Geron Investors Who Have Held Their Stock Continuously Since At Least March 2018 – Kehoe Law Firm, P.C. Investigation

Kehoe Law Firm, P.C.

Kehoe Law Firm, P.C.

Investigation To Determine Whether Certain Officers And/Or Directors Of Geron Corporation Breached Their Fiduciary Duties

PHILADELPHIA, PA, USA, April 20, 2021 / — Kehoe Law Firm, P.C. is investigating whether certain officers and/or directors of Geron Corporation (“Geron”) (NASDAQ: GERN) breached their fiduciary duties to Geron and the Company’s shareholders.

The investigation concerns whether certain officers and/or directors of Geron, among other things, made false and misleading statements about the effectiveness of the drug imetelstat. Geron's stock price dropped significantly when the company's development partner, Janssen Biotech, pulled out of the imetelstat partnership on September 27, 2018, erasing hundreds of millions of dollars of shareholder value.


Kehoe Law Firm, P.C., with offices in New York and Philadelphia, is a multidisciplinary, plaintiff–side law firm dedicated to protecting investors from securities fraud, breaches of fiduciary duties, and corporate misconduct. Combined, the partners at Kehoe Law Firm have served as Lead Counsel or Co-Lead Counsel in cases that have recovered more than $10 billion dollars on behalf of institutional and individual investors.

This notice may constitute attorney advertising.

Michael Yarnoff, Esq.
Kehoe Law Firm, P.C.

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Wicked Injection Announces Grand Opening

Upgraded MW pump

MW pump upgrades

M pump upgrades

The company specializes in performance diesel injection service

SPICEWOOD, TX, UNITED STATES, April 20, 2021 / — Wicked Injection, a performance diesel injection service, is proud to announce its grand opening. Wicked Injection is authorized by Dieselmeken AB (Sweden) and BenzForce LLC to resell their products.

Wicked Injection, located in Spicewood, Texas, has roots in the Bosch M and MW injection pump upgrade sector and specializes in the late 1980s through late 1990s models diesel engine pump upgrades for Mercedes-Benz passenger cars. Wicked Injection is a partner of BenzForce, LLC, is a provider and developer of performance products for Mercedes-Benz parts.

“I see Wicked Injection growing rapidly beyond the Mercedes market once all equipment and knowledge has been acquired, and unfortunately, the BenzForce brand sets limitations with just its name.” said a spokesperson for Wicked Injection. “We would eventually like to cater to all vehicle makes that make sense. In addition to expansion beyond vehicle manufacturers, the nature of the activities performed is different from those of BenzForce. Thus it makes sense to have a completely different business that may be complementary to the customer’s goal but unrelated in its operation and operational goals.”

Wicked Injection will continue to work closely with its partner companies as it grows its internal capabilities. Additionally, it will seek to continue its long-standing relationship with Dieselmeken AB, a Swedish company specializing in fuel injection parts for the diesel aftermarket, as it on-boards other non-competing products from other vendors.

For more information, visit

Rodney McCabe
BenzForce LLC
email us here
Visit us on social media:

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Ag Tech Expert Todd Edgington Joins Verdant™ Technologies Team

Todd Edgington, VP of Product, Verdant Technologies

HarvestHold, Verdant Technologies’ breakthrough 1-MCP product life extension solution for produce and florals

Verdant Technologies, emerging leader in ag tech industry

New Vice President of Product Todd Edgington Heads Verdant Technologies Product Group as HarvestHold™ Enters New Markets

What excites me most about joining Verdant is the positive impact we can make on wastage and getting fresh produce to people with limited or no access – and accomplishing this in a sustainable way.”

— Todd Edgington

SAINT PAUL, MINNESOTA, UNITED STATES, April 20, 2021 / — Verdant™ Technologies has landed postharvest life extension scientist, Todd Edgington as its newest executive team member. Edgington’s responsibilities as Vice President of Product will include planning and management of Verdant products throughout their life cycle, serving as a resource to growers and bridging the gap between Verdant’s innovation arm and its commercial enterprise.

Verdant President, Gordon Robertson stated, “We are delighted to have Todd Edgington on the Verdant team. Edgington comes to us with substantial product and technical marketing experience on a global level with some of the largest organizations in the food and food preservation industries. The skills and experience he offers will be a tremendous boon to expanding our commercialization of unique produce and floral life-extension products.”

Prior to Verdant, Edgington led major product initiatives at Agrofresh, Chemtura AgroSolutions, BASF, and Syngenta and holds a Master’s degree in Horticulture/Postharvest Physiology/Microbiology from Washington State University. He began work with Verdant on March 15th.

“We all have to eat, period. It is truly a shame how much food is wasted globally, and our population is growing rapidly. What excites me most about joining Verdant is the positive impact we can make on wastage and getting fresh produce to people with limited or no access – and accomplishing this in a sustainable way,” Edgington said. “My goal is to uncover challenges throughout the supply chain from planting to the retail shelf and help ensure consumers have the best eating experience with their products.”

The addition of this critical role occurs just as Verdant enters international markets with HarvestHold, its breakthrough 1-MCP technology life extension solution for fruits, vegetables, and flowers. Broccoli, cantaloupe melons, and tomatoes will be the first crops targeted with growers and distributors. Verdant has also demonstrated promising preliminary results on papayas and avocadoes. Additionally, Verdant will continue to focus on cut flowers and potted plants, working with their partner Chrysal International and their distribution network.

“I look forward to helping Verdant reach the full potential of its HarvestHold brand across the global marketplace,” commented Edgington, “and the power of our technology offers to be a true game changer in the produce and floral value chain. 1-MCP has been on the market for years and brought tremendous value to the apple and pear markets. Verdant has successfully developed novel technology that overcomes significant logistics and application challenges, opening up possibilities for treatment on a wider variety of crops.”

About Verdant Technologies
Verdant Technologies is an emerging leader in the ag technology industry and the maker of HarvestHold, a postharvest product life extension solution for produce and floral products. Verdant Technologies, an affiliate of privately held Holiday Companies, has been in operations for over 20 years with a team of scientific minds and experienced leaders working in tandem to develop a portfolio of worldwide patented products. Verdant and its partners work together to deliver longer-lasting, better-quality products to more people in more places and reduce negative environmental impacts of food and floral supply chains. Verdant Technologies has corporate offices in St. Paul, Minn. For more information, visit

Gordon Robertson
Verdant Technologies

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The Sun Company Helps Revolutionize Indoor Grows with the Power of the Sun

A yellow starburst illustration with The Sun Company written cleanly in Grey

Diversified renewable energy solutions empower cannabis farmers to grow greener and cleaner with energy independence

TUCSON, AZ, UNITED STATES, April 20, 2021 / — The Sun Company tackles energy challenges with diversified renewable solutions, and few industries face bigger energy challenges than cannabis growers. An indoor grow can produce higher yields and THC levels in a climate-controlled setting, but extreme energy costs, grid disruptions and access limits can severely complicate operations. The Sun Company offers a diversified solution in sun-powered cannabis.

Imagine an indoor grow with energy independence, lower consumption costs and protections against central grid fluctuations and failures. That's the diversified solution provided by microgrids, securing ambient internal temperatures with geothermal, drawing energy from solar power and protecting that energy with cutting-edge battery technology.

A microgrid is a self-sufficient, on-site energy system with an option to connect to the central grid, but when disconnected, it operates independently and autonomously like a local electrical island. This advanced system helps enhance reliability and protect grows against power outages and rolling blackouts. That same microgrid can draw sun-powered energy from solar technology allowing growers to dramatically decrease their consumption costs and environmental impact. Growers utilize the power of the sun without energy uncertainty or an oversized carbon footprint.

A microgrid also provides a solution for licensed growers whose utility company does not have the required infrastructure in their area. In such cases, growers must often pay for the buildout themselves which the utility giant will then own and charge the growers to use. By contrast, a microgrid investment creates infrastructure that the growers own, the consumption costs are significantly lower and surplus sun-powered energy can be sold back to the grid.

"Repurposing your grow with sun-powered indoor cannabis provides the type of energy independence and cost stability that the modern cannabis grower needs," says industry expert Jason Rhude. "The Sun Company is the only organization servicing the cannabis industry with off-grid energy solutions."

By adopting diversified renewable solutions, cannabis growers can transition to a sun-powered energy system that provides immediate and ongoing benefits. For more information on how renewable solutions can help your grow or business, please contact

The Sun Company Representative
The Sun Company Texas, LLC
+1 844-484-3786
Visit us on social media:

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Aquafighter® Enters North American Agriculture Market With Water-Free Diesel Technology For Farms.

Image showing Aquafighter being installed into tank and then Aquafighter being removed from the fuel tank and replaced.

Aquafighter®: Combining fuel de-emulsification with in-tank water capture to make diesel fuel and tanks water-free. An ideal fuel solution with easy installation & simple replacement to provide farmers with a clean tank and “clear & bright” fuel to all diesel equipment.

Image showing Aquafighter cleaning water-logged fuel that will prevent diesel bacteria and diesel bug.

Aquafighter® before and after: The difference is clear.

Image showing Aquafighter applications on the farm.  Solutions for storage tanks and solutions for diesel machines and equipment.

Aquafighter® has solutions to fit all accessible diesel tanks on the farm to create a wall against water, dirt, chemical additives and bacteria from contaminating tanks, using up filters, corroding steel tanks & engine parts and from damaging machinery.

Aquafighter®, the first product giving farmers the power to purify fuel directly inside the tank and to keep tank bottoms dry; enters the North American market.

We know that when people use Aquafighter® for the first time, they will not want their fuel tanks to be without Aquafighter® again.”

— Per Jahnsrud, CEO of DieselCare AS

WINNIPEG, MB, April 20, 2021 / — Aquafighter®, a new technology for removing water from diesel fuel and keeping fuel tanks water-free, is growing their sales network worldwide and seeking increased distribution in North America.

Steve Schultz of DieselCare AS, developer and manufacturer of the Aquafighter® technology, "When we brought Aquafighter to market in January of 2020 we had our focus in the fuel station industry as we have 45 years experience in that field and phenomenal results in the 2+ years of Aquafighter use with fuel station tanks prior to market launch. However; we have expanded our focus as we understand the large amounts of diesel that farms use every year and the amount of storage tank contamination, machinery repairs and filter replacements that can largely be traced back to water in the fuel and in the fuel tank; especially with the increase in biodiesel use."

Aquafighter® is a simple non-additive, non-energy consuming, easy to use fuel purifying technology that is easily installed into the bottom of the fuel tank that will keep both diesel and biodiesel water-free and eliminate or greatly reduce the risks created from water/condensation in the fuel tank such as diesel bug, microbial growth, tank corrosion, clogged filters, injector misfire, reduction in fuel efficiency, loss of acceleration, fuel degradation, engine stall and engine failure.

Per Jahnsrud, CEO of DieselCare AS, "Over the last 20 years I spent time in the US Midwest inspecting fuel tanks and I was surprised at the condition of these tanks and the bad fuel that so many farmers are allowing to go into their beautiful and expensive tractors and combines. 8 out of every 10 tanks that I inspected had an unacceptable level of water and a significant amount of bacteria. This leads to so many unnecessary filter changes, repair costs and downtime."

Aquafighter® is available in various sizes for tanks with openings as small as 1.5 inches (3.8cm) and capacities ranging from 6 ounces to 10 gallons (200ml to 40 liters). Also, the Aquafighter® Fleet is available for installation into tractors, trucks and combines.

"Just as with all fuel tanks in every application, water is an inescapable inevitability. Because the fuel tank needs to breathe, the air that cycles through your tank brings with it condensation that accumulates inside the tank; and this doesn't even account for the water that comes with the fuel delivery and tank leaks. Only a few milliliters of water can grow bacteria and only 1 drop of water can cause your engine and/or injectors to fail. This is why Aquafighter is so valuable to any diesel operator who wants their machines to operate efficiently and with precision.", says Steve Schultz.

Mike Veloso with Pritchard Power Systems in Canada explains, “Aquafighter is a very simple, inexpensive solution for eliminating water in your fuel and in your tank. As a company based in Winnipeg we are quite familiar with the challenges that farmers have with water in their fuel tanks as well as the fuel that they allow into their engines. We are proud to offer a solution that can not only treat this problem, but to actually cure it."

Aquafighter® was developed by DieselCare AS in Norway in 2015. In 2017, after extensive laboratory and field testing, it was utilized by a major international fuel company to return millions of litres of waste diesel back into spec quality fuel and also as a leave-in tank maintenance solution to keep fuel station tanks water-free at all times and prevent waste fuel from ever developing again. As a maintenance solution Aquafighter® keeps the fuel better-than-spec at all times, prevents bacteria/bug growth, reduces the need for filter replacement, eliminates the development of degraded/cloudy fuel and significantly reduces the wear on every part from the tank through to the engine.

Per Jahnsrud, "As a career long fuel professional, we worked hard to develop this Aquafighter® solution because we needed a cure to remove and capture all of the water throughout the tank because water causes so much damage and so many problems; not to mention the high cost of needing to polish saturated fuel. We know that when people use Aquafighter® for the first time, they will not want their fuel tanks to be without Aquafighter® again."

Aquafighter® has application far beyond farming and is ideal for diesel generators, trucks, boats, storage tanks of all sizes, construction and mining equipment and virtually any other accessible diesel tank.

We are pleased to present our Aquafighter® Partners from around the world. Each national partner is responsible for importing Aquafighter product & establishing in-country distribution and dealer networks at farm stores, coops, retailers and other outlets in all industries within their national markets.

David Pali and Mike Veloso (Canada)

Simon Rosenbaum (Australia)
+61 07 2104 0541

Volnei Wilson Pereira (Brasil)
+55 47 3348 1810

Peter Heller (Danmark)
+45 3250 3017

David Schoofs (Deutschland)
+49 2832 978 9898

Enrique Mulero (España y Portugal)
+(34) 625 115 327

Pantelis Mylonidis (Ελλάδα)
+30 251 051 6301

Andrei Smirnov (Eesti)
+372 5629 6208

Erik Mano (France)
+33 557 306 300

Teddy Hutapea (Indonesia)
+62 812 7029 8738

Davide Manfrè (Italia)
+39 031 52 6056

Jānis Grava (Latvija/Lietuva)
+371 6308 1300

Farid Rosli (Malaysia)
+60 3-6156 9800

Martijn Noordink (Nederland)
+31 355 256 976

Hernán R. Rendón (Panamá y Venezuela)
PAN +507 6170 8328
VEN +58 424 641 3328

Савва Урьянов (Россия)
+7 925 517 1361

Costin Poiana (România)
+40 21 241 2597

Daniel Huegli (Schweiz & Österreich)
+41 62 916 5030

Jucelynn Richter (South Africa)
+27 (0)11 234 1770/1

Muhammed Ismail (Angola)
+244 923 371 620

Sidik Turay (Sub-Saharan Africa)
+49 162 218 4022

Tero Lehtonen (Suomi)
+358 44 72 88 100

Tüten Aluç (Türkiye)
+90 216 540 6500

Tommi Buckley (UK & Ireland)
+44 01782 969939

Para consultas en América Latina contáctenos: WhatsApp +47 4840 7240

Steve Schultz
+1 407-564-2411
email us here

Aquafighter® Versus Bad Fuel

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For Scientologist Peter Vajda, Restore Our Earth, Earth Day’s Theme for 2021, Is a Way of Life

 Peter Vajda has dedicated his life to reverting a blight that threatens the future of mankind: the loss of viable farmland due to pesticides and chemicals that destroy the soil.

Peter Vajda has dedicated his life to reverting a blight that threatens the future of mankind: the loss of viable farmland due to pesticides and chemicals that destroy the soil.

In his episode of Meet a Scientologist on the Scientology Network, Vajda shows how his company uses science and technology to rehabilitate once-barren farmland such as this field where sunflowers now grow once again in abundance.

In his episode of Meet a Scientologist on the Scientology Network, Vajda shows how his company uses science and technology to rehabilitate once-barren farmland such as this field where sunflowers now grow once again in abundance.

Scientology Network’s “Meet a Scientologist” celebrates the work of agricultural engineer Peter Vajda whose innovative company restores life to barren farmland.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 20, 2021 / — “Restore Our Earth” is the theme of this year’s Earth Day, celebrated internationally this week. This theme focuses attention on regenerating the world’s ecosystems through natural processes, emerging green technologies and innovative thinking.

This year’s theme is also the passion and way of life of agricultural engineer Peter Vajda. “With the population growing and productive farmland decreasing, this is a race to save future generations,” he says in an episode of Meet a Scientologist that can be viewed on the Scientology Network.

“Our soils are in horrendous shape, worldwide, not just in the U.S.,” says Kathleen Rogers, president and CEO of “We’re looking at global, catastrophic misuse of our soils.”

Agriculture depends on friendly bacteria. Without these microscopic organisms, crops can’t grow. Each year, we lose 75 billion tons of fertile soil, says Vajda, who points out that at this rate we will run out of fertile soil in another 60 years.

His company, Phylazonit, organically grows good bacteria to restore the soil so it can support life again.

Learn how the innovative work of this ardent environmentalist is reversing this crisis in his native Hungary and across the globe.

Watch Vajda’s episode of Meet a Scientologist on the Scientology Network. Broadcast from Scientology Media Productions, the Church’s global media center in Los Angeles, the Scientology Network can be streamed on and is available through satellite television, mobile apps and via the Roku, Amazon Fire and Apple TV platforms.

The Scientology Network was launched in March 2018 by Mr. David Miscavige, ecclesiastical leader of the Scientology religion. It has been viewed in 240 countries and territories worldwide in 17 languages.

Media Relations
Church of Scientology International
+1 3239603500
email us here

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Earthqualizer affirms geospatial mobility insights from to study deforestation in Southeast Asia

Earthqualizer deforestation mobility analysis by

Earthqualizer deforestation mobility analysis by

Mobility data, geospatial AI and machine learning empowers environmental agencies to study the impact of palm oil deforestation in Malaysia and Indonesia in SEA

Using high-quality curated geospatial datasets from CITYDATA for movement analysis, we were able to uncover deep insights about the supply chain operating in the forests in Southeast Asia”

— Ihwan Rafina from Earthqualizer Foundation

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 20, 2021 / — Palm oil is one of the main contributors to deforestation through the conversion of forests and peatlands into plantation areas. For approximately a decade, efforts have been made by various parties to reduce forest and peat destruction, including the adoption of the "No Deforestation, No Peat, No Exploitation" (NDPE) policies. These policies were started by Nestle in 2010 and were later widely followed by other industries including Wilmar in 2013. Currently, more than 80% of global palm oil traders and refiners have adopted the NDPE policies.

The Earthqualizer Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to transforming the supply-chain of agricultural commodities for the benefit of the people and nature. A spin-off from the Aidenvironment Foundation in the Netherlands, Earthqualizer has been active in Indonesia and Southeast Asia since 2009. Together with corporate partners, Earthqualizer deploys the Supplier Group Monitoring Program (SGMP), a risk management tool that screens and monitors palm oil traders’ compliance with the NDPE policies. SGMP is widely recognized as a risk assessment tool that delivers credible and actionable supplier compliance data.

To solve the palm traceability challenge, Earthqualizer collaborated with and Cube Eye to conduct an in-depth analysis in Sabah (Malaysia), Riau (Indonesia), and North Sumatra (Indonesia) to monitor the trend in supply movement from plantations to mills. The tri-party alliance analyzed fresh, accurate, anonymized and crowdsourced geo-location mobility data and applied machine learning to identify the heretofore unknown relationship between the non-compliance in oil palm development (upstream) and its buyers (downstream).

From January 2016 to December 2020, Earthqualizer traced and mapped out the conversion of forest and peat to oil palm plantations across 5980 square kilometers (2309 square miles) in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Papua New Guinea. The findings highlight deforestation of approximately 26% in the company areas without known supply-chain information (orphan cases) which typically results in produce getting routed to the global NDPE market (leakage market). Since the orphan cases are a major concern for the stakeholders in the sustainable palm oil industry, a level playing field should be encouraged to address this. To this end, Earthqualizer has provided insight and assistance for partners to check for the presence of orphan cases in their supply chains.

"Using high-quality curated geospatial datasets from CITYDATA for movement analysis, we were able to uncover deep insights about the supply chain operating in the forests in Southeast Asia," said Ihwan Rafina from the Earthqualizer Foundation.

The geospatial data and mobility patterns across the deforestation areas, palm oil concessions, mills, and refinery facilities, revealed that at least 2 orphan deforestation cases are linked to a major palm oil producer in Sabah and 26 deforestation cases are linked to major palm oil mills in Riau and North Sumatra. This data is in line with the findings from other NGOs that have exposed the presence of the deforesting companies in well-known palm oil mills and palm oil traders, despite making commitments to the NDPE principles.

"Earthqualizer believes in a sustainable world where economic success is based on respect for people and nature. We are thankful for the opportunity to bring our geospatial datasets and machine learning expertise to help make natural resource-based industries more accountable and sustainable," said Apurva Kumar, CEO of

Earthqualizer's data-driven research, analysis, and key findings are intended to encourage transparency in the implementation of NDPE and illustrates the importance of mapping the overall NDPE responsibility of the palm oil industry from upstream components to downstream entities using credible data and geospatial AI.

+1 650-204-0028
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Earthqualizer monitors forests with geospatial data and AI powered by

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Envirocann’s New Presence in Michigan

Envirocann, the organic comparable certification company has established a new presence in Michigan, certifying organic-comparable products and brands.

NILES, MICHIGAN, USA, April 20, 2021 / — Envirocann, the confidently clean and evolved organic comparable certification company has established a new presence in Michigan, certifying organic-comparable products and brands. This is Envirocann’s fourth state to certify clients in, and it is gearing up for rapid expansion in Michigan and other states. Their first EnvirOganic certified client, Better Daze, cultivates all natural, meticulously crafted premium cannabis flower products.

With practices like growing with organic living soil, using zero chemicals or synthetics, and composting, Better Daze ensures that every product is not only eco-friendly but premium quality. They want their customers to feel proud of every cannabis purchase, so they go beyond the bud and do their part to educate and give back.

Co-founder and CEO Ian Rice said, “We are thrilled to be tapping into such an exciting and rapidly growing market in Michigan. We believe that there is a lot of value in ensuring that cannabis is grown as consciously as possible throughout the US and especially in newly legalized states,” Consumers have shown demonstrative interest in organic products across the board over the past several years – in food, clothing, and now cannabis. Envirocann is taking that approach one step further with required lab testing during production, and multiple times throughout the certification year.

Owner and operator of Better Daze Justin Chandler states, “We are very excited to have this relationship with Envirocann and push the importance of true organic products under the EnvirOganic badge. We are proud to be the first in the State of Michigan to accomplish this certification. Just like in the food industry, people care more about what goes into their body and learning the differences between synthetically grown cannabis and organically grown cannabis. Growing organically can be more difficult, but the flavor, smoothness, and confidently clean flower really makes it worth it. We think this is an important trend and want to be at the forefront to provide and educate the market with 3rd party verified, clean, natural, and true organic cannabis.”

As a new member of the Michigan Cannabis Industry Association, Envirocann is looking forward to taking their conscious consumer efforts to new heights. The company believes that an Envirocann certified, confidently-clean label will be beneficial to businesses and their consumers. Envirocann attracts some of the best brands, farmers, and manufacturers in the legal cannabis market and is excited to engage with the Michigan marketplace. Envirocann certification seals can provide companies with marketplace recognition and intend to increase buyer confidence. Certified products ensure that consumers know who to trust and where to go to get the best all-around cannabis experience.

Envirocann is quickly growing and prepared for full national expansion with certified cultivators, hemp/CBD, retail and boutique agricultural clients in California, Nevada, and Oregon and now Michigan.

For more information, please contact or visit to start your company’s certification process.

Envirocann and EnvirOganic Certified producers and brands offer a refreshing alternative to the consumer. The Envirocann and EnvirOganic certification verifies a company's commitment to the environment, to clean production methods, to their employees safety and equal treatment, and to producing confidently clean products. These standards provide the supply chain and consumers confidence in their purchase decisions.

Ian Rice
Envirocann Inc.
+1 408-398-3788
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CBD Marketing: 5 Powerful Ways to Market Your CBD Brand | Award Winning Cannabis Firm & No Retainers

AlchemyLeads CBD Marketing Firm

AlchemyLeads CBD Marketing Firm

The cannabis industry has experienced unprecedented growth in the last decade. Specifically, CBD has become a multi-billion-dollar business on its own.

Partnering with a reputable marketing agency to help create educational and engaging content for your audience is a sure way to achieve this. ”

— Sean Chaudhary, Founder & CEO

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 20, 2021 / — It is expected that the CBD oil segment will be valued at more than $20 billion by 2024. As more players join this lucrative venture, getting your CBD brand out there is not easy. That’s why you must adopt a well-thought CBD marketing strategy if you are to set your brand apart from the pool of green.

Here we analyze several powerful CBD marketing tactics and mistakes to avoid in CBD advertising.

Why CBD Marketing is Vital for Your CBD Brand

As with any other business, CBD marketing is beneficial to your CBD brand. That’s why it has become a norm to see CBD-focused adverts on Facebook, an eye-catching Instagram story, or an SEO optimized CBD marketing campaign.

CBD marketing can help your CBD business in various ways, including:

Make Your Brand Stand Out from the Rest

As more states in the U.S. continue to legalize marijuana for recreational and medical uses, the CBD industry is experiencing a surge. More CBD brands are being established to compete for the growing CBD market.

To get your rightful share in this vast market, you must make efforts to make your CBD brand stand out from the rest.

Partnering with a reputable marketing agency to help create educational and engaging content for your audience is a sure way to achieve this. 

Find New Customers

CBD marketing is a sure way to find new customers for your products. After all, most young adults (18 -25 years) in the United States will want to try CBD at some point in life.

Most of these have little-to-no information about CBD products, let alone choosing the right ones. By leveraging on the power of CBD marketing, you can quickly turn them into customers.

Customer Retention

Getting new customers is one thing; making them recurring customers is entirely different. That’s why you need to build brand awareness through CBD marketing.

You can do this by adding customer testimonials (legitimate) to your website. Positive customer reviews is a sure way to build your reputation and make your CBD customers come for more.

Best Strategies to Market a CBD Brand Online to Boost Revenue

Unlike other products, marketing CBD products online has many restrictions. That’s why it is vital to use the services of a reputable CBD digital marketing agency like AlchemyLeads when advertising your CBD brand.

AlchemyLeads will help boost your revenue and ensure you remain on the right side of the law. Nevertheless, here are proven digital marketing tips to help you market your CBD brand online:

Use SEO to Market Your CBD Products

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the best and safest way to market your CBD oil to your target customers.

However, you need to rely on organic growth since paid digital advertising is restricted in the cannabis industry.

Organic growth largely depends on SEO (search engine optimization). SEO is the process of driving non-paid traffic to your website via search engines.

Most CBD marketing companies recommend developing a comprehensive content marketing strategy and backlinks to boost SEO for your CBD business.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is another effective way to advertise your CBD brand. Influencers refer to people who have a massive following on social media and can largely benefit your CBD business (if done right).

The secret lies in choosing a reliable person with an interest in your CBD brand. For better results, select an influencer with a niche audience (in most cases small influencers) instead of larger influencers that have an audience with less engagement.

Involving influencers in your CBD advertising is an excellent way to boost your brand’s credibility. Besides, it helps improve SEO rankings and allows you to share content anytime, and ultimately increase sales.

Still not sure whether to use influencers in CBD advertising? These statistics by Animoto might make you think otherwise:

Millennials spend most of their time on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram
Gen Z, Millennials, and Gen X rely on YouTube to make purchase decisions
Gen Z follows brands on Instagram
Gen Z and Gen X head to YouTube to discover new products
About 40 percent of people will buy something they see on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube

The above statistics confirm that including influencers in your CBD brand advertising will provide a range of possibilities for your products.

CBD Content Marketing

Truth be told. CBD advertising is not a walk in the park. However, this does not mean that you cannot market your CBD brand successfully without a paid ads campaign.

CBD focused blogs is a sure way to market your CBD products to cold prospects who are always searching for:

Best CBD oil brands for 2021
Information about CBD products
Health benefits of CBD
Best places to travel for CBD lovers
Where to buy CBD products online

That being the case, you need to develop an effective CBD marketing strategy. Provide relevant CBD content in search results to drive prospective customers to your website.

Creating SEO optimized CBD blog posts is vital when it comes to content marketing for CBD brands.

That’s why you need to partner with a CBD advertising agency that understands SEO's power and knows the tricks to make your brand rank on page 1 on search engines for CBD related searches.

Why Use Content Marketing to Market Your CBD Brand?

No paid advertising campaigns
More organic traffic from search results
Boosts your CBD brand’s online visibility

CBD Affiliate Marketing Programs
Affiliate marketing (the process where an affiliate earns a commission for marketing your products) is another excellent way to market your CBD brand.

Since affiliate earnings depend on performance, it is a low risk and less costly way to market your CBD brand. Besides, a CBD affiliate program allows you to target a larger audience with a personal touch.

Here are some reasons why you need to consider affiliate marketing in CBD advertising:
According to business insider, affiliate marketing makes for 15 percent of total media advertising revenue
Affiliate marketing is valued at over $12 billion globally, according to IAB

Tanya Sethiy
+1 818-408-6550
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Aquafighter® jetzt in Deutschland, der Schweiz und Österreich mit wasserloser Dieseltechnologie und kompetenten Partnern

Aquafighter being changed easily

Aquafighter® von DieselCare AS Norway: Aqua Fighter ist eine einfache Lösung, um Kraftstoff von Wasser zu reinigen und den Kraftstofftank jederzeit wasserfrei zu halten.

Aquafighter makes fuel clean very simply.

Aquafighter® vorher und nachher: ​​Der Unterschied ist klar.

MCS Deutschland – Deutscher Partner für Aquafighter®.

Aquafighter® entfernt Wasser aus Dieselkraftstoff und Kraftstofftank, um die Vorteile von Additiven und Kraftstoffreinigungssystemen zu kombinieren.

Aquafighter für jeden Dieselbetreiber so wichtig und wertvoll, der möchte, dass seine Maschine sicher und genau arbeitet.”

— David Schoofs von MCS Deutschland

KEVELAER, DEUTSCHLAND, April 20, 2021 / — Aquafighter®, eine neue Technologie, um Kraftstoff wasserfrei zu halten, ist Partnerschaften in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz eingegangen. Steve Schultz von DieselCare AS, Hersteller von Aquafighter®: "Wir freuen uns sehr, unsere Technologie im deutschsprachigen Raum präsentieren zu können. Von Landwirten über Bootsfahrer, Bergbau- und Bauunternehmen bis hin zu Generatorbesitzern und allen anderen, die Dieselmotoren besitzen oder betreiben. Unsere Technologie reduziert die Risiken, die durch Wasser / Kondensation im Kraftstofftank entstehen (z.B. Dieselwanzen, mikrobielles Wachstum, Tankkorrosion, verstopfte Filter / Einspritzdüsen) sowie die Reduzierung von Risiken, wodurch Schäden an der Kraftstoffeffizienz des Motors beseitigt oder erheblich verringert werden.

Aquafighter® ist ein einfaches Produkt, das leicht am Boden des Kraftstofftanks installiert werden kann. Es entfernt Wasser aus Dieselkraftstoff und Nicht-Ethanol-Benzin und schützt die Tanks, in denen sie sich befinden, vor Wasseransammlungen.

Per Jahnsrud, CEO von DieselCare AS: "Als langjähriger Kraftstoffprofi haben wir hart daran gearbeitet, dieses Aquafighter®-Produkt zu entwickeln, da wir eine Lösung brauchten, um das gesamte Wasser im gesamten Tank zu entfernen. Wasser verursacht viel Schaden und wir wissen, dass Menschen, die Aquafighter® zum ersten Mal verwenden, nicht mehr auf Aquafighter® verzichten möchten. "

Aquafighter® ist in verschiedenen Größen erhältlich.

David Schoofs von MCS Deutschland: "Wasser ist ein unvermeidlicher Bestandteil in jedem Kraftstofftank. Luft strömt ständig in den Tank und bringt Kondenswasser mit sich, welches sich im Tank ansammelt. Nur wenige Milliliter Wasser können bereits Bakterien wachsen lassen. Das Versagen Ihres Motors oder Ihrer Einspritzdüsen ist dadurch vorprogrammiert. Deshalb ist Aquafighter für jeden Dieselbetreiber so wichtig und wertvoll, der möchte, dass seine Maschine sicher und langlebig arbeitet. "

Aquafighter® wurde 2015 von DieselCare AS in Norwegen entwickelt. Im Jahr 2017 wurde Aquafighter® nach umfangreichen Labor- und Feldtests eines großen internationalen Kraftstoffunternehmens in die Praxis umgesetzt. Millionen Liter Dieselabfälle wurden gereinigt wurden, und wieder in hochwertigen Kraftstoff umgewandelt, welche als Wartungslösung im Tank aufbewahrt werden konnte. Die Tankstellen sind jederzeit wasserfrei und verhindern, dass sich Kraftstoffabfälle jemals wieder entwickeln. Als Wartungslösung hält Aquafighter® den Kraftstoff immer in besserem Zustand und verhindert das Wachstum von Bakterien / Insekten. Dies verringert die Notwendigkeit eines Filterwechsels, eliminiert die Entwicklung von abgebautem / trübem Kraftstoff und reduziert den Verschleiß an jedem Teil des Tanks erheblich bis hin zum Motor.

Daniel Huegli von Huegli Tech in der Schweiz, "Mit Aquafighter® können wir unseren Kunden die Möglichkeit geben, Wasser aus ihrem Kraftstoff zu entfernen und die Ansammlung von Wasser in ihrem Kraftstofftank direkt im Tank selbst zu verhindern. Dies war vor dieser Technologie nicht möglich. Und jetzt können wir dies mit jedem teilen, vom größten Dieselbetreiber bis zu einem Kunden mit einem 25-Liter-Kraftstofftank auf seinem Boot."
Aquafighter® hat eine breite Anwendung und ist ideal für Dieselgeneratoren, landwirtschaftliche Geräte, Lagertanks, Bau- und Bergbaumaschinen, Lastkraftwagen und praktisch jeden anderen Dieseltank.

Wir freuen uns, Ihnen unsere deutschsprachigen Aquafighter®-Partner vorstellen zu können. Unsere Partner sind für den Aufbau von Vertriebs- und Händlernetzwerken im Land bei Einzelhändlern, Wartungsunternehmen, Yachthäfen und anderen Verkaufsstellen in ihren nationalen Märkten verantwortlich.

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Aquafighter® nimmt Wasser

Source: EIN Presswire