

IndustryARC primarily focuses on Cutting Edge Technologies and Newer Applications in a Market. Our Custom Research Services are designed to provide insights on the constant flux in the global supply-demand gap of markets. Our strong team of analysts enables us to meet the client research needs at a rapid speed, with a variety of options for your business.

We look forward to support the client to be able to better address their customer needs, stay ahead in the market, become the top competitor and get real-time recommendations on business strategies and deals. Contact us to find out how we can help you today.

Venkat Reddy
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Orange County Fair Exhibit Featured Susan and James Irvine Wedding – Founding family of Orange County

Susan and James Irvine at 2018 standing in front of the replica of their wedding cake and guest table exhibit at the 2018 Orange County Fair in Costa Mesa, California

The Irvine's at the 2018 Orange County Fair in Costa Mesa, California standing in front of a exhibit that featured their wedding

The James Irvine Wedding exhibit was a popular attraction at the 2018 Orange County Fair

Orange County Fair featuring the Irvine Wedding and Marc DeFang custom shoes and purse

Orange County Fair featuring the Irvine Wedding and the custom Brooch Bouquet by Glam Bouquet

Jim and I love the OC Fair and attend every year! It was a honor to have our wedding items as a featured exhibit this year”

— Susan Jeske Irvine

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA, US, August 15, 2018 / — The Orange County Fair in Costa Mesa, California displayed an exhibit of Susan and James Irvine wedding items from July 13 – August 12, 2018. The OC Fair is one of the Top 10 fair's in the nation and reported a record-breaking attendance of 1.47 million visitors over the fair’s 23-day run.

Orange County Register posted a photo of the Irvine Wedding fair exhibit and reporter Heather McRea stated, "James Irvine came from THAT Orange County family!"

James Irvine is the grandson to the late James Irvine II and founding family of Orange County, California. Susan Jeske is the CEO of the Ms. America Pageant Corporation and former Ms. America 1997. They were married on June 2, 2018 at the Irvine Ranch Historic Park, which is where the original Irvine family home was and where James was born and raised in the home as a young boy.

“Jim and I love the OC Fair and attend every year! It was an honor to have our wedding items as a featured exhibit this year,” said the new Mrs. James Irvine.

In the OC Promenade Building at the Fair, Susan’s wedding gown created by Stephen Yearick that took 2 years to make and weighed 3 pounds was proudly displayed and received a lot of attention. On display in the glass case was a replica of her ring, the Irvine Rose Tiara, Earrings by Carolina Herrera, Brooch Bouquet by JoAnne Turner, Marc Defang shoes and purse, hand-made Invitations and Thank You Cards by My Luxe Wedding, champagne flutes, ring bearer pillow and illustrations. By the OC Promenade Stage, a replica of the 15-tiered Irvine Wedding Cake created by Sunshines Cakes and Guest Table created by Stephanie’s Linens and floral arrangement replica by White Sakuras was also on display.

The gown and wedding display will be taken down where the happy couple will have official portraits taken in their wedding attire by world renowned Bradford Photography and award winning Daniel Pham Photography.

In October, the exhibit will then be displayed in a museum in Orange County, California.

Photos by Daniel Pham Photography

Kelly Bennett
Bennett Unlimited PR
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OC Fair 2018 Video featuring the James Irvine Wedding Exhibit

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Pre-cooked Cage Free Eggs Give Grocery Store Hot Cases, Cold Deli's And Salad Bars New Healthy Protein For Customers

Pre-cooked Cage Free Eggs

Pre-cooked Cage Free Eggs

Pre-cooked Cage Free Eggs from Protein Brokers, LLC gives Grocery Stores a New Fresh, Safe, Healthy Item for their Hot Deli's, Cold Deli's and Salad Bars

We have produced Pre-cooked Eggs for 8 years and we are very excited to be producing the Pre-cooked Cage Free Scrambled Eggs and Crumbled Eggs for Marlene Seward and her Protein Brokers, LLC Company”


PARKER, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, August 15, 2018 / — Protein Brokers, LLC, the Women Owned and Managed Colorado Company is going National with the Pre-cooked Cage Free Fresh Scrambled Eggs and Egg Crumbles. The Pre-cooked Cage Free Gourmet Eggs are from the Hens at Hickman's Family Farms and are the solution to consumers demand for PRODUCTS MADE FROM CAGE FREE EGGS.

There is not another PRE-COOKED FRESH SCRAMBLED EGG PRODUCT in the USA that can be served HOT or COLD without added fillers or additives.

The Pre-cooked Cage Free Eggs are being offered to Grocery Store Chains, Food-service Distributors, C-stores, Burrito Manufacturing Companies, Restaurants, Hotels, Buffets, Catering Companies, Senior Care Facilities, Salad and Sandwich Manufacturing Companies, Military Bases and Athletic Events as the PRE-COOKED CAGE FREE EGGS are excellent HOT or COLD and have no FILLERS OR ADDITIVES other than a very small amount of citric acid.

Marlene Seward, President/CEO of Protein Brokers will be appointing brokers in many different states to give wholesale distributors and grocery store chains local contacts to grow the PRE-COOKED CAGE FREE EGG BUSINESS. She is very excited to be able to offer a FRESH HEALTHY PROTEIN at a cost everyone can afford. Temptee Specialty Foods in Denver, Colorado has worked with Marlene to developed a Unique cooking and pasteurization process to retain almost all of the moisture in the pre-cooked cage free eggs without adding fillers or additives.

Protein Brokers, LLC is also having Temptee Specialty Foods produce ALL NATURAL SHREDDED BEEF AND ALL NATURAL SHREDDED CHICKEN to meet consumer demand on protein products without additives. Temptee Specialty Foods has proven to be on the cutting edge of helping small companies grow from local to national.

Marlene Seward
Protein Brokers, LLC
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Marrone Bio Innovations Submits Novel Bioherbicide to the EPA for Regulatory Approval

Novel mode of action for resistant weeds such as palmer amaranth

Marrone Bio Innovations (NASDAQ:MBII)

We are excited about what we have seen so far in 014 development. We have more work to determine appropriate doses on key target weeds, water volume, adjuvans and further expansion of the spectrum.”

— Amit Vasavada, Senior Vice President of R&D and Chief Technology Officer

DAVIS, CA, USA, August 14, 2018 / — Marrone Bio Innovations, Inc. (NASDAQ: MBII) (MBI), a leading provider of bio-based pest management and plant health products for the agriculture, turf and ornamental and water treatment markets, has submitted the registration package for its new bioherbicide, MBI-014, to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Weeds are a major source of yield losses for most cropping systems. According to various market research reports, herbicides account for 40% of the $50 billion global pesticide market. Of the approximately $7.2 billion chemical pesticides sold in the U.S. each year, nearly $4 billion are chemical herbicides.

Grower surveys repeatedly show that weed control is the number one cost of organic food production since chemical herbicides are not allowed. In organic growing systems, herbicide options are extremely limited, consisting almost entirely of non-selective soaps and acids that typically require repeat applications, lack residual activity, only affect plant areas into which they come in direct contact, and sometimes cost more than hand weeding. According to the Organic Trade Association, organic food sales reached $45 billion in the U.S. and is the fastest growing segment of food, growing an average of 9.1% annually since 2008.

MBI-014 is a water dispersible microbial herbicide made from a new species of heat-killed bacteria, Burkholderia rinojensis (strain A396). This new herbicide has a novel mode of action per research conducted at the USDA Agricultural Research Service. While additional development work and field trials need to be conducted, MBI-014 could prove to be a valuable new tool for weed control when used in conjunction with other herbicides in a grower’s integrated pest management (IPM) program.

MBI-014 demonstrates post-emergent herbicidal activity across a range of weeds in laboratory and field tests. It shows evidence of uptake and moderate movement through different plant tissues. MBI-014 is most effective on some of the most serious weeds, some of which have developed resistance to multiple herbicide classes, such as palmer amaranth, waterhemp and others in the pigweed family (Amaranthacae).

“We are excited about what we have seen so far in the development of MBI-014,” said Amit Vasavada, Senior Vice President of R&D and Chief Technology Officer at Marrone Bio Innovations. “We do have more work to do in order to determine such things as appropriate doses on key target weeds, water volume required, adjuvant package needed and further expansion of the spectrum of targeted weeds.”

Sources of cited information: Phillips McDougall Agribusiness Intelligence, Weed Science Society of America, University of Missouri, Organic Trade Association, Organic Farming Research Foundation, USDA.

Pam Marrone
Marrone Bio Innovations
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OBR Command Center, a modified 18-wheeler, donated by Prairie Fresh, rolls into action

More Than 20,000 Meals Served in Nine Days

When disaster strikes, our goal is to be there providing a helping hand and a hot meal. We're proud to put our passion for BBQ to work for the men and women fighting the fire and those impacted.”

— Stan Hays, co-founder and president/CEO of OBR

PLEASANT HILL, MO, USA, August 14, 2018 / — Peculiar, Mo. (Aug. 14, 2018) – Operation BBQ Relief (OBR) deployed to northern California in early August, supporting local efforts to fight the Carr Fire outside of Redding. During nine days on the ground serving first responders and members of the community in need, the OBR team:
• Served 20,553 meals
• Coordinated with more than 150 volunteers
• Coordinated with 31 organizations/shelters to receive meals
• Traveled more than 4,000 miles round trip

“When disaster strikes, our goal is to be there providing a helping hand and a hot meal. During our California deployment, we were proud to put our passion for BBQ to work for so many of the men and women fighting the fire and those impacted by it,” said Stan Hays, co-founder and president/CEO of OBR. “We also saw an immense outpouring of support from our network of volunteers in California, as well as donors across the country and around the world. Individuals looking for a way to help, along with the support of our partners, enable us to promptly respond when faced with these disasters.”

Working alongside volunteers who included California native and celebrity chef Guy Fieri, and a team from chef Jose Andres’ World Central Kitchen, the OBR team prepared meals that were delivered by the Salvation Army to four main evacuation sites, as well as many other groups serving those in need and first responders.

Making its first major deployment of 2018, OBR sent its Command Center, a full-size tractor-trailer sponsored by Prairie Fresh, a Seaboard Foods brand. It serves as the epicenter of operations, where volunteers track cooking progress, total meals served and supply inventories. Also deployed to California was “Boss Hog,” which is a flatbed trailer equipped with five commercial smokers provided by Ole Hickory Pits and a 56,000 watt generator provided by Sunbelt Rentals. Capable of smoking up to 350 pork butts every 10 hours, Boss Hog is where OBR volunteers prepare meals.

The OBR team, along with the OBR Command Center and Boss Hog, will be at The American Royal World Series of Barbecue® in Kansas City, Kansas, this September 14-16. During the Royal, they will be preparing meals for a military appreciation event, while also providing BBQ samples to other attendees.

Since its inception in May 2011, OBR has served more than 1.77 million meals with the help of 6,722 total daily volunteers. It’s been deployed for a total of 268 days in 50 communities in 25 different states around the U.S.

OBR depends on donations and volunteers to make a difference. Please visit to learn how to help.

# # #

About Operation BBQ Relief
Mission Statement – Operation BBQ Relief provides compassion and offers hope and friendship to those whose lives have been affected by disasters across the United States. We leverage our expertise in cooking and catering barbecue meals with our ability to quickly mobilize our teams into any area where disaster disrupts and tears apart the lives of Americans.

Values – We value honesty, compassion, friendship, hard work and respect for others and for resources with which we are provided. Decisions and actions of Operation BBQ Relief will always be made and carried out with these values in mind. We want the communities we serve to be able to state without reservation that Operation BBQ Relief upheld these values while making a positive impact in the lives of their citizens.

Vision – The vision of Operation BBQ Relief is that all people involved in relief efforts during natural disasters will understand the true meaning of compassion for those who have lost possessions and loved ones, and that they will further utilize all of their God-given skills and abilities to better the lives of those affected.

David Marks
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Tarps Now Expands Size and Scope of Canvas Tarps Division Operations

Rapid Growth Prompts Company Expansion of Industrial Grade Canvas Tarps Division

ST. JOSEPH, MICHIGAN, UNITED STATES, August 14, 2018 / — Tarps Now® is pleased to announce the expansion of its Canvas Tarps division which specializes in delivering Industrial Grade Canvas Tarps throughout North America. Quality Made in the USA, the Canvas Tarps delivered through this fast-growing division are manufactured using Premium Grade Cotton Canvas Duck fabric, which are breathable and waterproof, as well as very durable. Crafted with superior stitching, double-folded hems, and sturdy brass grommets for proper tie-downs, Tarps Now Industrial Grade Canvas Tarps are available in a wide range of standard sizes fitted with various grades, colors and weights, as well as a selection of distinct material refinements such as treated, untreated, natural and fire-retardant fabric treatment options.

As a result of continuing rapid growth of the Canvas Tarps division, Tarps Now® offers the widest selection of standardized Industrial Grade Canvas Tarps found in the tarps industry. In addition, Tarps Now® also offers custom fabrication options to the exact specifications sought by its customers using a custom configuration application for on the website.

Tarps Now® Canvas Tarps Division Selection Options:

About Tarps Now®:

Tarps Now® features an extensive online catalog of canvas tarps, poly tarps, custom tarps, vinyl tarps and industrial divider curtains. As specialists in custom canvas and vinyl tarps, they are the low-price leaders in their category. The company offers the convenience of fast, easy, online ordering as well as a knowledgeable staff to guide customers through the specification process insuring their project will be completed on time and in budget. Tarps Now® has the experience and scale to insure customer specifications are carefully followed and expectations exceeded for every project, large or small.

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Tarps Now, Inc.
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Source: EIN Presswire